15 Best Soccer Cleats for Kids 2021

15 Best Soccer Cleats for Kids 2021

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Soccer is becoming a massively popular sport in the United States of America, especially for children. Despite the natural beauty and grace of almost all sports, parents prefer their children playing less dangerous sports like soccer and basketball in comparisons to more physical sports like football or any of the martial arts.

Given that soccer needs proper equipment just like any other sport, today we’ll be taking a look at the best soccer cleats for children. In this article, we’ll be putting an emphasis on durability above all else. This is because children’s footwear is more prone to wear and tear because of the way children treat it. Another aspect of this is the speed at which children grow, so your kid’s cleats might become too small too soon.

Let’s get started!

1. Adidas Kids’ Goletto VI Firm Ground Soccer Shoes – Best Overall

Adidas is the world’s most famous distributor of sports gear alongside Nike, so it’s no wonder that one of those two is taking the top spot.

These cleats are great with their synthetic, rubber sole which is surely going to take on all the abuse from the soccer pitch. These shoes come for both older and younger children, so you can purchase them in different sizes regardless of age.

They’re great for use on firm ground – dry and natural grass surfaces go really well with these cleats, and they allow your kid to move with maximum traction on firm ground. The synthetic leather used is very durable, and it won’t face any damage from rain or the elements.

They’re also very lightweight, and they’re designed for stability and speed – rather than power.

They’re designed with Adidas’s classic looks and all-match comfort.

very durable synthetic leatherchildren with wider feet sometimes find them narrow
offered in many different sizes
great for firm ground pitches
lightweight and great for pace and stability
classical Adidas design

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2. PUMA Unisex-Child Future 2.4 Soccer Shoe – Best for Budget

Being on a tight budget doesn’t necessarily have to be a total handicap!

The FUTURE 2.4 is an entry price football boot that follows closely the design language of the FUTURE 2.1. These cleats are lightweight and combining that with the comfort that they offer, as well as the longevity, definitely makes them a top choice.

The synthetic material used with these cleats is soft and durable, while the stud configuration offers an optimal mix between stability and agility.

They’re good for both firm ground and artificial ground – and the stylish design is definitely comparable to modern, adult soccer cleats. They offer a lot of stability and are great for ball control, so they may be the perfect choice if your kid is playing as a midfielder.

they’re very inexpensive and won’t have you breaking the bankthere’s a lack of ankle support
the synthetic material used with these cleats is very durable
they offer a great mix of stability and control over the ball

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3. DREAM PAIRS Boys Girls Soccer Cleats – Best Ankle Support

If you’re unlucky like me and you have a problem with one of your ankles (or both of them), it’s totally reasonable to worry about the same problem with your child. After all, a lot of these conditions are genetically conditioned, so it’s not irrational for you to think that your kid could face the same issues.

That’s why cleats like this pair are great for that particular problem. The fabric extends above the ankle, ensuring great support for the ankle without taking any other important features away – your child will be safe from hurting themselves.

They’re also lightweight, breathable, and durable – so you won’t have to buy another pair any time soon. These cleats also come in 16 different styles, so you can choose from a whole spectrum of cleats!

Additional protection is added by the cushioning on the inside of the shoe, particularly the insole, while they also come with a Rotational Traction configuration. The TPU-injected outsole provides responsive speed on natural and artificial pitches alike.

provides great protection for the anklescould be difficult to put on at first
comes in many different styles
durable, breathable, and lightweight (ideal for speedy players)
insole protection
rotational Traction configuration

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4. Diadora Kids’ Ladro Md Jr Skate Shoe- Best for Beginners

These cleats are great for beginners in the field. They’re popular as the best choice for toddlers who have just started to play soccer, as they provide the stability that a newbie needs. This is ensured by the extra-wide studs on the bottom of the cleats.

There are 14 studs on each shoe, which provides the wearer with added traction and it reduces pressure points on your toddler’s feet. The soft polyurethane that they’re made of offers additional protection, while the insole features cotton padding for cushioning and EVA foam to absorb heavy impact shock.

great for toddlers who have just started to play soccer and are still finding their balancethe sizes aren’t too diverse, unfortunately, so you might not be able to find the right size
extra-wide studs on the sole add stability – there are 14 studs on each shoe
durable polyurethane offers additional protection with cotton padding and EVA foam

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5. Adidas Boys’ X 18.3 FG Soccer – Best Lightweight

If you’re looking for cleats that are lightweight (very useful if your child is playing as a winger or a forward), then these might be the exact thing you’re looking for. These super-light football boots are optimized for acceleration, while their distinctive low-cut collar and snug fit keep your kid’s foot strapped in for high-speed play.

