120+ Best Soccer Gifts for Players, Coaches, and Fans (2021)

120+ Best Soccer Gifts for Players, Coaches, and Fans (2021)

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Soccer is the single most popular sport in the world. Though it isn’t the favorite everywhere in the world, with Indian people favoring cricket, while Canadian people favoring hockey, but it sure has the largest worldwide fanbase. The estimated amount of people who are fans of soccer to at least a basic extent is around 3.5 billion people. That is literally half of the Earth’s human population.

This makes it all the more likely that one day you will have to buy a soccer-themed gift for someone. May that be your children, your niece, and nephew, friends, family, team members, or whoever else. You are bound to encounter a situation where you will have to choose a soccer gift for someone, and you might not exactly know what to get them.

In today’s article, we put together an extensive list of gift ideas for all age groups and relevant occupations, so that you don’t have to worry about finding the proper gift. Read on for 120+ best soccer gifts for players, coaches, fans, or anyone else!

Best Soccer Gifts Under $10

Not all gifts have to be expensive or luxurious. A gift that comes from the heart and is personal can oftentimes easily beat any type of high-end gift. Here are 9 soccer gift ideas under $10!

1. Gaming Mouse Pad – Fire Water Soccer Rectangle Rubber Mousepad

One cool gift you can get which is soccer-themed and is aimed at younger generations (mostly younger boys) is a soccer-themed gaming mousepad. Mousepads are really useful tools, and having a cool soccer design will just improve the gaming experience of the gamer when sitting down to play (probably a soccer game)! Check it out on this link to Amazon!

2. Soccer Ball Locket Necklace

Another gift you can get a soccer enthusiast is a soccer ball locket necklace. This way, they will always have soccer near their hearts! It is an inexpensive and cool way to surprise someone who is into the game! It is a great accessory for attending a soccer match for example, but if someone just wants to wear it every day, keeping it below the shirt will only expose a stylish necklace, so it is a win-win situation. Check out this link to Amazon if you are interested!

3. Soccer Keychain

The ultimate inexpensive gift: the keychain. Keychains are some of the most popular gifts for a reason: they are small, cheap, but can convey a lot of emotion, passion, interest, or just connection to any sort of topic or for any cause. It is the true epitome of a gift which prioritizes meaning and emotion over money and luxury. You can get a keychain with a specific club’s logo on it, perhaps a country’s flag if you are more into national teams. You can also get neutral, soccer-themed keychains as well, it is up to the buyer’s choice since the options are endless. Check out an example here on Amazon!

4. Cencity Soccer Led Marquee Light

Marquee lights of any kind are already pretty cool gifts, since they can give an atmospheric effect to a certain room or area that one desires, and this soccer led marquee light is no exception. It is a good option for a younger child who is into soccer since they can decorate their rooms with it for some ambient glow in a soccer-ball shape. Check it out here on Amazon!

5. FineGood 5 Packs Stainless Steel Whistle

An inexpensive pack of 5 stainless steel whistles. Does it get any better in terms of soccer gifts? It is a perfect option for children, adults, adolescents, referees, you name it. Anyone who is into soccer can get something out of it, may that be having back-up whistles as a referee for your next match, or if you are a child, it is a perfect tool to annoy your parents with! Check it out on Amazon if you are interested, by clicking on this link!

6. Bestbuddy Pet 8X10 Unframed Soccer Patent Posters

Give an interesting and unique vibe to your living room, your children’s bedroom, or possibly your office with some antique-looking soccer posters. These specifically depict patents of old soccer shoes and soccer balls, but there are also different types available. This really isn’t a gift that a soccer-lover will use, but it is definitely a unique and special one which will improve the atmosphere in their room. Check it out here on Amazon!

7. Ceramic Soccer Ball Design Sports Coffee Tea Mug

This is Amazon’s Choice product for a reason. Mugs are another amazing gift idea since they are timeless. Even though almost all human beings have probably bought a mug as a gift for somebody already, they still don’t and won’t go out of fashion, since they can be customized any way one wants and are also object we use on the daily. This soccer mug is great for a soccer-father to drink their morning brew from, or even for a child to drink their tea from before going to sleep. Check it out on Amazon by clicking on this link!

8. 6Pcs Football Cake Candles

You can put these soccer-themed candles on a cake you are baking for a soccer-lover and they will probably love it even more. Candles are another one of those ambient light-giving things which can better anybody’s mood. Candles in a soccer ball shape? We don’t see what is there not to love about it. Check it out on Amazon!

9. Footie Gifts F.C Barcelona – Metal Badge

This present is specifically a Barcelona badge, which we chose because it is one of the most famous clubs in the world. However, these cute little team-logo badges are available for a variety of different teams. This specific one is actually a licensed and official Barcelona gift product, and it is under 10 bucks! Check it out by clicking on this link to Amazon!

Best Soccer Gifts for Infants and Babies

Who says infants and babies can’t be soccer fans? There are countless pictures of babies on soccer matches or watching them on TV, enjoying them even more than their parents or the other adults around them too! If you have a baby or an infant who shows signs of early soccer-mania, we have a couple of present ideas for them too!

1. C.R. Gibson Soccer Ball ‘Goal’ Clip for Babies

For babies and infants, it doesn’t matter all that much what type of gift you are giving them, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, something small and symbolic is more than enough to hit the mark. One of these symbolic and cute gifts which are perfect for a baby shower or just in general as a gift for a baby is a clip. It is small, it is light, simple, cute, and is soccer-themed. Perfect for an infant. Check it out on Amazon!

