15 Best Indoor Soccer Balls (2021) – Read Before Buying

15 Best Indoor Soccer Balls (2021) – Read Before Buying

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Due to the sheer amount of options, buying a new soccer ball can be one of the most frustrating experiences of our lives. Some soccer balls are designed for real grass, others for artificial surfaces, and there are numerous variables that expand the choice to infinity. In this article, we will focus on discovering what the perfect ball for indoor soccer is.

The Best Indoor Soccer Ball

Even though you’ll find the best 15 choices on the market further below, there’s no reason to hold on to announcing the king of the indoor soccer balls:

Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball – The Best Indoor Soccer Ball on Amazon

Available through our Amazon link, Mikasa SX50 is a high-quality, hand-stitched indoor soccer ball that can be compared to the much more expensive models from other manufacturers.

Made with serious amateurs and professional indoor soccer players in mind, the SX50 offers astounding control, feel, and bounce on synthetic fields. The ball even retains these qualities when you use it on hard surfaces. The one thing that drags Mikasa SX50 down is the fact that it’s designed for indoor play and all of its positives slightly fade when you try it on real grass.

Whether it’s an artificial grass pitch or a hardwood floor gym, Mikasa SX50 is guaranteed to deliver hours and hours of fun, even for the most demanding indoor soccer enthusiasts. 

You can find out more about this indoor soccer ball’s specifications, qualities, and negative sides further down this text.

15 Best Indoor Soccer Balls

With thousands of potential choices, it’s easy to get the wrong indoor soccer ball. For those who want to further explore this world, through rigorous testing, we’ve come up with the list of the 15 best balls used for indoor soccer. Whether you’re after an indoor soccer ball for a toddler, an advanced child, or even a professional adult player, there’s one for you on this list. Enjoy the reading!

15. Champion Sports Foam Soccer Ball – The Best Introductory Indoor Soccer Ball

Do you have a curious and active toddler? Getting them their first soccer ball could be a great way to introduce them to the sport, especially if that ball is safe and fun. Available on Amazon, Champion Sports Foam Soccer Ball is just that, and more. Here are some of its main characteristics:

  • High-density foam core for safety
  • Soft coating for increased durability and long-lasting performance

This soccer ball is nothing to write home about. However, it’s a perfect way to introduce young ones to the game of soccer, while keeping them safe. The soft material is also there to keep your furniture and home decorations safe while the child kicks the ball around. 

Designed to look just like a regular soccer ball, Champion Sports Foam Soccer Ball will definitely spike an interest in soccer from a young age. There’s a reason it’s a best-seller. 

14. Tachikara SM4SC Indoor Soccer Ball – The Best Turf Indoor Soccer Ball for Kids

Buying a new everyday soccer ball for a child that is younger than 12? If this is the case, Tachikara SM4SC, available on Amazon, is one of the best choices you can make. Some of the main selling points of this model are:

  • Soft leather cover for improved touch and durability
  • Butyl bladder for added air retention

Tachikara SM4SC is an impressive product; it’s made of leather which improves the feel you get from the ball, it has an excellent bounce on grass-like surfaces, and it’s soft to kick. While the softcover slightly inhibits this ball’s qualities when played on real grass, it can still be used outdoors. When it comes to children’s leather indoor balls, there’s no better choice on the market.

Available in four bright and fun colors (Gold/White, Kelly/White, Orange/White, and Royal/White), the Tachikara SM4SC is guaranteed to keep the young ones interested in soccer. Unfortunately, not all kids can enjoy this ball, as it is only available in size 4, suitable for those between the ages of 8 and 12. When ordering this ball, as well as the majority of others from this article, keep in mind that you’ll also need a pump, as it comes deflated.

13. Uber Soccer Indoor Felt Soccer Ball – The Best Indoor Practice Soccer Ball for Kids

Kids who prefer, or have access to, indoor turf fields might prefer the previous model. For those who play on hard surfaces, Uber Soccer Indoor Felt ball is our recommendation, and you can check it out on Amazon. Some of this soccer ball’s main advantages are:

  • Felt cover designed for hard surfaces
  • Butyl bladder for increased air retention

This is a small ball that has children under the age of 8 as its user base. However, even adults can use it for skill development, as it offers some excellent qualities: Uber Soccer Indoor Felt ball is light, responsive, and shows no issues with gliding down the hardwood surfaces. When testing this model, one thing came to our mind: We wish this was around when we were first starting.

Available in the tennis ball-like yellow and black combination, Uber Soccer Indoor Felt Soccer Ball honors the tradition of indoor soccer ball design. The only size you can order this model in is size 3. If you’re looking for a new ball for someone over the age of 8, keep reading.

