Best Soccer Balls For Kids (2021)

9 Best Soccer Balls For Kids (2021)

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There comes a time in every parent’s lives when their children want to go outside and play sports. For some it could be cricket, others it could be baseball and for some it is soccer. However, your little ones can not just go out and kick around a soccer ball that is designed for adults as it could end up injuring them. That is why we have composed this article for all you parents out there.

In this article, we will go through several reviews of kid’s soccer balls so you can make an informed decision about which ball will be best for your child. From the best overall soccer ball, the best indoor soccer ball, ones that are easy to inflate, and soccer balls that are great for toddlers. We have you covered for everything, so if you are looking for a new soccer ball for your children then you have come to the right place. Read on and enjoy!

Wilson Traditional – Best Overall Soccer Ball for Kids

Some people simply just love the traditional side to sports and soccer is no different. So for parents who want to keep things traditional and have the best soccer ball for their kids, look no further than the Wilson traditional soccer ball.

It has an elegant design yet is simple with its traditional black and white panel design. It has three sizes that the ball comes in, three, four, and five.

The size three-ball is best suited to children up to grade two or three at school, whereas the size four-ball is better suited to kids who are in middle school and the biggest, size 5 is the adult version of the ball and is recommended for kids who are over 12 years of age.


The standard inflation for any soccer ball is either eight or ten PSI and this can be done through a hand pump.

Made from butyl rubber, the bladder inside the ball is ideal for the ball to keep its shape and to keep the air trapped inside and it is because of this that this ball is incredibly durable.

The outside of the soccer ball is made from synthetic leather and this makes it impact resistant to the highest degree. The strength alone of the leather means that the ball can be used on virtually any type of soccer pitch, whether that be concrete or grass, the ball can withstand it all.

Because of its durability, you and your kids can rest assured that this ball will be around for at least two to three years and that is with you kicking and playing with it daily.

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Super strong and durableCan be easily stained by grass and other surfaces
Black and white panel design
Is available in three different sizes
Can be used on all surfaces
Bladder made of rubber, makes it really strong

Mikasa Serious – Best Soccer Ball for Toddlers

The soccer ball from Mikasa is part of the US high-performance section of balls. This soccer ball in particular is a superb choice for toddlers as well as middle school children too. It also has four different color schemes, and it has the panel design that you normally see with the Mikasa logo being easy to spot, directly at the top of the panel in the center.

The ball comes in the normal three sizes, three, four, and five. This ball is suited for toddlers simply because of how much it costs, it will not break the bank. It is a common sight on most soccer fields around the US.

When it comes to value for money, there is nothing that can beat the Mikasa.


Made of high-quality butyl rubber, the bladder inside can keep the air in the ball for a long time and it also keeps the shape of the ball nicely as well.

The ball will not cause any injuries for your kids because it is soft on the outside while being nice and sturdy at the same time.

The outside of the ball is made from synthetic leather and it is stitched together and has a nice feel as well. The ball is not hard by any means and it has a good grip which makes it an ideal ball for you to train with.

Another thing that is important for kids is the feel of the ball and the touch and this ball ticks all the boxes for a kid’s soccer ball. This ball is incredibly durable, and it also comes with a little extra something too, a one-year warranty so buying this ball is a good choice for your kids as it will last them a long time.

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Different color choicesArrives deflated
Sturdy and a strong bladder
One-year warranty
Easily affordable

Under Armour DESAFIO 395 – Best Training Soccer Balls for Kids

As we know, Under Armour is at the forefront of quality when it comes to sports brands, and the quality of this ball more than exceeds their impressive standards.

The soccer ball had a really bright and yet engaging color that is really pleasing to the eye. Add to that there are six different colors that you can choose from, however, the most common ones selected are the teal punch, Tokyo lemon, and the hyper green colors.


The ball will not be lost by sight because of the bright neon logo and the super bright finish that is all over the ball. Because of this, if you are playing at night or at dusk then the ball is still easily visible which is great for kids who love to play all day and night. The types of colors that are available are very appealing to kids which is what makes them such a popular choice.

If your child loves how things look, then you can not go past this eye-catcher of a ball. The other great thing about this ball is just how durable it is, and Under Armour even goes as far as to say that once you inflate it the first time, there is a real chance that you will not have to inflate it again.

The ball is so strong that you can kick it with such force, and it is going to come back at your just as hard. The ball has a nice low price tag too and it will be difficult for parents to find a ball that is better in terms of quality and price.