2. Franklin Sports Kids Mini Soccer Goal Set

Infants and babies are the age group that has just barely learned to walk. However, very many babies are already interested in playing sports such as soccer at this age already. A mini sports goal and soccer set is one of the absolute best things you can get for an infant at this stage. The goal itself is padded, so there is no way the child could harm themselves on it accidentally, and the set also provides them with a perfect way to move and have fun with their parents. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it is also very beneficial for the child’s development both physically and mentally. Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

3. LIVEBOX Newborn Baby Boys’ Premium Soft Sole Sneaker Shoes

We doubt there is a parent on this planet who hasn’t given or doesn’t want to give their toddler or infant a stylish pair of shoes. They are absolutely cute, and all the different types you can surprise your baby with certainly leave a lot of room for creativity. Since there are so many types, it is only normal that there are soccer-themed and sneaker-like shoes as well. One of these is the LIVEBOX product we will link to at the end of this paragraph. It is a cute sneaker for the soccer-player wanna-be toddler. Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

4. My First Book of Soccer: A Rookie Book

Some of the best gifts in general for young kids, babies, toddlers, or anyone under age 15 are books. Books are the single best way to grow, they help with mental development, focus, stress-relief, and are also educational most of the time. This is why getting your toddler this book, “My First Book of Soccer: A Rookie Book” is such a great idea. As stated on the Amazon site which we will link to, “The fourth book in the fan-favorite Rookie Book series, Sports Illustrated Kids explains the most popular sport in the world to its youngest fans.” it is a great book for a toddler since as they will slowly learn to read and interpret drawings and images, they will also learn some basics about “the most beautiful game”. Check it out on Amazon!

5. Baby GUND My First Sports Bag Stuffed Plush Playset

Plush toys are great for babies because they provide a sense of excitement and joy, and a sense of comfort and safety at the same time. This sports bag is stuffed with a couple of different types of plush balls, like a soccer ball, basketball, and others. If you think your toddler has a knack for soccer or is likely to grow up to like it, we guarantee that the plush soccer ball will be their favorite toy out of the bunch. Check it out here on Amazon!

6. ChalkTalkSPORTS Soccer Baby & Infant Onesie

The ultimate cutest thing on the planet according to most mothers and women in general is the baby onesie. If you told a mother with a newborn baby or a toddler that they can go into an onesie shop and take whatever they wanted, they would probably take the whole stock of onesies in the store. However, it shouldn’t only be the mother deciding on the design of the toddler’s onesie. Ask the father of the toddler what they think about the onesie we will link here, and maybe this time the father will take the entire stock. If you’re looking for a cute onesie that is also soccer-themed, check out this link to Amazon for one!

7. Spot Plays Soccer by Eric Hill

We felt we were obligated to pick two books for this section, should the first one already be sitting on your toddler’s bookshelf. This book for babies, toddlers, and young children is illustrated and written in a way that will engage the children in trying to read and understand more about what they are reading but will not overwhelm even the baby who can barely yet speak. It is a great addition to your baby’s collection of books and they will probably remember it for a long time. Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

8. Kiddie Play Set of 4 Balls for Toddlers

One great way to help a toddler develop their motor skills is by giving them different types of toys to play with. You can combine this with the soccer-theme, and you get this set of four balls of different colors, which your toddler will absolutely love to play with. Who knows, practicing with 4 soccer balls might in the end shape them into being the next best goalie! Check out this link to Amazon if you are interested!

9. Custom Party Shop Baby Girl’s Soccer Sister Onepiece

Just like with books, it would be a sin to only include one onesie in a list of best soccer-themed gifts for toddlers and babies, when onesies are some of the most common and iconic gifts a baby can get. This one, however, is a girl onesie. You can get this either if they are the sister of a soccer-lover, or if they happen to be a rare soccer fangirl themselves. Whichever way, if your baby daughter has a thing for soccer, she will definitely enjoy this onesie! Check it out on Amazon by clicking here if you are interested!

Best Soccer Gifts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Once your child has learned to walk and maybe even play a bit of soccer, they will already have probably developed a liking for the sport or even a specific team. Here we have 9 gift ideas for soccer-loving toddlers and preschoolers!

1. PP PICADOR Kids Soccer Ball

At this age, it is perfectly fine to give your child a soccer ball to play with, however, you might not want the hard, large, and heavy balls used by athletes and soccer players. A softer and more fun version is perfect since your child will find it more exciting to play with. This blue or purple ball is just the right option for this very reason. It is a great alternative for preschoolers and toddlers. Check it out on Amazon by clicking on this link if you are interested!

2. WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball Set 2020 Version

A great gift option that will surely be used often is a soccer ball set like this one. Not only does it come with a goal and a soccer ball, but also a hover soccer ball. It is very fun to play with, and you will never be able to peel your kid off of the hover soccer. You don’t even need to worry about constantly buying batteries since it is rechargeable just like a laptop or smartphone. Check it out by clicking on this link to Amazon!

3. DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Soccer Football Cleats Shoes

If you see that your son or daughter is already showing signs of interest in soccer at a very early age, one way to make them happy when they are celebrating a birthday or Christmas is to buy them soccer shoes. By clicking on this link, you will be redirected to an Amazon page, where you can choose from 12 different colors, depending on the taste and preference of your child. 

4. World Cup Baby Cristiano Ronaldo #7 Portugal Home Soccer Jersey

Though babies and infants are the age group always dressed in onesies, it doesn’t mean toddlers and preschoolers can’t own and wear them. If your child is into soccer or a specific team or player, there are countless onesies of all different designs and styles, and you will certainly find at least a dozen that they would enjoy wearing. We chose a Cristiano Ronaldo onesie, which you can see by clicking on this link to Amazon, but if your child is into some other player or team, you will definitely find something for their taste on Amazon as well!

