Nike Phantom VSN DF Soccer Cleat Review

Nike Phantom VSN DF Soccer Cleat Review

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  • Lightweight insole delivers low-profile cushioning
  • Multi-ground (MG) cleats are for use on short-grass or artificial surfaces
  • Shown: Obsidian/Black/Bright Crimson/University Blue
  • Style: AO3258-440

Product overview

Advantages of the Nike Phantom VSN DF

The Nike Phantom VSN DF is a cleat is a great option for adults as well as teenagers and it is suitable to wear on multiple surfaces. They will mold to the shape of your foot so they are great for a wide range of people because they will essentially fit any foot size.

The thing that sets these cleats apart from others is the lacing and collar system. The cleat is built using a formulated Dynamic Fit Collar, and because of this, you get a seamless and locked-in fit of the cleat around your ankle. In addition to that, the Ghost Lacing system gives players a nice clean control surface and strike zone with the ball. This is a real highlight, and it is similar to what types of performances can be seen from players at the elite level.

The other highlight is the textured upper. This gives a lot more control and an extra feel on the soccer ball. The advantage of having a Ghost lacing system is that the laces can be slipped under the cover and are out of the way, leaving you to have a nice clean connection on the ball with your foot, instead of the laces.

The Nike Phantom also prevents both your feet from overheating, and this is thanks to the breathable fabric. While the added texture makes for easier ball control and because the laces are hidden thanks to the Ghost Lace system, you will get a much better quality of strike.

Looking at the cleat you would think that it will cost you an arm and a leg but that is not the case. The price is very reasonable for players who want a boot that can get the soccer job done but also makes them stand out while they are doing it.

Because of the current retail price, this boot is great value for money. When considering purchasing this cleat though, you will need to think about the traits of the cleat when it comes to the proper fit of it when being compared to the shape of your foot. For soccer players who manage to get the right size and avoid this, they are a superb option.

Disadvantages of the Nike Phantom VSN DF

The major downside to this great cleat is that they tend to be far too big around the middle of the foot and this is especially noticeable on players who have feet that are on the thin side. This can result in them being a little bigger than expected so keep that in mind if you are thinking about purchasing them.

High-quality boot at a reasonable priceToo big around the mid-foot region on thinner feet
Added texture for greater ball grip
Hidden laces ensure better control of the ball

Overall thoughts

This is a great overall cleat. It is super durable, fits your foot nicely and it looks good too. It will not break the bank either as it is very affordable. If you can get past the boot being a bit big for certain feet then you really cannot go wrong with this cleat.

They are visually very appealing to the eye and they are similar in looks when compared to the Elite version, however, if you can tell them apart these will be a great choice of cleat for you. This Nike Phantom VSN DF has also taken a top spot in our 10 Best Soccer Cleats 2021 article.

The Nike Phantom VSN DF is available on Amazon through this link.