10 Best Portable Soccer Goals for Your Backyard (2021)

9 Best Portable Soccer Goals for Your Backyard (2021)

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In an ideal world, we would love our kids to be great at sport, well me anyway, and having the right sporting equipment for them goes a long way. No matter what sport your child or children are into, having the best available equipment for them to hone their skills is vitally important. The same goes for soccer. Having the right size goals and balls for your child’s age gives them the best chance to work on their skills. In this article, we will go through all the different types of portable soccer goals for kids.

Ranging from the best soccer goals for kids and toddlers to the best soccer goals for the practice and the best lightweight soccer goals. No matter what you are looking for when it comes to your kids we have you covered. Read on and enjoy our reviews of the best portable soccer goals for your kids.

Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer Goal Set

Kids can work on a vast majority of soccer skills with the Trailblaze Pop Up Soccer Goal Set. This is one of, if not the best portable soccer goals that you will find and not only does it come with the aforementioned soccer goal, it also comes with other accessories too.

Along with the goal, you will also get training cones, of which there are eight of and you will also get a carry case too. Both kids and adults alike will be able to hone their shooting skills all from the comfort of their backyard.

This soccer goal set is ideal for kids who feel that they might need some extra work when it comes to their shooting skills. Within the set, there are two goals and many other features as well and all are designed so that your child or even you can increase your shooting effectiveness.

It all comes with a great carry case too and because of the type of materials that it is made from regarding construction, it’s simply on another level.

The Trailblaze pop-up goal set is designed to last you and your family a very long time. The goals are easy enough to set up and because of the reinforced netting and the fact that the frame is made from fiberglass, the goal can take a hammering.

Once you get the goal, it will only take a few minutes for you to set it up which means more hours that you can use it as you will not be fiddling around with it trying to get it set up. Once you have finished using the goals, they fold up in no time and you can then put them in the convenient carry bag and put it in a safe place to store them until next time.

The soccer goals are very easy to transport and that means that you can either use them on the soccer pitch for training or if you want to set them up at home in the backyard then you can do that too.

The entire set also has different types of equipment for training as well, things like cones for training drills and extra pegs to hold the goal down so it does not tip over.

The cones are great if you want to set up specific training drills to work on certain parts of your game as well as using them to improve your movement and dribbling. The set comes with a three-year warranty for peace of mind and they are a great addition to your backyard arsenal as they will provide you with hours of fun, not just for you but your family too.

Easy enough to set upThe carry bag could have two zippers instead of one
Very Durable
Training cones are included
Carry bag
Two goals
Waterproof so it can handle most types of weather

PowerNet Soccer Goal

If you want to work on your shooting accuracy and like to play small-sided soccer games like 3v3 or 5v5 then the PowerNet Soccer Goal is the go-to choice The 6×4 soccer goal is very easy to transport and it literally only takes you 60 seconds to fully set it up. The PowerNet Soccer Goal also has a neat carry bag that it comes with and for that extra peace of mind, it has a 12-month warranty too. This specific goal is one of the best portable soccer goals that you will see.

If you are looking at increasing your shooting skills then having a soccer goal that you can take with you pretty much anywhere and with ease is vital. When it comes to size, the PowerNet is not the biggest but it is still a fairly decent-sized goal and it nestles perfectly into the carry bag. The net, which can collapse with extreme ease, is attached to the base frame which is made out of sturdy steel. 

On top of getting a great goal, you also get stakes so that the goal will not tip over as well as bungee and a heavy-duty bag to carry the goal in.

As we mentioned before, the goal is ridiculously easy to set up and the other plus is that you will not need to use any tools to complete the setup. All you have to do is put the goal exactly where you would like it and use the metal stakes to firmly place the goal against the turf. Once this is done, you will be able to shoot at the goal with a fair amount of power and you will be in a safe mind frame because the goal will not go anywhere, no matter how hard you hit the ball.

The other superb thing about this goal is the size of it. Despite it being a 6×4 foot goal, it can be taken apart in no time and slipped into the carry bag and you are ready to go, where that be home or to another training pitch.

The other neat thing about this goal is that if you want to, you can set it up outside as well as inside of your house if is big enough that is! The goal is perfect if you want to practice your shooting skills by yourself, however, you can also use it with your teammates so you can all work on your shooting techniques. 

The PowerNet Soccer Goal comes with a 12-month warranty and it has hard metal frames, so it is really durable.