5. Baby Soccer Toy

Let’s not forget that toddlers and preschoolers are still babies, and they will do well with a couple of educational, sensory-play, or other types of toys. A great one is this Baby Soccer Toy, which you can see by clicking on this link to Amazon. It is a small, soccer-themed blanket or rug, which is great if you want to familiarize your child with some basic components of the sport. 

6. Messi: A Boy Who Became A Star

One of the main ways kids become passionate about something is by looking up to an idol. Much of childhood development has to do with mimicking and trying to do what their “idols” or authority figures do. If you think your child has a knack for soccer, the children’s book Messi: A Boy Who Became a Star would be a great option to motivate your child to pursue soccer from a young age. The age-appropriate text and illustrations also make this book a great tool for starting to learn how to read and interpret visual images and drawings. Check it out here on Amazon!

7. ate 9 Apparel Baby Boy’s Born to Kick Onepiece

Another onesie on this list. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that for toddlers and preschoolers, onesies will be some of the most common gifts. This one is a cute soccer-themed onesie that your toddler or preschooler will definitely love. Check it out here on Amazon!

8. Collapsible Ball Shaped Drinking Cup

This collapsible soccer-themed bottle will be a really cool addition to your child’s soccer-themed collection of toys and items. If they are a fan of soccer, this is the only cup they will be willing to drink from. Aside from that, the collapse feature will be one they will play around with for a long time, so it won’t only be useful but also interesting. Check it out here on Amazon!

9. 3D Night Light, LED Lamp for Kids

If you look at the pre-smartphone era, you will see that anybody who has any sort of passion had one main way to pay homage to it, and that is by decorating their room. Either it is a rock band, a sport, or some model, the way of keeping the fire of passion alive was by surrounding oneself with similarly themed items and objects. This 3D night light for kids is a cool little piece of decoration for a soccer-loving preschooler’s room, and if they happen to be the type of kid who is scared to fall asleep in the dark at night, you can keep it turned on for some dim ambient lighting. It is also available in different colors and designs, so make sure to check out all of them! Click here to check out this product on Amazon!

Best Soccer Gifts for Kids (Boys and Girls)

1. Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goals

At ages between 6 and 10, kids start coming together in groups to play soccer. However, they don’t always have a goal, so they improvise with water bottles, sweaters, or other objects they have with them. The problem with these impromptu goals is that the end result is always an argument since the opposing teams will always see events differently (the typical “that hit the post!”, “no, it was a goal!” argument). There is a perfect and easy way to reduce these tensions between children so the only thing they have to worry about is playing the game, and it is a portable soccer goal. It is easy to set up and to put away into its bag, and its neon color makes for a stylish and highly visible frame. Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

2. Juvale Gold Medals for Soccer Game

A great way to celebrate a young child’s birthday party would be to organize a soccer match. However, kids like to get rewards, so one way to amp up the excitement around the game is to tell the children that the winning team will get medals, this way they will feel like they are on an actual tournament and will play at a higher intensity, thus also tire out faster for a stress-free party. Check it out by clicking on this link to Amazon!

3. Soccer Ball Themed Birthday Party Plates & Napkins

While we are still talking about birthday parties, how about celebrating the birthday of a soccer enthusiast by throwing a whole soccer-themed party? These soccer-themed napkins and plates will be a great addition to the theme, and if your child is a lover of the game, they will definitely value the effort. You can also take a look at the under $10 soccer candles and purchase these items together for maximum soccer birthday fun! Check it out here on Amazon!

4. Talkin’ Sports, Hilariously Interactive Toy Soccer Ball with Music and Sound

Imagine throwing a birthday party for your soccer fan child where the whole table setup is soccer-themed, they play soccer games like in a tournament and get medals for winning, and above all that, the ball they are playing with is an interactive ball which makes sounds when you kick it and move it. It would be the ultimate soccer-themed birthday party, one that your child would never forget. Check out this fun and interactive soccer ball on Amazon by clicking on this link if you are interested!

5. Novelty Place Squeezable Stress Soccer Balls (12 Pack)

Who says stress balls are only meant for adults? Try giving one or two of these soccer ball-shaped stress balls to your child and see how willing they will be to give it back to you. The best thing is that you get a 12 pack of these fun toys for a really low price. Not only can you give it to them as individual toys, but also at a birthday party which is soccer-themed, you can organize soccer ball hunts, with the winner being the person who collects the most of them. There are many ways in which these soccer balls can be great gifts for young children, both boys and girls, so if you are interested, check out this link to Amazon!

6. Dream Team Soccer Playing Card Game

This is the age when you can go from basic children’s books to some more complex learning tools, like card games. This will improve their cognitive function and also probably make them more curious people, all while increasing their interest and passion towards a given topic. For this very reason, the Dream Team soccer card game is a great gift idea for a younger kid who is into soccer. They can also use it to expand their knowledge of the sport or just to have fun. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

7. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Most of us have an item or object which we remember from our childhood which makes up an iconic portion of it, which we remember with the bittersweet feeling of nostalgia. Usually, these objects are old, classical items that have an air about them which shows that they have been used a lot. A Wilson Traditional soccer ball could be this item for your children. It might not be the most high-tech or well-designed ball, nor the most exciting one, but it is the perfect candidate for becoming a child’s best childhood memory of soccer. This one is smaller in size than a proper soccer ball that adults use, but it is the perfect option for younger kids. Check it out here on Amazon!