12. Champion Sports Striker Soccer Ball – The Best Affordable Indoor Soccer Ball That Can Do It All

There are some people who would like to buy a soccer ball that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Most commonly, this customer base would have to compromise on one of those ends. However, with the Champion Sports Striker, which you can find on Amazon through our link, the barrier between the indoor and outdoor soccer balls is non-existent. Here are some of its main characteristics:

  • Composite TPU cover for softness
  • Butyl bladder for improved air retention
  • Hand-sewn for added quality and durability

While by no means brilliant, Champion Sports Striker is a soccer ball that serves its purpose decently; there’s no excessive bounce when used on hard surfaces, no excessive speed, and the ball flies true. The TPU cover ensures a feeling of softness with not much compromise on striking power. Overall, this is a good practice choice for those looking for a new soccer ball that can be used on all surfaces.

Available in three similar color options, depending on the size you pick (available sizes are 3, 4, and 5), Champion Sports Striker doesn’t stand out with its design or flashiness. It’s a subtle, traditional soccer ball aimed at all players, regardless of their age, gender, and skill level. However, a more advanced players might want to look further down the list for their new indoor soccer ball.

11. Tachikara Fuzzie Indoor Soccer Ball – The Best Suede Cover Indoor Soccer Ball

If felt is not what you prefer, and polyurethane seems too fast and bouncy for hard indoor surfaces, then we have the perfect soccer ball for you – it’s Tachikara Fuzzie and you can check it out on Amazon right now. Tachikara lists the following as Fuzzie’s main advantages:

  • Man-made suede cover optimized for indoor use
  • Stitched construction with a butyl bladder for durability and air retention

This bright yellow, 32-panel ball glides over hardwood and artificial surfaces at just the right pace; there’s no loss of grip, no unpredictable bounces, and it flies right where you kick it. The overall quality of Tachikara Fuzzie seems solid, meaning that the ball can be used daily without hindrance. It’s also built-in the official size and weight, so it can be used for matches.

As with most indoor soccer balls, Tachikare Fuzzie sticks to tradition and is only available in the highly visible yellow. The sizing is adult-oriented, with the manufacturer building the model in just the size 5. As mentioned, this is an indoor soccer ball for those who want a compromise between the traditional PU cover and the indoor-standard felt one.

10. Mikasa D97 Indoor Series Soccer Ball – The Best PU Cover Indoor Soccer Balls for Kids

If you’re after a new indoor soccer ball for younger players who prefer polyurethane covers over fuzzy ones, you can order Mikasa D97 on Amazon right now and not worry about making the wrong choice. Just like the previously listed Tachikara SM4SC model, this soccer ball is a great way to keep young players interested in the game during the winter. Here’s what Mikasa lists as this model’s strong points:

  • PU cover for a traditional feel
  • Butyl bladder for improved air retention

Made in Japan, the D97 leaves the first impression of a high-quality product. Players should have no issues with everyday use. Even though the cover of the ball is synthetic, it doesn’t feel too slippery. When kicked, the ball provides a sense of control and balance similar to soccer balls intended for outdoor use, meaning that Mikasa D97 can be used on grass fields. The ball is much faster on hard surfaces than felt-covered competitors. 

There’s only one design available (black and white combo), as well as just a single size: Mikasa D97 is designed for younger soccer players, so it’s only available in size 4. This is the right choice for soccer players that are between the ages of 8 and 12 and who need a ball that will keep them interested in soccer through winter, without differing much from the ball they’re used to.

9. MacGregor Eurofelt Indoor Soccer Ball – The Best Choice for Beginner Indoor Soccer Players

Not everyone needs their ball to be outstanding. For beginners and casual players, sometimes an average, affordable ball is the way to go. That’s why MacGregor Eurofelt is one of the most popular indoor soccer balls on Amazon. Some of the reasons for its popularity are:

  • Felt cover for softness and optimal bounce
  • Butyl bladder for improved air retention
  • Machine-stitched construction for durability

Commonly found in school gyms across the country, the Eurofelt model is something that can keep beginner soccer players interested in the sport during winter. MacGregor made this model soft to the kick, as well as slow in flight, which helps new players build confidence. More serious soccer players will find this ball underwhelming, as it doesn’t perform as well as some of its competitors, especially on softer surfaces. One thing it has going for it is durability and the surprising sense of overall quality that not many soccer balls in this price range offer.

