Vizari Avio FRF Glove Review

Vizari Avio FRF Glove Review

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As all soccer players will know, having a good goalkeeper on your side is crucial for you to win matches and for a goalkeeper to be at the top of his/her game, the right equipment is paramount. If you are a goalkeeper or your friend or child is then read on to find out if the Vizari Avio FRF Gloves are going to be the best ones for you.

Product overview

· 3MM duplatex foam palm

· V notch wristband for easy access

· 8 pre-curved protection sticks (F.R.F)

· Excellent training glove

Advantages of the Vizari Avio FRF Gloves

Vizari has been around for a while and as expected they seem to know their way around sporting equipment.

This glove is one of the best gloves that are available on the market as they put player safety at the top of their to-do list. The gloves come with a duplatex foam which is 3mm thick and that is a bit thinner than normal gloves and it has finger-savers to help to protect against your fingers becoming injured.

The glove has great reviews from people regarding the price of the glove and how durable. It is perfect for players who want to improve on their goalkeeping skills, or you can even have them as a backup pair in case your other ones get ruined.

They are better suited to training, rather than matches and if they are used during a game, they only should be used if you are facing a team that is known to unleash super shots at goal. This is because the Vizari gloves are the best protection gloves on the market and they are designed to give you great levels of protection.

On top of this, the foam on the palms of the gloves makes it easy for you to catch and save even the hardest shots.

The gloves have a great ventilation system so that the finger-savers that are bigger, do not stop the glove from being comfortable and breathable. It also has a V-notch wristband so when you put the gloves on, they are the best fit and can be put on with ease.

The disadvantages of the Vizari Avio FRF Gloves

The major disadvantage to the Vizari FRF Gloves is that they possibly have the worst grip out of the gloves that are available today. The gloves are not flimsy by any means, but they are better suited to training drills, rather than being used in an actual game.

Has a 3 mm palmNot best grip
Palm made of duplatex foamDoes not accept tack easily
Has v-notch wristband
Has 8 F.R.F. finger protectors
Is a less expensive youth goalie glove
Features a breathable design
Has a velcro closure
Has a rolled finger cut
Provides additional wrist support

Final thoughts

Overall this keeper glove is a great choice if you want to get a cheap glove that is also durable. It supports both your hands and wrists and protects them from even the hardest shots. It is not going to break the bank either and you can be assured that it will last a long time if properly cared for.
The Vizari AVIO FRF glove is available through Amazon on this link.