Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer Goal Review 2021

Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer Goal Review 2021

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Kids can work on a vast majority of soccer skills with the Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer Goal Set. This is one of, if not the best portable soccer goals that you will find and not only does it come with the aforementioned soccer goal, it also comes with other accessories too.

Features of the Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer goal

As well as the goal, you will also get a set of training cones, which there are eight of and you will also get a carry case too for easy transportation. It will give both kids and adults alike the chance to hone their shooting skills all from the comfort of their backyard.

This soccer goal set is ideal for kids who feel that they might need some extra work when it comes to their shooting skills. Within the set, there are two goals and many other features as well and all are designed so that your child or even you can increase your shooting effectiveness.

It all comes with a great carry case too and because of the type of materials that it is made from regarding construction, it’s simply on another level.

Advantages of the Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer goal

The Trailblaze pop-up goal set is designed to last you and your family a very long time. The goals are easy enough to set up and because of the reinforced netting and the fact that the frame is made from fiberglass, the goal can take a hammering.

Once you get the goal, it will only take a few minutes for you to set it up which means more hours that you can use it as you will not be fiddling around with it trying to get it set up. Once you have finished using the goals, they fold up in no time and you can then put them in the convenient carry bag and put it in a safe place to store them until next time.

The soccer goals are very easy to transport and that means that you can either use them on the soccer pitch for training or if you want to set them up at home in the backyard then you can do that too.

The entire set also has different types of equipment for training as well, things like cones for training drills and extra pegs to hold the goal down so it does not tip over.

The cones are great if you want to set up specific training drills to work on certain parts of your game as well as using them to improve your movement and dribbling. The set comes with a three-year warranty for peace of mind and they are a great addition to your backyard arsenal as they will provide you with hours of fun, not just for you but your family too.

Disadvantages of the Trailblaze Pop Up soccer goal

The biggest disadvantage for people who buy this product is not really to do with the goal, however more the customer service of the company as well as the carry bag. Unlike other carry bags, the Trailblaze Pop Up soccer goal’s bag only has one zipper on it, when having two would seem more logical. Other than that it is a good choice for a soccer goal.

Easy enough to set upThe carry bag could have two zippers instead of one
Very Durable
Training cones are included
Carry bag
Two goals
Waterproof so it can handle most types of weather

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