10 Anti-Blister Soccer Socks in 2021 Don’t Play Without Them

10 Best Anti-Blister Soccer Socks in 2021: Don’t Play Without Them

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Comfort is one of the key elements in any soccer player’s success, and, more importantly, their enjoyment of the game. Most of us know first-hand how having improper equipment can ruin the game. Blisters are just one of those things that can spoil the fun and make us regret hitting the field that day. Most commonly, blisters are caused by wearing socks and soccer cleats that don’t fit us. In some cases, choosing the right kind of soccer socks can prevent them.

Using a special coating that reduces friction, anti-blister sucks ensure that we stay blister-free. These socks, in addition to reducing friction, also reduce moisture from the wearer’s feet using smooth fabrics as the material of choice for the top section of the socks. Clinically proven to be effective against blisters, these socks are now more readily available than ever.

There are thousands of soccer players out there who are so used to getting blisters that they no longer pay attention to them and regard them as one of the things you have to suffer through if you want to play soccer. This shouldn’t be the norm, as avoiding blisters is, with equipment technology advancements, easier than it has ever been. For this reason and more, doing research on any new equipment you plan on buying, especially soccer footwear, is mandatory. That’s where our list of the 10 best anti-blister soccer socks comes in. Enjoy the reading!

1. TRUSOX Mid-Calf Soccer Socks – The Most Popular Anti-Blister Socks

Searching for anti-blister soccer socks online, this model is probably the first one you’ll run into, and for a good reason. The TRUSOX mid-calf soccer socks, which you can order now on Amazon, are commonly referred to as the best soccer socks on the market. Here’s what we learned about them through testing:

Made of 60% nylon, 39% cotton, and 1% spandex blend, these soccer socks offer comfort and a sense of quality that is expected at this price point. The blend of materials also ensures proper ventilation, as well as proper moisture dissipation from the player’s feet.

The TRUSOX soccer socks also come with INEXtech pads that enable the socks to remain stable in your cleats. This makes sudden direction changes a breeze, while also ensuring that the maximum power transfer from your foot to the ball can occur with no loss. Perhaps most importantly, this technology prevents blisters due to the significantly reduced movement.

These socks come in a variety of sizes of colors, which means that all soccer players will be happy with the choices offered. The only drawback is that their height might be something that not all soccer players are used to; this TRUSOX model comes in mid-calf crew cut size, which extends around halfway to the knees. It will cover the shin guards, so no worries about that.

2. Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II Soccer Socks – The Traditional Look Anti-Blister Socks

If you’re not a fan of the previous sock’s shorter, more modern appearance, then the Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II, available on Amazon, is the pair of soccer socks you’re after. This is a go-to sock for both professional and amateur players, so let’s see what makes the Cushion II so popular:

These soccer socks are made of 98% nylon and 2% spandex mixture. The lack of cotton in the mix might seem like a weird choice, but this material actually increases moisture retention. By avoiding cotton, Adidas made these soccer socks lighter and more resistant to moisture.

The Climalite technology also helps repel moisture, keeping the player’s feet dry and more resistant to blisters and slipping around in the cleat. The targeted cushioning on the footbed of the Adidas Copa Zone Cushion II also helps with blister prevention by absorbing shocks from running, jumping, and kicking the ball. These soccer socks also come with integrated arch and ankle support that are aimed at improving stability on the field.

Available in more than 20 colors and all sizes, there’s no soccer player in the world that can’t find the perfect Adidas Cope Zone Cushion II socks for them. The one negative side of these socks is that they might be a tight squeeze for your shin guards, due to the way they fit around the leg.

3. Nike Grip Lightweight Soccer Socks – The Traction King of Anti-Blister Socks

This should be the number one choice for soccer players who want their foot to stay firmly in place, without a millimeter of movement throughout the entire practice session or a game. You can check out the Nike Grip on Amazon and see for yourself why it’s one of the most commonly recommended soccer socks. Let’s see what’s it all about:

Made using the 60% nylon, 33% polyester, and 7% spandex blend, these soccer socks are another model that avoids using cotton in the name of moisture removal. Spandex and polyester also ensure that the players’ feet stay in place while keeping the socks light.

