Renegade Gk Limited Edition Rogue Goalie Gloves Review

Renegade GK Limited Edition Rogue Goalie Gloves Review

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As we all know, having a good goalkeeper in your soccer team is vital for you to win matches and for a goalkeeper to be at the top of his/her game, the right equipment is needed. If you are a goalkeeper then read on to find out if the Renegade Gk Limited Edition Rogue Goalie Gloves are going to be the ones for you.

Product overview

·        PRO-LEVEL GRIP PERFORMANCE & CONTROL: All Rogue gloves use high-performance German 4+3MM Giga Grip composite latex. This plus other upgrades like the extended palm, 180° thumb wrap, and pre-arched palm instantly improve grip and ball control.

·        LEADING SAFETY PROTECTION: The Rogue’s composite 4+3MM latex palms and neoprene backhand with raised injected rubber ridges provide extra impact protection, while the neoprene cuff and 6CM 360° Duratek strap give excellent wrist support. Also, unlike most finger saves, RGK’s removable Endo-Tek Pros will not bend backward.

·        SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We’ve tried to pack as much value into every RGK glove regardless of play level while ensuring that they are comfortable. The Rogue’s neoprene unibody design ensures a great form fit, excellent breathability, while the unique extended palm design puller makes them easy to put on.

Advantages of the Renegade Limited Edition Rogue Goalie Gloves

Renegade has been operating since 2017 and their keeper gloves have the latest technology and the best designs in the world.

The Renegade series is perhaps the most stylish of all the gloves and they come in a variety of colors. As far as gloves go, these keeper gloves are perhaps one of the most eye-catching on the market and they will definitely make you stand out on the soccer pitch. The Rogue gloves are made from Renegade’s Microbe-Guard Fabric and the glove is pre-treated with an antimicrobial material.

What this does is that it gets rid of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses that can make their way into your goalkeeping gloves. Given the current state of the world right now with the pandemic, these gloves go above and beyond to make sure you are safe on the pitch.

Disadvantages of the Renegade Limited Edition Rogue Goalie Gloves

The padding on the fingertips of this goalie glove is not of the highest quality when it is compared to other well-known brands. However, the back of your hands is supported very well. This comes in handy to keep your hands propped when you are faced with an extremely hard shot during a match.

The other disadvantage of these gloves is that the extended palm puller can become rather annoying as you always feel it on your wrists.

StylishNot the best fingertip padding compared to other brands, but the backhand of the glove is well supported to keep your hands well propped when saving hard shots
Cushioned paddingGloves extended palm puller can become annoying on your wrists
Made from Microbe-Guard Fabric
Tacky grips
Great for intermediate players

Final thoughts

Overall this is a decent enough goalkeeping glove. The cushioned padded and the Microbe-Guard Fabric is a game-changer considering the pandemic the world is in currently. If you can get by with not having the best padding for your fingers and the palm puller, then for the price you really could not ask for much more.
The Renegade Limited Edition Rogue Goalie Glove is available on Amazon through this link.