The design of this model is the same as what most indoor soccer balls have to offer; yellow felt with black accents. The manufacturer also ships this ball deflated, so have an air pump ready. Air retention is not a problem with this one, as ensured by the butyl bladder. Adults who are picking up indoor soccer will be happy with this ball. Unfortunately, it’s not available in sizes smaller than the standard size 5.

8. Select Indoor Speed Soccer Ball – The Best Hard Surface Indoor Soccer Ball

Are you after a soft indoor soccer ball? Look no further, as Select Indoor Speed, available on Amazon, is the softest one available. Here’s what Select emphasizes about their top indoor model:

  • Felt cover designed for indoor pitches
  • Light-weight bladder for improved balance and feel

Select Indoor Speed surprised us at first glance, to say the list. The felt cover more resembles tennis than a soccer ball, which leads us not to expect much from this model. However, once inflated and at the gym, this soccer ball proved us wrong. The softcover ensures that the ball bounces properly, retains traction, and provides an excellent feel when used on hard surfaces such as wood. The ball is also available in sizes 4 and 5, meaning that even younger players can use it.

When it comes to the negatives, they show up once you try the Select Indoor Speed soccer ball on a grass-like surface. This ball is clearly designed for hardwood floors, but it also holds its own on concrete. Color choices are also a downside, as there aren’t any; you can only get the ball in yellow, the signature indoor soccer ball color.

7. Voit Indoor Felt Soccer Ball – The Softest Indoor Soccer Ball

Available for order on Amazon, Voit Indoor Felt Soccer Ball is made with one thing in mind – keeping things simple. Indoor soccer enthusiasts who are after a plush ball that works great on hard surfaces should look no further than this model. Here are some of its key characteristics:

  • Nylon wound felt cover designed for indoor play
  • Light bladder for a softer feel and painless play

With a cover that resembles a tennis ball, Voit Indoor Felt remains bouncy and soft, regardless of how hard you kick it. There is some sense of control and balance, but nowhere near the top of the range models such as Mikasa SX50. While it’s good enough for casual play, don’t expect wonders from this Voit model; it won’t work on AstroTurf, nor on real grass.

Voit Indoor Felt Soccer Ball’s design is another thing that reminds of a tennis ball, with its yellow and black pattern. When it comes to sizes, this model is one of those that are available in a single size, which is the regulation-mandated size 5. With this Voit model, inflation is a must on arrival, and keeping that pump nearby will be a good idea, as the ball tends to not perform great when it comes to air retention.

6. Mitre Astro Hyper Seam Soccer Ball – The Best Ball for Arena Soccer

As the official match ball of the MASL (Major Arena Soccer League), Mitre Astro Hyper Seam soccer ball, which you can check out on Amazon, is the best choice for those who play on artificial surfaces or fields. These are some of its key specifications:

  • Hyperseam technology for improved dribbling
  • Reinforced bladder for air retention

Mitre Astro Hyper Seam soccer ball, as its name suggests, is made for AstroTurfs and artificial grass. This ball truly excels on those surfaces, especially 3G/4G turfs. On these surfaces, it provides a sense of balance and control that don’t come with soccer balls that are also designed with hard surfaces in mind. When the Astro Hyper Seam model is kicked on hardwood, some of its qualities fade significantly, with its bounciness being the most pronounced one. Buy this one if your main play area is an artificial grass pitch.

The design of Mitre Astro Hyper Seam is not as flashy as some of the other models on this list; the ball comes in a single color option, and it’s a discrete white, blue, gray, and black combination. Size 5 is the only available one.

5. Brine Evolution Indoor Court Soccer Ball – The Best Match and Training Indoor Soccer Ball

Brine Evolution Indoor Court soccer ball can be ordered through our Amazon link and it is one of the most reliable indoor balls on the market. Here’s what Brine emphasizes as these models advantages:

  • Suede microfiber PU cover designed for indoor play
  • Butyl bladder for air retention

With their Hybrid Panel Technology, Brine ensured that their Evolution Indoor Court model behaves on hard surfaces just like regular soccer balls do on grass. This ball is easy to control, it won’t bounce to the ceiling, and it will feel like it’s a part of your foot due to the grip it offers. Just the right amount of speed on gym surfaces is also something we found to be a major positive.

Brine Evolution Indoor Court soccer ball only comes in one color; bright orange. Also, the model is only available in size 5. The first one can’t be held against the manufacturer, as most of the competition sticks with just a single color option. Younger players could benefit a lot from this ball, only if it were available in appropriate sizes.