The goal easy to set upIf the goal is constantly used, there is a high chance that the net could rip
6×4 foot frame
It comes with a carry bag
Very durable
Can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities
Super easy to move

Bownet 3’x5′ Mini Portable Soccer Goal

If you are coming up before an important game and you feel like you might need just that little bit extra training, then look no further than the Bownet 3×5 Mini Portable Soccer Goal. It is a soccer goal that you can pretty much take anywhere and it is super easy to set up. If you are on the lookout for a goal that is easy to transport and set up, then this neat 3×5 goal could be just the one you are after. It also has a convenient carry bag that comes with it too.

Even if you play soccer in the MLS, you still have to keep fit by training, and having the Bownet Mini portable goal can be the best piece of training equipment that you can own, especially if you are looking at improving both your shooting as well as the accuracy of your shots. The goal can be used for outdoor training as well as indoor should you have the room; it also is extremely durable, and it is also weatherproof as well.

Perhaps the best thing about the Bownet is the type of technology that it has onboard. Because of the Energy Absorption System or E.A.S for short, it is specifically made to space out the energy from the soccer ball when it is kicked into the net, how cool is that! 

Having this type of technology onboard, significantly improves the durability of the soccer net and it also gives the net added flexibility when the ball comes into contact with it.

With the Bownet soccer goal, you can set it up in a minute and it will take even less to take it down because as we know, time is of the essence in today’s world. You will not need to use tools or anything else to set it up as the Bownet has it all already. The steel frame which is coated with powder has fuse bow style poles and the goal also has stakes to put into the ground so the goal will not move as well as a neat carry bag.

It is super lightweightThe soccer net might break easily if excessive force is used
Very easy to set up
Withstand most types of weather
Very durable
Comes with a carry case

GoSports Elite Soccer Goals

This soccer goal from GoSports is one of the leading contenders for the very best portable soccer goal that is available worldwide. The 12×6 foot soccer goal can literally be set up anywhere you want it and it also comes with six cones for you to train various aspects of your game and comes with a carry case which makes storing it a breeze. Both amateur (recreational) and professional soccer players will get great use out of this soccer goal.

The GoSports soccer goal is the perfect tool for you if you want it dramatically improve your ability to take good shots and have it as a true strength of your game. On top of that, the cones that come with the goal can be used for various training exercises like passing or dribbling and can greatly improve both aspects of your game.

However, if the purpose of this goal is simply to have fun and kick the ball around with your kids then it is great for that too. Whether you take your family to the beach, park, or even in the backyard, this goal can be set up wherever you see fit and that is a great luxury to have.

Because of its size (12×6 feet), it is up there with some of the biggest portable soccer goals on the market. You will not need to use any tools when you go to set it up and the whole process will take you about two minutes which is not long considering the size of the goal.

With its stainless steel frame, it is extremely durable, and it can withstand the hardest shots time after time which is great if you like to hit your shots with force. With most portable goals, the netting is the usual weak spot, however with the net of the GSports Elite because of how dense the netting is, it is pretty much impossible to break under normal soccer circumstances.

The goal also comes with stakes to put into the ground and once they are in place, you will have a hard time moving the goal which is great for stability. No matter how hard your shot is, the goal simply will not move and this is why it is a popular choice among professionals. On top of this for even more peace of mind, the GoSports goal has a 12-month warranty as well.

Very easy to set up and assembleAfter many years, the frame tends to break
Comes with a carry case
Comes with six extra training pins
Has a highly durable frame and netting
Extremely sturdy

Goalrilla Portable 4’x6′ Gamemaker Soccer Goal

This goal is more suited to kids and if you do have a family then the Goalrilla goal is a perfect choice. This goal is one of the easiest and best portable goals that are going around at the moment. It is so easy to set up that you can sit back and relax while the kids do it! The goal can be used both outsides as well as inside (if you have enough space) and it also has a neat carry bag too.

This soccer goal is not your usual portable soccer goal. It is not designed for professionals or for training sessions with your local club like others, it is purely for recreational (fun) use and that is what makes it great for family gatherings like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on.

The other thing that is different from the Goalrilla goal when compared to others is that it does not have a metal frame. You are going to have to pump it up instead with an air pump.

Pumping up the goal is easy enough and after just over a minute it should be good to go. The other neat thing about this goal is that it is not just for one type of soccer. It can be used on the beach, for futsal as well as European handball if you really want to.