8. 20 Pack White Soccer Ball Keychains

Just like with the stress balls, these soccer ball keychains are amazing for organizing Easter-like hunts, prize games, or other fun birthday activities all while staying loyal to the soccer theme. It is also a small item which the children can and probably will carry around with them all the time. Keychains re not only useful but also really fun, and if you have children or just know children who are soccer fans, this soccer ball themed keychain will be their favorite. Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

9. NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Soccer Ball

We left the most exciting one for last: a glow-in-the-dark led light soccer ball. It comes with a soccer ball pump and spare batteries, but the most awesome part is that it automatically turns on internal lighting at any impact and glows for at least 40 seconds, or more if it receives other impacts (which is inevitable in a soccer game). You can organize a late-afternoon soccer match which will excite the young children more than anything, and this ball is going to be the main attraction of the party. Check it out here on Amazon if you want to surprise your children with the most amazing soccer ball they will ever see!

Best Soccer Gifts for Youth and Teens

The teens are the age where most people develop a more radical and deep liking for their passions, and for a large majority of boys, that is soccer. However, a lot of teen girls are also fans of the game, so you are bound to run into a birthday party (maybe even your own children’s’) or some event where you will have to give someone a soccer-themed gift. To make things easier, here are 9 gift ideas for youth and teens which are soccer-themed!

1. Competition Sized Foosball Table

When your children reach teenage, they start to hang out more, go to each other’s places, and search for more and more interesting ways to have fun. One of the best soccer-themed gifts you can give a teen, exactly for the aforementioned reasons, is a competition-sized foosball table. It is a great option, since multiple teens can play it at once, and they can develop their motor skills and reflexes even more while having an immense amount of fun. Just make sure you tell them to watch out so they don’t straight up punch each other with a metal rod in the groin area! Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

2. Soccer Ball Bath Bombs – 3 pack

This is one of those gifts, just like the foosball table by the way, which is good for both teen boys and girls (though bath bobs are more often used by girls, in all honesty). Is your teenage daughter or son training football even professionally or maybe just as a hobby? Well, there is nothing more relaxing the day after a hard training session than to take a warm bath. Why not make it even better with a soccer-ball-shaped bath bomb? If you are interested and agree with us that this would make for a stylish and cool gift for any teen, check out this link to Amazon!

3. Tin Signs Home Decoration Soccer Sign

Teens really like to decorate their rooms in a certain style. At this age, they enter the phase of personality development where they are in search of a real identity. The connection between them and their parents starts to slowly fade, and they have to come to the realization that they aren’t a part of their parents, but their own self. This often means that teens are more likely to get their identity from an external source, such as a religion, a certain mentality, and music (like emo bands or metal bands), or sports. Many boys and some girls at this age start diving deep into soccer, and they will really want to decorate their living space in a way that reflects their psyche and interests, for which this tin sign is a great addition. Either on a wall or on their door, it is a stylish sign which they will certainly like. Check it out here on Amazon!

4. Soccer Decor For Girls

Girls also have, maybe even stronger, motivations to decorate their rooms to portray their personalities and hobbies. For this reason, here is a possible option for a way a soccer fan teen girl can decorate their room. This simple but stylish addition will definitely add to the overall theme of the room and will be a gift that is small but means all the more. Check it out here on Amazon!

5. Tstars Eat Sleep Soccer Repeat Gift for Soccer Fans Women Hoodie

One of the ultimate gifts for teen girls which they will fall in love with is a good hoodie. Pair this together with a soccer theme, and you have the best gift you can give to any teenage girl: a soccer-themed hoodie like the one we will link to at the end of this paragraph. Teen girls just love to visit soccer matches, perhaps even play soccer, so if you have a daughter, friend, crush, or whoever you want to gift something to and you know they enjoy soccer, we recommend this product warmly. Check out this link to Amazon if you are interested!

6. Soccer Ball Necklace for Girls

One of the best girly gifts available is necklaces and bracelets. So, if you have a daughter, friend, or any teenage girl you want to give something special for their birthday or some other special occasion, a necklace will always be well-received, especially if they are soccer fans and the necklace is a soccer-themed one. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

7. The Soccer Mug With A Goal

This is bound to get you a couple of laughs when opened as a gift but is definitely a cool one that will be used. It is a soccer-themed mug, which also has a soccer goal attached to it where you can try throwing marshmallows for your hot chocolate for example. It is a fun extension to any football fangirl’s or fanboy’s mug collection, and it is 100% that they will be drinking from this when watching a match. Check it out here on Amazon!

8. INSTANTARTS Personalized Soccer Draw String Gym Bag

In the modern world where much of teaching happens online, string gym bags are becoming more and more popular even for every day carry bags to school. Even if that isn’t what your child or friend would be using it for, it is definitely a cool gift to give, seeing as someone with a knack for soccer most probably will also train soccer. In this case, what better bag is there than a string gym bag with soccer print? Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

9. HHHbeauty Infinity Soccer Bracelet

Bracelets and necklaces, as we have mentioned earlier, are great gifts for teens who are starting to develop their own style of dressing and fashion. If you have a teenager who likes bracelets and soccer at the same tie, why not get them a soccer-themed bracelet? Best of both worlds. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

Best Soccer Gifts for Him (Men, Boyfriend, Husband, Dad)

The group of people with the largest portion of football fans are definitely grown, men. Stadiums upon stadiums can be filled to the brim with men above 18 who are passionate fans of soccer, so it is inevitable that someday you will have to get a present for one such person. Here, we have 9 gift ideas for grown men who are soccer fans!

1. Soccer Bottle Opener with Cap Collector

The most “dad” thing out there, this soccer-themed bottle opener with a cap collector is the ultimate soccer gift for a dad who loves the game. You can place this outdoors as well if you want to have a fun way to open beer bottles when throwing a grill party for example. Check it out on Amazon if you want to be the one giving the most creative gift to your dad, boyfriend, or colleague who loves soccer!