4. Select Sport America Brillant Super Soccer Ball – The Best FIFA-Approved Indoor Soccer Ball

We have another Select model on the list, this time one that isn’t specifically designed for indoor play. What makes Select Sport America Brillant Super, available on Amazon, suitable for indoor play is its characteristic softness. Let’s see what else this soccer ball has to offer:

  • Premium Teijin microfiber synthetic leather cover
  • Premium Zero-Wing bladder for optimal bounce
  • Hand-stitched for durability

Select Sport America Brillant Super is what we’re all used to in a soccer ball, only applicable to indoor surfaces. Whether that surface is a hard one or artificial grass, this ball has a light and soft touch, amazing balance, and just the right amount of bounce. Premium materials and the most advanced technologies have been applied to this model, making sure that both indoor and outdoor soccer players get a top-quality product.

Available in orange, white, and yellow colors, Select Sport America Brillant Super offers more variety than most soccer balls on this list. It is, however, only available in size 5.

3. Mitre Indoor V7 Sports Soccer Ball – The Best PU Cover Indoor Soccer Ball for Adults

Mitre Indoor V7, which you can order on Amazon by clicking on the link, is a match-quality indoor soccer ball that comes at an affordable price. Here’s what Mitre underlines as key specifications for one of their best-selling soccer balls:

  • Foam-backed polyurethane cover for soft feel and durability
  • Reinforced wound core for optimal rebound

The first thing that jumps out with Mitre V7 is the outside surface of the ball: Even though it might appear too slippery, especially when compared to traditional felt-covered indoor balls, the Indoor V7 works great on all indoor surfaces. It retains its characteristic feel and balance on artificial grass surfaces, as well as on hard surfaces such as wood. Mitre Indoor V7, opposite to what the name suggests, also works great outside, on real grass. This is a good choice for a match ball, as well as for an everyday one.

This model is only available in regulation size (size 5), meaning that it isn’t suitable for children. Those who are design-oriented when picking a new ball will also be disappointed, as just one option is available (a combination of yellow, teal, and black). 

2. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball – The Best Indoor Soccer Ball for High School and College Players

Even though it wasn’t specifically designed for indoor soccer, Select Numero 10, one of the most popular soccer balls on Amazon, is an excellent choice for high school and college indoor players. Before finding out why let’s take a look at some of the technologies that make Select Numero 10 stand out:

  • PU cover laminated with neoprene foam for increased softness
  • Premium Zero-wing bladder for optimal bounce
  • Hand-stitched for durability

Numero 10’s popularity is more than justified: This soccer ball remains easy to control, has predictable bounce, and excellent aerodynamics regardless of the surface and weather conditions you put it in. |It behaves brilliantly on grass, hardwood, and concrete alike. There’s also a sense of quality that Select provides with this ball that not many other manufacturers can replicate. Now on to what makes this model the best indoor soccer ball for high school and college players: Select Numero 10 is both NFHS and NCAA approved. It also holds the IMS stamp of approval, meaning that it can be used in international competitions.

Color options that come with Select Numero 10 are also top-notch; from pure white to bright and highly visible options, there’s one for every soccer player. The model is also available in sizes 4 and 5, which means that even younger players can enjoy playing with this marvel of a ball. Select Numero 10 is a ball we definitely recommend, and there’s only one model that can outrank it, at least when it comes to indoor play:

1. Mikasa SX50 Indoor Soccer Ball – The Best All-Around Indoor Soccer Ball

We’ve finally reached the best ball that an indoor soccer player can order on Amazon, the one and only Mikasa SX50. Whether you’re a professional indoor player or an amateur who holds their equipment to the highest standards, this is the one for you. Here are some of the main advantages that Mikasa lists for their SX50 model:

  • Felt cover for optimal bounce and softer feel
  • Hand-stitched for durability

For it to work properly for indoor field purposes, a ball needs to be bouncier and softer than regular soccer balls. That’s exactly what Mikasa SX50 is; predictable and plentiful bounce, soft touch, and outstanding control are some of the first things that come to mind when testing this ball. The overall build quality also seems to be top-notch, thanks to the hand-stitched structure.

While it offers more than enough to satisfy even the most demanding players, this model is not built for everyone. Considering that it only comes in a size 5, indoor soccer players younger than 13 are almost guaranteed to find it too big. Also, the ball is available in just one color, the signature yellow with black accents. Mikasa SX50 will also arrive deflated, so those who order it will need to have a pump ready.

Our day to day existence is riddled with choices. Making just a single wrong one can affect the rest of our day, the year, or even our entire life. Imagine how many more people could be playing soccer and enjoying themselves right now, only if they picked the right ball instead of being disappointed by the wrong one. How much superstar potential has been wasted this way? Apply what we’ve discussed in this article and order the indoor soccer ball; don’t let the wrong choice ruin your love for the game.