Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball Review 2021

Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball Review 2021

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The Under Armour DESAFIO 395 soccer ball made it into the top 10 soccer balls in 2019 and it is finding its way back there again in 2021.

One of the most difficult things to find is a soccer ball that will not break your budget but also has the type of rebound that you experience during a match. This is because when the soccer balls are being made, the manufacturer mainly with the cheaper balls, put huge importance on how durable the outer cover of the ball is as well as how strong the bladder is too.  

Features of the Under Armour Desario 395 soccer ball

If you purchase the Under Armour Desafio 395 soccer ball you are getting a ball that will not blow your budget but also has one of the most authentic rebounding qualities of any soccer ball on the market.

So how does Under Armour get such an authentic rebound with this soccer ball? The secret is the SBR foam layer that sits under the PU cover of the soccer ball. Because of this, it allows the power of your shot or your pass to be assigned with far more accuracy than other soccer balls. In doing this, the ball is reasonably soft to touch and at the same time, it gives the player a more realistic movement of the ball. 

What this does is gives soccer players no matter what age, the ability to understand the reading of a match in terms of accuracy and they do not have to go out and buy an official match soccer ball which can cost you a lot of money.

Advantages of the Under Armour Desafio 395 soccer ball

If you are looking at buying this soccer ball then there are a few things to look at beforehand. Some of the features of this ball are that the ball is made in all of the official ball size ranges and because of the special design of it, it gives players of any age the ability to work on their game.

Even though the ball is a little on the heavy side regarding its touch, it certainly does not feel this way when it is making contact with your foot. Because of this, it is super easy for soccer players to use this ball for all of the normal soccer drills in training but also the handling skills as well. The overall sizing of the soccer ball is reasonably accurate; however, it is not an “official” size and it is not certified to be used in proper soccer matches.

Disadvantages of the Under Armour soccer ball

If you do purchase this soccer ball keep in mind that the levels of maintenance of it were on the higher side when compared to others. This is because of Under Armour’s want to replicate a proper match ball surface on the ball itself. It has a nice glossy coating and with continual use, it does have a tendency to become scuffed and scratched. 

Because of the glossy finish, players who are not used to this ball will think that the ball feels a little bit more smooth than other soccer balls.

The Under Armour Desafio is not as sturdy as other balls and therefore it should not be used for constant training or be kicked around at the kid’s playground. This ball is better suited to solo training drills at home so that a player can work on numerous areas of their game to hone their skills and to better understand the movement of the ball when certain actions are used.

If there is a lot of gravel or the ball is used on the driveway, then there is a high chance that the ball’s bladder, as well as the cover, will become severely damaged and then you are going to have to buy another soccer ball.

The soccer ball is better suited to be used at the park, on turf, and even on artificial surfaces outdoors, not inside. If it is used inside, the ball will not handle the tuft well if there is concrete underneath without a layer of padding.

Final Thoughts

Because of how authentic the rebounding is with this ball, there is a real chance that soccer players will gain a better understanding of how and why the ball moves a certain way when it is passed or shot in a specific way.

The best way to fully enjoy this ball and to get the most out of it is for you to play with it in your backyard and be in an open space, away from trees and other hard surfaces.

Very durable on the right surfaceNot the best ball for dribbling
Great for training
Attractive logo and colors
High-quality materials

For a reasonably cheap soccer ball, it gives players the ability to be able to get a deeper understanding of the game of soccer. This ball has also taken a top spot in our best soccer balls for kids article.