2. Renegade GK Eclipse Professional Soccer Goalie Gloves

One of the best ways grown men and boys can have fun is by organizing friendly soccer matches. There is really nothing quite like a good soccer match followed by a mouthwatering grill session. However, you wouldn’t want the goalie’s hands to suffer any injury, especially not if they will be grilling the meat or veggies after the match. For a better match experience, consider gifting a good pair of soccer gloves to someone who loves the game, they will definitely love it, especially if they like playing the goalie position. Check out our choice on Amazon if you are interested! 

3. Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball

In 2018, one of the most memorable soccer world cups of recent memory was held. After the controversial Jabulani ball which was used in the 2010 South Africa championship, FIFA started investing even more money in the development of a high-quality match ball, and this was their result after 8 years. The Adidas World Cup Official Match Ball is a  gift that will surely be more than appreciated by the person you are giving it to. Official match balls hold a special spot in all soccer lovers’ hearts, so don’t hesitate to buy one if you want to impress somebody. Check it out on Amazon here!

4. FIFA 21 – PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

The most famous console games in the soccer game genre, FIFA is a must-have for anyone who likes to have a good time drinking some beer and gaming with some friends. It is no wonder that it is one of the most sought-after games each year. This gift is specifically an amazing choice for younger generations, so if you have a boyfriend, a brother, a friend, teammate or other younger male who you want to surprise with an awesome gift, the most recent FIFA game will always bring you positive results. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

5. The Official History of the FIFA World Cup™

Another great FIFA gift, a book which describes the history of the FIFA world cup, which is among the largest events in the world of soccer, taking place every four years in a different country of the world. Check it out on Amazon if you know someone who would love it!

6. Lionel Messi: The Greatest

Documentaries are also cheap but very interesting things you can gift someone who likes soccer, so we have chosen a documentary about one of the greatest soccer players of all time: Lionel Messi. However, if the person you will give the gift to isn’t a Messi fan, you can find a ton of other documentaries on Amazon on the topic of soccer. Check it out by clicking here!

7. Nike Academy Over-The-Calf Soccer Socks

We talked about those friendly soccer matches grown men often organize, well this is a gift that would also be used on one of these occasions. It is a pair of Nike over-the-calf soccer socks, which are some of the best socks for playing soccer. Check it out on Amazon by clicking on this link!

8. Liverpool Soccer Jersey

We chose Liverpool for this one, but you can find a whole variety, thousands of different country jerseys and team jerseys which can be customized or bought with original names and numbers of players, however, you like. It is a fun gift and can also be worn on one of those friendly matches, so definitely check it out by clicking here!

9. PUMA Men’s Spirit Iii Firm Ground Sneaker

Getting a great, high-quality pair of soccer shoes for any grown man will be a well-received gift. The modern-day man doesn’t play too much soccer, but getting them one pair of these will motivate them to organize matches and to play more, guaranteed. Check it out on Amazon!

Best Soccer Gifts for Her (Women, Girlfriend, Wife, Mom)

Though much fewer women play soccer in the world than men, there are some really good teams, really good players, and really passionate female soccer players, just like with men. Often they even play much better games, since men have learned to act more than to play for some reason, so it is only right to honor a soccer-lover woman by giving them proper soccer-themed gifts. Here are 9 ideas!

1. Under Armour Women’s Magnetico Select Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

There is a variety of high-quality soccer shoes you can buy as gifts for women, which they will definitely value if they like to play soccer. Check out our choice on Amazon by clicking on this link if you want to surprise a female friend of yours (or mom, girlfriend, etc.) with a pair of high-quality soccer shoes. 

2. Soccer Mom Charm Infinity Love Bracelet

If you want to give a present to a woman who has children and is very into soccer, perhaps even plays it herself or is a coach, getting her a soccer mom infinity bracelet would be a cute gift that she would more than likely appreciate. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

3. Nike Women’s Seamless Light Support Sports Bra

Any female soccer player will tell you how much their soccer experience can be improved by a good sports bra, and how much it can be ruined by a bad one, or playing with none at all. Check out this high-quality sports bra on Amazon if you think it would be a good gift to give to a woman you know!

4. Soccer Mom Tote Bag and trucker Hat Pack

For the soccer mom we have mentioned earlier, this would be a cool and functional gift as well, since they could use the bag to carry either their children’s or their own soccer gear if necessary, showing off that the fact that they are moms doesn’t mean they can’t be fierce soccer moms too! Check it out on Amazon!

5. Gem Stone Soccer Ball with Pink Crystals Pendant for Women 

Women tend to really like gemstones and jewelry, so if you know one who is into soccer as well, getting them a cute necklace or pendant such as this one on Amazon might be a really personal and cool idea. This one specifically has a lifetime warranty on it and beautiful reddish-pinkish colored crystals. 

6. The National Team: The Inside Story of the Women Who Changed Soccer

This is a book about the US national women’s soccer team, who have dominated the world of women’s soccer, yet didn’t get the recognition they deserved, nor the payment, or the respect. A great gift for any woman, since it might inspire them to speak up for themselves and their gender in the sports world. Check it out on Amazon!

7. Women’s Ponytail Headband Ear Warmer

When winter comes, the soccer passion doesn’t go away, for many, it actually grows larger and fierier (since it is so cool to play in the snow). However, that fire isn’t enough to keep heads warm, so this ponytail headband is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who is not going to let the winter stop them from playing. Check it out here!

8. Adidas Starlancer V CLB

Though generalizing is not good, this pink ball is more likely to be loved by a female player than by male players. If you want to gift a woman in your life who plays soccer something they will use often and will get great experiences with, this Adidas ball is one of your best options. Check it out on Amazon!