Because the makeup of the ball is so strong, it makes it perfect for training. As we know, kids just love to shoot and take shots at goal which makes this ball perfect for that and it is because it is very buoyant and has a certain bounce to it which gives kids the easy ability to get the ball off the ground with ease.

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Very durable Not the best ball for dribbling
Great for training
Attractive logo and colors
– High-quality materials

Adidas Glider – Best Most Durable Soccer Ball for Kids

Adidas is perhaps one of the best know brands for sporting equipment on the planet and because of this, their selection of soccer balls is second to none. The Adidas Glider is regarded as one of the best soccer balls that are available for kids.

Sizes for the ball range from one all the way up to five. The ball comes in many different colors and looks which makes them appealing to kids of all ages.


The glider is a great soccer ball, and it is designed for kids of all ages which is why their sizes range from 1 to five. The soccer balls that are of size one to three are nice and soft for kids to touch and this makes them ideal for kids. The actual design of the ball is based on the MLS soccer ball and is used in many leagues in the world.

What sets this ball apart from others is how strongly made it is and not many balls come close. Known as TPU, the strong material that the ball is made of makes the ball really abrasion resistant and this, in turn, makes the ball’s life expectancy last longer, which is ideal for kids. The stitches are put on the ball by machines and they ensure that the ball is extremely resistant to ripping which is great for kids.

The sizes are great for all ages. Size one is ideal for kids who are under four while size three is good for kids aged eight while size four is good for kids aged from 8 to 12 and size 5 is the adult version of the ball and kids aged 12 and up can use the ball. Like most balls, it arrives deflated so a normal hand pump should be used to put air in it.

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DurableDoes not hold the air well
Comes in different sizes
Lots of color options
Great for improving kids’ soccer skills

Mikasa SX50 – best Indoor soccer ball for kids

The company has been making high-quality soccer balls for just over 100 years and they are behind the SX50 indoor soccer ball. It is stitched by hand and has a durable cover which makes it easy to last for years.


It is the most used indoor soccer balls and it is because of how heavy it is and also because it is incredibly durable. It is only available in one size, which is size five and the ball has a really bright color which makes sit easy to spot, the Fluro yellow of the ball makes it easy to pick up even under lights.

If you love indoor soccer then chances are that you would have seen some of the best professional futsal players use this ball. It is the most commonly used indoor soccer ball because it can be used for hours at a time and the ball will not tear and it also will not lose its shape.

The inside of the SX50 is made from rubber that is extremely durable while the outside of the ball is stitched by hand and because of this, it increases the resistance and durability of the soccer ball. It is on the heavy side when compared to the same model that is used outside and it is heavier, so it limits how much the ball bounces when being used, which in futsal is ideal.

The outside of the soccer ball is covered by a durable felt which makes the ball really resistant to becoming damaged when on the rough surfaces of indoor playing fields. What does this mean? It means that you and your friends can use the ball for hours upon hours and the ball will still retain its shape. Because of this, it is easy to see why many indoor players think that the SX50 is the best available soccer ball for futsal. 

The ball comes with a 12-month warranty and it comes deflated without a hand pump so keep that in mind when you choose to purchase it. However once you do inflate it, the air will remain inside for months without the need to pump it up.

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Very affordableArrives deflated
Durable felt coverOnly has one size
Eye-catching colors
High-quality stitching

Baden Perfection Thermo – Best Soft Soccer Ball for Kids

Baden is well known all over the world for its ability to produce durable and high-quality soccer balls. They have incredible designs and are amazingly soft to touch. Much like the Baden Perfection Soccer Ball and it is one of the very best soccer balls for kids to start soccer with simply because of how durable it is but also because of the exterior which is thermally bonded.


This Baden soccer ball is one of the very best for your kids that you will ever get. It feels incredibly soft and it also has an extra layer that is fairly durable to protect the ball when it is being kicked around. It is a little on the pricey side, however, but because of its makeup and its really durable material, no matter how many times it is used, this ball should last your kids many years.

The Baden soccer ball is covered by textures soft pads that are cushioned on the outside and this gives kids superb control of the ball when they either shoot at goal, pass, or dribble. Because of its incredible makeup, it is one of the most durable balls out there. The air is kept inside well too, so no matter how hard or how many times you kick it, the ball will always retain its shape.

