Franklin Soccer Goal Reviews

Franklin Soccer Goal Reviews

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Franklin has been known for its soccer goals for many years and after we have gone through all of the Franklin Soccer goals, we have come to a single conclusion. They are extremely durable. So stick with us, and read the reviews on all soccer goals Franklin is making.

Keep in mind however that these goals are not the easiest to take with you, but if you can make some room in your trunk or car then you can take it with you easily enough. Even though they are not easy to transport, the goals are not so heavy that you can not move them. 

We will now have a look at all the Franklin Soccer Goals that are available to you and your family. 

1. Franklin Sports Competition Goal Review

If you want your soccer goal to be incredibly durable, then you have found the right one. The Franklin Competition Goal has two sizes, 12×6 and 7×4 and it has an all-weather net and a rust-resistant steel frame so you can enjoy it no matter what the weather.

DurableThere is not a carry case for your goal included which can be a pain, so you might have to deal with it in your garage when it is not being used.
Easy to set upThe locking pins can cause some trouble, it is easy to get your finger caught in them and that hurts! If they are well lubricated then they should be easy enough to unlock.
Suitable for all weather conditionsIt will take around 20 minutes for you to set up the goal so ideally, you do not want to be taking it apart often.

As mentioned above the goal is durable and that is because of the rust-resistant steel tubing. The next is suitable for all weather conditions and it comes with six ground stakes so that it will prevent the goal from tipping over.

It is not easy to move it however it can be taken apart and taken away, but ideally, it is for a more permanent stay in your backyard.

Overall is it a good and durable soccer goal. It does take a while to set up so ideally, you will have an area of the yard where it can sit when it is not being used. It is not the most portable goal however it can be moved to different areas of the yard if need to.

2. Franklin Sports Blackhawk Insta Set Portable Soccer Goal.

Are you looking for a soccer goal that is easy to move around? Then the Franklin Blackhawk soccer goal is just the one for you. It is made from PVC and the goal is water-resistant but also super light as well.

It has a black and yellow colored frame and its design is made so that it is quick to set up and no tools are needed. The best thing about this goal is that it can be taken apart with ease and can be used for training and tournaments.

It is quick to set up, only taking around two to three minutes and that is ideal if you are going to be moving it and taking it apart on a regular basis. – While it can take hard shots from bigger kids, if it continuously takes hard shots, the net will bend.
It has a fiberglass frame so it is light as well as durable, it has an all-weather net so it can take on all sorts of weather and it comes with stakes to help secure it and stop it from falling over.
It can be stored easily enough when not in use, it comes with a carry bag so you can take it with you easily and it is really light so you will not be hurting yourself moving it.

The Blackhawk is an easily portable soccer goal, and it takes no more than three minutes to set up and has a carry bag as well. It is the perfect goal if time is of the essence and you need to pack it up and move it in a hurry.

It should not be used with older soccer players because the net is not designed for hard shots and that will eventually bend the frame, however, if you want small 5 on 5 matches then this is the goal to go for.

3. Franklin MLS 2-Goal Set

If you are looking for a great soccer goal for your kids and they are under five years old then look no further than this one.

The Franklin MLS 2-Goal set is ideal for the younger kids. First off you are getting not one, but two goals, and the other thing is that it will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Easy to take apart.The only drawback is that this goal is specifically meant for kids five years old and younger. Kids who are older have a high chance of bending the frame.
Quick to put together.

The goal is very durable, and it has a plastic frame which is ideal for your younger kids and it comes with eight ground stakes to help keep the goal grounded and not tip over. The goals are also weather-resistant too so they can be used in all types of weather.

They are easy to transport too, weighing less than two lbs each so they are really easy to move. If you are looking for a set of goals to be the first introduction to soccer for your kids then these will do the trick.

Ideally, you will not want to take them apart and set them up all the time, however with some planning they can be taken to different sessions if needed. They are ideal for young players who are looking at honing their skills than you can do no better than the Franklin MLS 2-goal set.

4. Franklin MLS Fold N Go Soccer Goal

This soccer goal is similar to the Franklin MLS 2-goal set, however, this one is more portable and durable. 

The install set up design feature is great and will have you and your kids setting it up and kicking goals in no time. Thanks to its clever design, the goal can just simply fold up and be stored away easily enough.

Everyone knows that Franklin makes great products, and this is no different, it is super durable and it is designed to take some punishment.

Easy to set up.No carry bag.
Easy to transport.

It is made from durable steel which unlike most other goals is stronger because it are made of PVC. It also comes with four ground stakes so the goal will not fall over. The design of the goal is great, and it is reasonably light as well so you can carry it wherever you need to and set it up with ease.

This goal is better for younger kids however if it is maintained and treated properly, then older kids up to 12 can use this goal.

Because of the steel frame, it is extremely durable, and the locking joints mean you can fold it with ease and take it with you.

With no carry case, you can simply fold it up thanks to its great design and off you go. If you want a goal it is easy to put up and just as easy to take down then look no further than this goal. 

5. Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal

The last goal in our review is the Franklin Sports Premier Folding Goal. It is as durable as its predecessors like most other Franklin products and it is somewhat portable. What this means is that you can fold it up, however, getting it into your car could be a struggle.

Easy to set upNo Carry Case
DurableSomewhat hard to transport.

 It does not take too long to set up, around three minutes and it is not long when we compared it to the setup time of the Sports Competition Goal.

Thanks to the Steel tubing of the frame, the goal does not move at all and with the locking pins, it is as secure as a goal can be. It also comes with ground stakes for that extra support.

The net is durable in all weather conditions and older players can use it as well.

It is another fantastic goal from Franklin, it is durable but not so portable. If you want a durable soccer goal then look no further. If you want to take it places then we suggest having nothing in your trunk as this takes up all the room.

Most of the Franklin goals we have covered are great fits for younger kids and most of them favor durability over portability. So you can not go wrong for your kids with a Franklin goal set, they will last a long time and give your children a positive start to their soccer career.

If you want to take a look at more portable goals, and see our recommendations, visit our article about the best portable goals for your backyard.

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