9. US Women’s Soccer Team Poster

Once your female friend or your wife, mother, or other women in your life has become inspired by the US national women’s soccer team after reading the previously mentioned book, you can also gift them a poster which they can put on their wall to remind themselves of the amazing skills and perseverance of the team and of women’s soccer in general. Check it out by clicking here!

Best Gifts for Soccer Players

Soccer players are dedicated athletes who take soccer more seriously than a high-school kid or a grown-up who plays it as a hobby would. So, if you want to get one of them a gift, make sure it is something they can use to their advantage since simple decorations and the like just won’t do it most of the time. Here are 9 gift ideas for soccer players!

1. Nike Superfly 7 Elite Ic Men’s Indoor/Court Soccer Shoe

A good-quality pair of indoor soccer shoes is a must-have for any soccer player, but if the soccer player in your life doesn’t have one, you should definitely consider getting them one, since often they might need to train indoors for a multitude of reasons. Check it out here on Amazon!

2. Adidas Predator Mutator 20.1 Fg Men’s Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Just like with indoor soccer shoes, a high-quality outdoor pair of soccer shoes is also something any player would gladly accept as a gift. They have to change their shoes and buy new ones relatively frequently since they use them so often and so intensely, so getting them an extra pair is something they will appreciate for sure. Check it out here!

3. Neck and Back Massager Pillow

When people imagine training, they don’t really imagine all the injuries and sprains one might get. Landing a header with a wrong neck posture can easily give you neck and back pain which lasts for up to weeks, so getting your soccer player friend a massage pillow is something they will be thanking you for months later. Check it out here!

4. Pro Agility Ladder and Cones

Though many soccer players already have a set of pro agility ladders and cones, if the person you are going to be giving the gift to doesn’t, it might just be the best thing you can get them. There are countless drills and agility-improving exercises available which can tremendously increase the soccer player’s footwork and overall speed and dribbling ability. This is one of the most highly-functional gifts you can get a soccer player, so make sure that you get them one if they don’t own one already. Click on this link to Amazon if you are interested!

5. Look at you becoming An Athlete And S**t Funny Athlete Notebook

One of the funnier gifts on this list, this notebook is a cool gift idea if you have a  friend who has just signed a contract with some team they wanted to get into, or perhaps they are just growing into becoming more and more of an athlete. Though at first, it might seem like one of those “useless but cool” gifts, it actually isn’t. One of the best things you can do when exercising or training anything is to take notes of the training you have done and the performance you have achieved, so you can control your progress and set new and specific goals. Check it out by clicking here!

6. Vive Foot Rocker – Calf Stretcher

As with most gifts on this list, this is a great unisex gift, so it doesn’t matter whether you are giving it to a female or a male soccer player, they can still get great use out of it. Soccer is a sport that is really heavy on the legs and the ankle, so this tool is perfect for stretching, massaging, and conditioning both your ankles and your calves, which is a really great thing to do if you are looking to be a professional athlete. Check it out here

7. Sof Sole Sneaker Balls

One unpleasant side effect of training a lot is the iconic smell of sweat in your shoes, bags, on your clothes, and in your wardrobe. You can absolutely eliminate this issue by taking care of yourself and keeping a good hygiene routine, however, there are ways to make these items you use smell even better, so you don’t have to worry about bad smells, and one of these ways is by using sneaker balls. They absorb the bad smells and let out a fresh one, which could be useful for many players. Check it out on Amazon here!

8. SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

This is a great training gift for a soccer player since they can train lobbing, passing, shooting precision, or just overall handling with this cool piece of equipment. It is multifunctional and also designed to be able to aid in the development and improvement of a variety of different soccer skills. Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

9. Under Armour Men’s Field Players 2.0 Gloves

Just like in the woman players section, we had to include something which can help with combatting the harsh winter environments, since players won’t stop playing just because it is cold. A high-quality pair of gloves can significantly better the experience of any soccer player, so do consider this as a gift, it will be appreciated. Check it out here!

Best Gifts for Soccer Fans

There are many more soccer fans out there than players, so even though it is quite likely that you will have to give some gift to a soccer player, it is multiple times as likely that you will have to give one to a soccer fan. Here are 9 cool gift ideas!

1. Nike FC Barcelona Home Youth Soccer Jersey

Barcelona has millions of fans worldwide, and if the soccer fan you are planning on surprising happens to be one of them, they will definitely be very happy to receive a Barcelona jersey. Getting the jersey of the favorite team of a fan will probably make their day. Check it out here!

2. Paris Saint Germain #7 MBAPPE Home Jersey

Not only can you get a team jersey, but you can also get a player-specific jersey if you want to surprise a fan. We chose a Mbappe jersey since he is one of the most famous footballers of our time, but getting any specific player’s jersey which the receiver of the gift idolizes is bound to be a great gift option! Check it out here on Amazon!

3. Nike 2020-2021 Croatia Away Football Soccer T-Shirt Jersey

Many people aren’t into specific clubs or specific players, but into specific countries’ national teams. If the person you want to surprise is a huge Croatian national team fan, click on this link to find the Nike 2020-2021 Croatia Away Soccer Jersey! However, if the receiver of the gift is a fan of another national team, you will definitely find a product that is right for them on Amazon. 

4. Manchester City F.c. Scarf

One of the most common soccer gifts is a scarf with the logo or the name of the club on it. These are often worn to matches and public viewings of matches in pubs, bars, or cafes. If you know someone who is a fan of some club, make sure to check out this link for a Manchester City scarf, or browse Amazon for other clubs’ scarves. 

5. Manchester United FC Short Beer Mug

Beer is often associated with soccer, so if you are getting a gift for someone who loves soccer, has a favorite team, and also happens to love beer, a beer mug with the logo of their favorite team would be a really cool gift idea. Check out a Manchester United version of this gift on Amazon by clicking on this link!