When you have finished and it comes time to pack up, you simply deflate it, put it into the carry bag, and off you go. Many people will think that because you have to pump up the goal, that it will not be as sturdy as the others, well in this instance, they would be wrong.

Because of the Baroforce technology, when it is set up the goal frame is remarkably study and it can withstand even the hardest shots that your kids or even you kick at it.

In addition, because you have to pump it up and because of the Baroforce technology, if there is somehow a collision with the goal it is not going to hurt. The goal frame has a later of high tenacity yarn as well as a layer of TPA or thermoplastic polymer and this drastically improves both the stability as well as durability of the goal.

The Goalrilla also comes with a set of weights to further hold your soccer goal down and it also has a 12-month warranty too.

Very easy to set upYou will need a pump to set it up
Very safe to use
Specifically made for children
Has a1-year warranty
Can be used both inside as well as outside
Comes with a carry bag

Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

This goal is a great tool for both recreational soccer players as well as professional ones. It is easy to assemble and comes with a carry case too so you can take it anywhere with ease.

If you happen to be a soccer coach, then this goal will be great for you as the size of the net is ideal for those lower shots at goal but also the higher ones too.

The frame is made from fiberglass and steel and it comes with peg hooks, so it adds more stability to the soccer goal and it also comes with tie-down stakes too.

Easy and quick to set up and take downFor the price, only one net is supplied
Very sturdy for the price
Strong netting

GOLME PRO Training – Best Backyard Soccer Goal

You can use the Golme Pro Training soccer goal pretty much anywhere you like. With this goal, you will not need to wait for the soccer field to be clear of other players, because you can simply set up this goal and have a field anywhere you want.

The goal is available in three different sizes and this makes it a great goal for many age groups, not just kids and it also comes in the same size as the goals that you use during a match.

The Golme goal takes just three minutes to put up and what makes it super easy to do is the one-piece design of the goal.

When it comes to the three sizes, the first is the 6.5 x 18.5 feet goal and this one is ideally suited to kids who are under the age of 11. The next size up is the 8 x 24-foot soccer goal and this one is suited to kids who are above the age of 12. The last size is one for people who like a soccer goal that can use used by anyone regardless of their age and it is the 7.2 x 18-foot goal. The goal is also super easy to store because it can be easily folded and put into the carry bag and it weighs just 30 pounds too.

This goal is made up to the highest standards and this is what you should look for when deciding to buy a soccer goal. This is a great goal for people who like having a goal for training, is durable, and most importantly, will not bust your budget. Also because of its different sizes, it is incredibly versatile too.

It is an incredibly sturdy soccer goal, and it is built to lastYou are going to need a hammer to set it up properly
High-quality aluminum makes it really durable, despite being light
Setting up and move the goal is super easy

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net 

The Sklz Quickster soccer net is a superb piece of equipment to add to your training arsenal. It is great if you want to train by yourself and in particular, it can help you with your passing as well as volleys. It can also help you increase your ability to control the ball with your head and feet. The ball is given back to you very much as it would be in a match situation.

It is a great portable soccer goal and weighing just 13 pounds, it is very light and this means that it can be carried pretty much anywhere.

It does take a bit of time to set up as well as taking it down, ranging between seven to ten minutes depending on how quickly you want to go. You can use repetition to improve your foot skills as well as controlling the ball with your thighs and chest.

It is truly a superb piece of equipment and it dramatically helps your skills through the training principle of simple repetition. It can also help your shooting technique as well as the power of your shots.

Very easy to set up and is reasonably sturdyCan only be used on a grass pitch and nothing else
Durable multi-touch rebounder that will make a lot of your skills develop
Increase your passing ability passing as well as your receiving ability
Can also help you work on headers

Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal 

When compared to all the other goals that we have listed, this one has a very different feature, you can actually adjust the height and width of the goal. Thanks to a telescoping feature the height can be moved from three inches, four or five inches and the width can be moved from four-inch to five and seven inches.

The goal is super resistant to weather and rust because of the steel construction with a powder coat on it. The net is super durable that’s heavy-duty nylon and the goals stay in place thanks to the steel poles that are attached by the locking pins. There are also five stakes that you can put into the ground for even more stability.

The goal can be foldedThe net will wear out quicker than other models
It can change sizes to help all kinds of players
Very easy to put together