The soccer ball can be kicked about in basically any weather conditions and this is because of its thermal bonded surface, which makes the ball impervious to damage from mud or water that are on a soccer pitch. Because the ball is of such high quality, it has the price tag to match, however, it is a great choice for kids to learn the game of soccer. Think of the Baden ball as the Lamborghini of children’s soccer balls.

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Two- year warranty Really expensive
WaterproofComes in only one color
Seamless design
Thermal bonded

Franklin Sports – Best Soccer Ball for Kids with Goals and Pump

The Franklin Sports kids soccer goal and ball set is ideal for parents who want to start their kids off playing soccer and learning everything there is to about the game. It is really easy to put together and has joints that fold out and lock into place extremely quickly and it also makes it easy to take apart as well.


The soccer ball and goal set comes packaged with everything that a child will need when they are looking at developing and practicing their soccer skills. It has one easy fold soccer goal, one rotation soccer ball, and comes with a pump for the ball with the needle found in the handle of the ball pump.

It is designed for use both indoors as well as outdoors and it is super quick to set up and it can be taken anywhere with relative ease.

Easy to put togetherNone
Easy to take apart

Aoneky Size 3 – Best Soccer Ball for Kids with Pump

The Aoneky Soccer ball is made with premium quality PVC material and uses a very different yarn twisting process and that increases the antiknock property of the ball which gives it a long shelf life when the kids are always kicking it around.


The soccer ball also comes with a pump which saves time and money for parents because they do not have to buy a soccer ball and a pump, which costs more money because the ball already comes with a pump.

Because of the butyl bladder, the ball has supreme durability and it always keeps its shape and retains the air which gives kids the best chance of honing their skills because of its amazing performance time after time.

It can make a great birthday or Christmas gift for your kids and it will not break the bank either.

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Made from great materialArrives deflated
Suitable for all weather
Suitable for kids
Soft touch

Hero Egg Traditional – Best Easy to Inflate Soccer Ball for Kids

The Hero Egg soccer ball is a good old-fashioned traditional soccer ball and is ideal for kids who are or want to be training or simply want to use it for purely recreational purposes and this is because it is incredibly durable and gives a performance of the highest quality.

It is super easy to inflate and it is possibly the best soccer balls for kids, and it is also the cheapest if parents are working on a budget.


In today’s world, many traditions are falling by the wayside and to some, the Hero Egg soccer ball might look outdated however just because it looks outdated does not mean it is. It is made with modern technology and it is a really durable soccer ball and because it is made with an abrasion-resistant material in PVC, it can take a real hammering from your kids.

The butyl bladder that is inside the ball helps the ball keep its shape and it also improves how durable the ball is. The panels which are black, and white are put together by a machine and the ball has an incredibly soft and easy feel yet it is really durable. 

Some people do not like the traditional look anymore because of the black and white panels, however, for some, that is exactly what they love about the ball.

The soccer ball is only available in two sizes, four and five. With the size four, it is ideally suited to kids between the age of 8 and 12. Whereas the size five ball is designed for adults and children who are over the age of 12.

With this soccer ball, parents are getting a high-quality ball without busting their budget.

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– Durable– Comes deflated
– Easy to control when using
– Comes in two sizes
– Cheap

How to choose the best ball for kids

There is not a “best way” to choose a soccer ball for kids, however, there are certain things that you can look at when choosing them.

Perhaps the most important thing you should look at is the weight of the ball. If you get a ball that is too heavy, then there is a real chance that it could hurt your child when they go do kick it.

There are different sizes or different age groups and what type of soccer ball you buy will ultimately depend on how old your child is. If your child is a certain age then there will be a ball that will be best suited for your child.

Soccer ball sizes by age

Today soccer balls generally come in four sizes and the best soccer ball that is suited for you and your child, however, there can be little alterations depending on what country you live in, so it is always a good idea to check the sizes before you purchase a soccer ball.

The sizes of soccer balls are as followed:

  • Size 1 – Soccer balls are commonly known as junior balls and are mainly used just for fun with toddlers and younger kids.
  • Size 3 – These are the smallest of the official soccer balls and are generally used for soccer matches with children who are under the age of eight.
  • Size 4 – These soccer balls are used for official soccer matches for kids who are between the ages of 8 and 12. 
  • Size 5 – This size of soccer balls are the biggest official soccer ball and are used for every official soccer match from kids aged 12 and up and also professional soccer players.