6. Bayern Munich – Premium Hoodie

A hoodie with the club logo of a favorite team is also a really cool gift idea. Check out a Bayern Munich premium hoodie by following this link to Amazon, or check out the thousands of soccer club hoodies available on Amazon. 

7. Football Club Embroidered Baseball Cap

Embroidered baseball caps are some of the best gifts you can get a fan of a specific football club since they look really cool and are fun to wear. They also clearly show which club the person is rooting for, and can help with feeling one with the crowd at a match, for example. Check out this link to Amazon, where you can choose from a variety of different embroidered baseball caps!

8. Nike U.S. 2019 Stadium Away Women’s Soccer Jersey

If you know somebody who is a fan of women’s soccer, they will probably be in love with the US national women’s team. Even if they aren’t, there are definitely jersey’s available on Amazon for the team that they like, we just chose the US team since they are the most famous team in the world. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here!

9. PUMA International Soccer men’s Borussia Dortmund Licensed Stadium Jacket

You can also get your friend/husband/wife a club-dedicated, possibly even an official jacket. We chose Borussia Dortmund, but there are countless other team jackets available on Amazon as well, and they are all amazing. If you want to really surprise someone, get them a jacket with their favorite team’s logo and design. Check out the Borussia Dortmund jacket here on Amazon!

Best Soccer Gifts for Coaches

As the saying goes, “a good coach can change a game, but a great coach can change a life”. If you want to show some love to the strict and disciplined coach who pushed you or someone you know to their limits and helped them realize their potential, here are 9 gift ideas you can surprise them with!

1. Hero’s Pride Gold Plated Whistle

A whistle is the most iconic item that you can give a coach, even though in an actual match, it is the referee who will use it. It is like giving a pen to a scientist, a sign of respect. Check out this gold plated one on Amazon if you are interested!

2. Things I Want to Say to My Players But I Can’t – Notebook

Coaches always need notebooks, so why not get them a humorous and funny one? Even though coaches aren’t really the ones to hold back with insults, this notebook can be a place for them to write down all the things they hold back, of which there is surely a lot. Oh, and it is also useful for usual coach tasks like strategy and things like that… Check it out on Amazon!

3. Soccer Flask Gift Set

So, some coaches, though not many, cope with the stress that comes with the job by meditating. Some of them try yoga. But most of them will most probably have a small flask in their back pocket, ready for when the fast-acting nerve agents like whiskey and cognac are needed for them to stay calm. This is a cool gift even for coaches who don’t drink, as a way to express the hardships that come with training dozens of young boys. Check it out on Amazon!

4. Andaz Press 11oz Coffee Mug

A coffee mug with a funny and humorous text on it like this one (Soccer coach, because badass isn’t an official title) is the perfect present for a coach who is tough on the surface but has a coffee-drinking, funny and relaxed side to themselves (all of them, in other words). Check it out here on Amazon!

5. TIIMG Coach Gift Keychain

Keychains are timeless gifts that are there in almost all categories. You can get one for your coach as well with some cool message on it. Your coach might joke about it at first, but you will see them carry it with themselves in a couple of days at max. Check it out here on Amazon!

6. Soccer Photo Frame

A soccer photo frame like this one, in which you can put one of your victory photos or perhaps a team-photo will be a well-received present even for the most rock-hearted coach. It is a great way to remember some of his own and his team’s achievements and good times. Check it out on Amazon!

7. Premium Metal Whistle Pack of 2 with Adjustable & Removable Lanyard

Though we have already mentioned whistles on this list, the previous, gold one is more like a symbolic and decorative gift, whereas these are good-quality whistles with adjustable lanyards that your coach can use on training sessions. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

8. Coach Pub Beer Pint Glass

Continuing on the fast-acting nerve agents line, if you want a gift for your coach which he will proudly and happily use, get them a pint glass with some sort of a text stating that they are a coach. They will thank you, and so will the beer manufacturing companies. Check it out here on Amazon!

9. GoSports Coaches Boards – 2 Sided Premium Dry Erase Clipboards

This is another one of those serious, functioning tools that they will be able to use in training and matches to come. It is a board on which they can easily depict the strategies they want the team to use in order to win. Check out this cool gift idea on Amazon by clicking on this link!

Best Gifts for Soccer Referees

Referees are some of the most underrated people in the soccer industry. If you want to show some appreciation to these underrated, hardworking people, here are 9 gift ideas for them!

1. USSF Pro Soccer Referee Jersey Long Sleeve Referee Shirt

Check out this official referee outfit that the referee you are going to give this gift to can wear to any friendly match where the clothing isn’t pre-assigned by the association organizing the match. Click on this link to Amazon if you are interested!

2. Kings Of NY Referee Soccer Football Bucket Hat

If you want everyone around your referee to know that he is one, get them this cool and fun bucket hat that says “Referee” on it. You can also dare them to wear it to a match one day. Check it out here!

3. Mato & Hash Official Soccer Referee Sock

This referee sock will definitely be a good alternative for the referee you are going to surprise with it. It is of good quality and an affordable gift which won’t only be appreciated for its looks, but also its function. Check it out here on Amazon!

4. Windsor Electronic Whistle Single-Tone

If your referee isn’t really into the old-style metal whistles, you could get them this electronic whistle, which will be a cool addition to his collection and also be really easy to use. Check it out on Amazon!

5. BusyBee Premium Coaches Referee Whistle with Lanyard (2 Pack)

However, if your coach is not into modern, electronic whistles but would much rather use an old-school, traditional metal whistle, you could get them this 2-pack of high-quality referee whistles either for backup or for their primary-use whistle. Check it out on Amazon!