They’re also very flexible – with the flexible mesh upper delivering lightweight comfort and natural touch. They’re excellent firm ground cleats, with the TPU outsole using two different stud shapes to maximize traction. They provide the wearer with excellent control over the ball on firm ground surfaces, with the rubber sole providing comfort.

very lightweight – a great choice for wingers and forwardstongue of the shoe not adjustable
the TPU outsole maximizes traction
three different colors offered to allow customization
the arrowhead forefoot and round heel studs are the two different types of studs

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6. Nike Youth Soccer Superfly 6 Academy LVL UP Multi Ground Cleats

These cleats are another great example of shoes that will keep the ankle safe, as the fabric is covering that whole area. The synthetic leather that’s used with these cleats is fitting the foot like a glove, so there’s no loose space in the shoe.

The micro-textured surface is very useful when it comes to ball control – it makes it easy for the wearer to take control of the ball, no matter the power and speed it possesses, and no matter the conditions.

The support doesn’t mean discomfort – the textile and synthetic upper with a sculpted arch provides comfortable support, while the thin sock liner provides lightweight cushioning.

They’re great for use on short-grass and on artificial surfaces – they’re not heavy or bulky, so they’re the perfect fit for a kid who likes to move fast.

They also come with two different types of studs included – chevron and hollow-point studs, so you can experiment with both.

great support for the ankles as the fabric moves over themno known cons
lightweight cushioning
two-part podular plate system
two types of studs available – chevron and hollow-point
responsive support with the sculpted arch
great for artificial grass and short grass

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7. PUMA Kids’ Evospeed 5.3 Firm Ground Jr. -K

These cleats are designed for speed and speed only – they make for an excellent choice for a whole new generation of upcoming footballers who are looking to bring their pace to a whole new level. They’re very, very light, which makes them super easy on the feet and they won’t weigh the wearer down.

The anatomic fit is providing comfort and enough support to ensure fewer injuries, while the synthetic leather and sole are both durable enough to withstand different types of weather.

They’re suitable for firm grounds and natural surfaces, while the bladed studs are sure to provide boost acceleration and enough support to turn quickly.

very durablevery small sizes
very lightweight, great for speed
a useful central lacing system
injected TPU is used with the outsole
100% synthetic leather

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8. Adidas Unisex-Child Nemeziz 18.4 FxG J Soccer Shoe

These leather cleats are great for defenders as they offer a lot of protection with the leather incorporated in the design.

The synthetic upper is also impressive – this cleat features a foot-hugging upper that delivers adaptive support. Support comes in handy when we’re talking about injuries and keeping one’s balance – it’s crucial to keep the balance when extending a leg, as falling over can easily lead to injury.

Mesh Collar provides you with an exceptional molded fit the moment you slip your foot into the cleat. They’re very easy to get accustomed to and they don’t take long for the wearer to break them in.

Move with high-speed agility and stability on firm ground, artificial grass, and hard ground with a flexible outsole built for traction. These cleats are great for all three surfaces and the adaptability is definitely a plus.

double-mesh upper with additional adaptive supportnot suitable for wider feet
synthetic soles
very easy to break-in
cool, low-cut design
can be used on firm ground, artificial pitches, and hard ground
flexible outsole

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9. Nike Youth Legend 7 Academy Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

These cleats absorb shock remarkably well, as well as deliver a lot of traction. This makes them a great choice for a midfielder.

Calf leather upper provides a durable fit and soft touch, while an internal mesh liner prevents overstretching. They also make for a very comfortable fit as they’re very easy to break into, just like our previous example.

The elastic gussets hold the tongue in place so it doesn’t move during play. This can be an issue for some, as the tongue is easy to move during play if not tied down properly – these cleats, however, solved this problem.

The Hyperstability patent used by Nike offers a lot of traction on firm ground surfaces.

great for midfielders as they offer a lot of traction and absorb shock easilynot lightweight
a calf leather upper used with an internal mesh liner work together for a comfortable fit
tongue won’t move during use

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10. Nike JR Phantom Vnm Academy FG

These cleats offer a superior level of ball control, as well as a high level of precision to achieve powerful strikes. They’re definitely a great choice for midfielders.