To help with the grip, Nike added extra cushioning to the bottom of these socks. Nike Grip also comes with engineered yarns that improve traction, adding on agility and foot snugness. All of this grip significantly reduces the risk of blisters among soccer players, runners, and all others who choose these socks.

All sizes and not many color options are available for the Nike Grip Lightweight soccer socks. The crew cut height might be a minus for some soccer players, while others will love the shorter, more modern look. Amateur soccer players should be more than happy with these blister-proof soccer socks.

4. Adidas F-50 Soccer Socks – The Choice of Professionals

Commonly worn by MLS players, the Adidas F-50 socks are just one of the top-notch products that this company produces and that is aimed at increasing the comfort for soccer players. The Adidas F-50, which you can check out through our Amazon link, is not only meant for pro players. Here’s what you can expect from these anti-blister socks:

The model is made using a blend that contains 86% nylon, 11% rayon, 2% lycra, and 1% spandex. This combination of materials is, once again, used to avoid moisture retention that usually comes with cotton socks.

Premium quality and design, as well as the cushioned ribs in the footbed, offer a sense of stability, comfort, and safety that not many other products in this class do. These qualities are also what makes these socks suitable for advanced soccer players.

Regarding their design, the Adidas F-50 has a classic look that many of us adore. The socks are available in all sizes. The one negative with these anti-blister soccer socks is the tightness that comes with the first few wears. Other than that, the F-50 is an excellent choice for every soccer player who needs a bit more from their soccer socks than they can get from introductory models such as the Adidas Copa Zone.

5. Nike Vapor Soccer Socks – The Best Anti-Blister Socks You Can Wear Anywhere

Nike Vapor, available on Amazon, is one of those socks that aren’t made strictly for soccer. The crew cut height might even be considered as a drawback by soccer players. Still, these socks are exceptional when used in cleats, and shouldn’t be disregarded as one of the candidates for your next anti-blister soccer socks. Here are some of the technologies applied to these socks:

The mixture of 58% polyester, 31% nylon, 6% cotton, and 5% spandex is there to keep your feet dry, increase grip, prevent odor, and make these socks as comfortable as socks get. Nike has always been known as one of the major innovators, so here’s what technological perks they’ve added to their anti-blister soccer socks:

With added cushioning on the bottom of the Nike Vapor socks, jumps will become much less impactful on your legs. During sprints, the cushioning does such a great job that you’ll erase the cheaper, traditional socks from your memory forever.

Even though they are designed with soccer in mind, Nike Vapor socks can be an everyday sock due to their neutral design. Available in white and black, as well as in a wide variety of sizes, this classic is something that every athlete needs in their soccer drawer, regardless of the sport they’re playing.

6. Adidas Traxion Premier Soccer Socks – The Best Anti-Blister Socks for Amateurs

The majority of us who love soccer play the sport on a regular basis, but not so often to justify spending a ton of money on socks, even though some of them are worth the price. If you’re a recreational soccer player who wants a decent pair of anti-blister socks, you can find the Adidas Traxion on Amazon. Here’s why we recommend these soccer socks:

Made using a blend of 85% nylon, 11% polyester, 3% rubber, and 1% spandex, the Traxion model will keep your feet dry and snug inside the cleats. 

With the whole footbed used as a zone for Adidas’ Traxion Grip yarns, stability, control, and comfort are guaranteed. An extra layer of cushioning is added to the heel of these socks to help with shock absorption. Cool mesh channels that are featured on this model ensure proper ventilation, making the Adidas Traxion Premier soccer socks the right choice for warmer climates.

With more than half a dozen color options, the Adidas Traxion is made with most players’ tastes in mind. Due to the popularity and the price of these anti-blister socks, some colors and sizes are not easy to come by, which might be the only negative remark we have about these soccer socks. 

7. Adidas ForMotion Elite NCAA Soccer Socks – The Anti-Blister Socks for Young Athletes

As evident from this list, Adidas offers a lot of soccer socks that can be considered the best anti-blister sock on the market. What sets this model apart from the rest is the more modern design, with the regular above the knee height, which is something we haven’t had in this list so far. Available on Amazon, the Adidas ForMotion Elite left us with the following impression:

This model is made using the proven 99% nylon and 1% lycra mix.  The mixture enables these anti-blister soccer socks to stretch while being able to get rid of any excess sweat and moisture.