6. Soccer Referee Card Set with 2 Metal Referee Coach Whistles

If you want to give your referee one gift which will have multiple functions, you can give them this referee set, which has red and yellow cards, two whistles, two pencils, and a scoring card as well. Check it out here on Amazon!

7. Referee Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are awesome gifts for everyone, and there are awesome and funny mugs available which are great gifts for referees so they can drink their morning cuppa Joe out of it before a match for energy. Check it out here on Amazon!

8. My Whistle My Game My Law Notebook

Notebooks are useful for everyone, especially if they also have a humorous text on them, since then they won’t only serve the function of recording our thoughts, but also of being entertaining and fun to carry around. Check it out on Amazon!

9. Tandem Sport Officials Penalty Cards

If your referee has everything they need and more, but are running out of cards since they are either breaking or getting lost, you can get them a pair of yellow and red cards as a backup, should they lose their primary set of cards. Check it out here on Amazon!

Best Gifts for Soccer Teams

If you are a coach, referee, teammate, or just a fan, you might have thought about the type of gifts you could get your team. Here, we will give you 9 ideas for exactly that!

1. Adidas Men’s Entrada 18 Jersey

A great gift to get if you are trying to give something to a whole team is a set of jerseys. A fun party you can have is to dress everyone in the same jersey and then play against each other without any distinguishing clothing. Check it out on Amazon!

2. Stars of World Soccer: Third Edition

Even though most of the time it isn’t really valued, one of the best gifts you can give someone is knowledge, which is why books are such a great gift. This book is perfect if you want to inspire a team with the stories of some of the greatest stars in the world. Check it out on Amazon!

3. BlazePod Flash Reflex Lights and Reaction Training System

One of the greatest releases in recent times when it comes to training, this system is to be used with a downloadable smartphone app to accurately measure performance and analyze possible improvement strategies for agility, speed, and reflex skills. Check it out on Amazon!

4. Adidas Stadium Ball Bag

When teams train, they can take sometimes up to 50 balls for training. There are too many people to be using just a couple of balls, and they need something to carry these balls in. If the team you are thinking about giving a present to doesn’t have a stadium ball bag, check out this one from Adidas on Amazon!

5. GlowCity Light Up LED Soccer Ball

For a really fun surprise, organize a nighttime soccer match for a team with a LED soccer ball and minimal lighting. It will be the most fun the team has had in a long time, that is for sure. Check it out on Amazon!

6. Pop Up Soccer Goals

It doesn’t matter that these are usually advertised as children’s items, they are very useful in training for practicing accuracy, so if your team doesn’t have them, consider it as a gift idea, and check out our choice on Amazon!

7. Alyoen 9 inch Traffic Cones – 10 Pack

Check out these traffic cones on Amazon, another great soccer training game which you can consider gifting to your local club or the one you train in, should they not have them already. Here is the link to the Amazon webpage with our choice of cones!

8. Forcefree+ Kids Soccer Goal

Another one which is similar to the previously mentioned kids’ portable goal, but this one has a different setup for a different type of accuracy and shot practice. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

9. Adidas Predator 20.3 Fg

A cool, but quite expensive gift idea for a team is to get them a whole set of soccer shoes so they can look even more uniform for matches. It depends on the level of the team you are looking at, they might not even need such a thing since they might have sponsors, but if they don’t consider checking out this link to Amazon for high-quality soccer shoes!

Best Unique, Personalized, and Thoughtful Gifts for Soccer Players, Fans, and Lovers of the Game

You might be looking for something personalizable or perhaps just something special and more valuable for either a player, friend, fan, or just a lover of the game. Here are 9 ideas to help you!

1. Handmade Beer Mug Set of 6

This might seem ridiculous at first, but if you are gifting it to a cool team, and you buy enough, you can have the ultimate beer-drinking party in some pub with these (especially if you are Irish). They look amazing, too. Check them out on Amazon here!

2. Tommervik Kids Playing Soccer Art

If you know someone who likes abstract art and soccer, you might want to think about gifting them Tommervik’s Kids Playing Soccer artwork. It might be the next new masterpiece in somebody’s room! Check it out here on Amazon!

3. Soccer Beer Mug – Personalized

If after art you want to return a bit to beer, you might want to check out these personalizable glass beer mugs. If your team is having a large party or some sort of an anniversary, you could make a whole set for the team with everyone’s names on them. Check them out by clicking this link!

4. Personalized Soccer Necklace

Sticking with personalized gifts, how about a personalized soccer necklace? You can write your teammate’s name or the name of your team if you like, depending on who you are planning to give it to. Check it out on Amazon if you are interested!

5. Customized Socks

How about celebrating next Valentine’s Day by wearing personalized pink socks to a match with your names on it? Or just surprising your team with a bunch of personalized socks? If it sounds cool, check out this link to Amazon!

6. Personalized Soccer Keychain

You can personalize these keychains with the number of the jersey of the person you are going to give it to. Or perhaps with the numbers of the date, they joined the club. However, it can be personalized, so it won’t be a generic gift anyway, regardless of which numbers you choose. Check it out here on Amazon if you are interested!

7. Custom Photo Frame Best Coach Ever Soccer Gift

If you want to surprise your coach with a personalized, custom photo frame, here is your best opportunity to do so. Check out this link to Amazon if you are interested!

8. Decade Awards Coach Bobblehead Trophy

There is also a female version available on Amazon of this bobblehead coach trophy, and both can be customized. If you are looking for another unique coach gift idea, check out this link to Amazon!

9. Personalized Soccer Mom Hoodie

If you want to show some love to a soccer mom you know, this personalized soccer mom hoodie is one of your best choices. You can either custom add her name, her team, or anything else which is meaningful to her being a soccer mom. Check it out on Amazon!