They’re completely synthetic, and they feature a mesh upper with an overlay of NIKESKIN that will make a great fit. The NIKESKIN overlay naturally adapts to the curve of a foot, hence the comfortable fit.

The superb ball control comes from the micro-textured surface that’s used with these cleats, while the striking area is expanded with the stretchy mesh covering the lower half of the laces.

instep ridges usedthe narrow fit can make them difficult to wear for children with wider feet
very good traction secured by the soleplate
great for firm ground pitches (not so great for artificial pitches)
added cushioning provided by the sock liner
comfortable fit because of NIKESKIN overlay
micro-textured surface offers great ball control

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11. Hawkwell Kids Outdoor Soccer Cleats

These cleats are insanely comfortable with their rubber soles and the knit cuff!

If you’re looking for something that’s very comfortable for your child to wear, then these cleats will definitely hold their own in that fight. They use rubber soles and knit cuffs to add comfort, ensuring that there’s less time needed for recovery after training and after the matches.

They also create a very stable environment with their lockdown system – lace-up and slip-on closure is a functioning system that’s ensuring the boot won’t slip off at any point.

The studs dig deep to get you out of your break, providing a lot of traction even during the wettest of matches. The lightweight and breathable combination of synthetic materials and textile are sure to provide the foot with enough air.

The ankle is additionally secured by collar wraps – providing more protection against twisting, as well as comfort. The micro-textured, premium synthetic and fabric upper wraps underneath your foot for a second-skin-like fit. The Hawkwell kids outdoor soccer cleat provides better ball touch and secure traction that promotes acceleration and quick directional changes in a variety of conditions.

available in two different stylesnot that durable
lightweight and breathable
providing a lot of comforts

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12. Adidas Unisex-Child Adizero Football Shoe

This is by far the most beautiful boot on this list! If you’re looking for something stylish, then this should be your top choice.

These boots come in two colors – white and black, and they’re tall boots with good ankle support. The synthetic sole used with the boots is very durable and provides a lot of support, while the shaft measures approximately 6-12 inches from the arch.

They’re very lightweight, once again being great for wingers and forwards, and they use a simple slip-on design to put them on. They’re a regular fit – comfortable, but not too tight, with the textile having TPU overlays.

They provide great on-field traction, and they’re great for short grass.

absolutely incredible-looking cleatsVery difficult to clean
very durable synthetic sole with a lot of support
very lightweight
simple slip-on design

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13. Adidas Originals Kids’ Copa

These cleats are definitely amongst the more durable ones on this list – they’re completely synthetic, both the sole and the leather vamp, and they’re man-made, not machine-made – adding only more to the argument of their durability.

These cleats offer that classical style – if you’ve watched soccer in the early 2000s, you’ll then surely recognize that these cleats have based their design off of those old school cleats. They also have a fold over the tongue to protect the lacing.

The flexible ground outsole ensures that you can move at high speeds and keep stability on firm ground, artificial pitches, and hard ground.

very durable and completely syntheticcomfort
can be used on firm ground, artificial ground, and hard ground
old school design

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14. Diadora Capitano MD JR Soccer Shoe

These cleats come in sizes for both older and younger children, and they come at a very fair price. The material is good enough to be durable, but it’s nothing special – it’s 100% polyurethane.

The sole has bladed studs that are great for firm ground, and they’re great for any weather – so you don’t have to worry about rain. The rubber sole is cushioned with a soft cushion insole for comfort.

These are the cleats you buy if you need to get the job over the line – they’re not the best cleats in the market, but they’re definitely good enough. If your child decides to stick with soccer, then you can move forward to some higher-quality cleats.

very comfortablenot high-quality cleats
usable in all kinds of weathernot very durable
very fair price

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15. Hawkwell Kids Outdoor/Indoor Comfortable Soccer Shoes

The last pair of soccer cleats on our list comes in a variety of styles – 10, to be exact, so you can choose the exact pair your kid likes the most.

They use a rubber sole with breathable material for the upper, and that same material offers both lightness and durability to the cleats. The soft textile lining adds additional comfort.

They’re unisex, so they’re a great pair of cleats for both boys and girls. They’re perfect for natural grass, so they should be used on natural pitches – and that’s an advantage of the rubber outsole and tough traction.

a lot of different styles to choose fromlack flexibility
breathable, light and durable – rubber sole and soft textile lining provide a lot of comforts
unisex, perfect for both boys and girls
great for natural grass

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