Adidas’ famous ClimaCool technology is applied to the ForMotion Elite, and it shows. This technology allows the socks to be the fastest drying model on the market and adds an extra layer of comfort that is not present even in some manufacturers’ more expensive socks. The arch and ankle support make the Adidas ForMotion Elite stand out in terms of stability and a sense of agility and traction you gain when wearing the socks.

Adidas ForMotion Elite doesn’t come with the traditional three-stripe design, but rather with a more modern, minimalistic one. Available in all sizes and just four colors, this model has young, modern soccer players in mind as its user base.

8. Sof Sole Soccer Socks – The Best Price-to-Quality Anti-Blister Socks

An item for the soccer players who are more concerned about the price of their new socks than they are about their performance, the Sof Sole soccer socks are available for purchase through Amazon. Cheap, long-lasting, and a decent performer, we can’t help but love these soccer socks. Here’s what you can expect from them:

Produced using an unusual mix of 80% acrylic, 17% polyester, and 3% spandex, the Sof Sole socks serve a few main purposes. As opposed to the other socks on this list, comfort and performance aren’t its primary concern; this model focuses on being durable and easy to maintain while remaining cheap. This, however, doesn’t mean that Sof Sole soccer socks lack any performance.

The model comes with the Hydrologix moisture moving fiber technology that keeps the player’s feet dry. There’s an added full cushioning on the sole of the socks for added comfort, while the heel pocket is there to improve the grip by keeping the sock where it should be.

Three classic colors are available, with size options that fit the majority of male and female soccer players. If you want to avoid blisters for cheap, definitely go for Sof Sole soccer socks. Look elsewhere on this list if you’re after soccer socks that can aid your game in a more substantial manner.

9. Under Armour Soccer Solid Socks – The Best Anti-Odor/Anti-Blister Socks

In addition to blisters, soccer players can struggle with other feet-related issues. One of those is foot odor. Available on Amazon, the Under Armour Soccer Solid Socks deal with both of these issues. While many other brands take care of the odor issue by trying to minimalize moisture, Under Armour goes a step further. Let’s see how they do so and what else do these socks have to offer:

Made using a combination of 68% nylon, 28% polyester, and 4% spandex, these UA socks are created to disperse moisture quickly. This and the added anti-odor technology that prevents microbial growth are what ensures that our teammates don’t run away from us in the locker room.

Under Armour has added arch support to these soccer socks to reduce foot fatigue. Another added technology that does its job marvelously is the strategic cushioning that protects the high-impact areas of the players’ feet.

Multiple color and size options, as well as their just below the knee height, are just some of the things that make the Under Armour Soccer Solid Socks a great option for your next anti-blister socks. If you’re after something else than Nike and Adidas, definitely give these a try.

10. Diadora Squadra Soccer Socks – The Best Fashion Statement Anti-Blister Socks

Here’s another anti-blister soccer sock that isn’t made by Adidas: Diadora Squadra Soccer Socks, which you can check out on Amazon, might be your next pair. Here is the impression we got from these soccer socks:

Using the blend that consists of 60% polyester, 30% nylon, and 10% spandex, Diadora ensured that their Squadra model keeps your feet dry and snug within the cleats. 

There are arch and ankle cradles that add to stability. The sole cushioning is there to make any contact with the ground as comfortable as possible. All of the materials used, as with all of the socks listed in this article, ensure that your feet remain blister-free even after hours of play.

Available in a dozen different colors, the Diadora Squadra Soccer Socks are definitely made for the players who want to make a fashion statement. Among the colors, there are, of course, some subtle ones that can suit the more traditionally-oriented players.

Looking at the number and quality of anti-blister soccer socks that they offer, we could have created a top 100 list of Adidas socks. Instead, we took the best of what this company has to offer, together with the best of what their competitors have in stock, took them for a spin, and created the ultimate 2021 list of the top 10 anti-blister soccer socks. We hope that you enjoyed the reading and made your choice along the way.