Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball Review (2021)

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball Review (2021)

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The Wilson Traditional ball is for the purists of the game of soccer, just based on its looks. This one actually made the best soccer balls list back in 2019 too. The main drawback with soccer balls today is that they do not give players, whether that be kids or adults a proper soccer player experience.

It can never be a great ball, either there will be too much bounce from the ball which makes it hard to control or the ball gets too much air when kicked and it can go every which way, or the ball is just too heavy. However, with the Wilson Traditional soccer ball, you will definitely get the full soccer experience.

In this article, we will go in-depth to find out what makes the Wilson Traditional soccer ball so good, and by reviewing the pros and some of the cons that come with this soccer ball. Read on and enjoy.

Because of its traditional look, the Wilson soccer ball has black and white pentagon panels all over it and this gives players the ability to learn about where to place their foot so that they can get some nice bend on their passes and shots.

The ball is heavy enough to be able to use it for passing and crossing drills and there is enough rebound in the ball so it can be used for certain shooting and dribbling exercises.

If kids or adults want to take their game to the next level and want to improve their soccer skills, then the Wilson Traditional soccer ball is the perfect fit for you. On top of that, it is very affordable if you or your family are on a budget. The ball also comes in different sizes and still looks pleasing to the eye with its traditional design.

How is the performance of the Wilson Traditional soccer ball?

The Wilson Traditional soccer ball performs reasonably well with most practice and match conditions. The cover of the ball is made from synthetic leather and because of this, the ball is incredibly soft to touch but yet at the same time is ridiculously resistant to damage which is exactly what you want in a soccer ball.

As with any soccer ball, if you play with it on the street or on concrete it will scuff it up in no time whereas if you use it inside or on a proper soccer pitch then you should have no worries about the ball becoming scuffed.

The bladder of the soccer ball is a butyl bladder, and this means that the retention of shape for the ball is basically not an issue which is ideal. The ball will keep its shape under most match conditions and if you have a really hot day or a really cold day, then the ball can cope with these temperatures reasonably well.

Like any soccer ball, you do not want to forget it in your car when it is a blistering hot day but keeping it in the garage would suffice and you will not have to worry about the ball losing its shape because of the heat.

What is the ball movement like?

With the Wilson Traditional soccer ball, you are going to get some movement, and this is going to give players of all ages the ability to learn about where they should be kicking the ball for them to make it bend one way or the other.

It will not have the same curve as a proper MLS match ball, however, but you can still use it for free kicks and corners with great results. When it comes to the Wilson Traditional soccer balls movement on the ground, it is accurate while being crisp and firm if you like one-touch passing. If you have the proper footwork then the ball is going to react in the way that you would expect.

As with anything in life, you are going to want to take good care of the soccer ball so you can get its full value and for you to be able to use it for a long time. The ball itself is not designed to be left out in the elements of your back yard for weeks on end and if you happen to put too much air in it then it will not perform as you would want it to.

Because of the butyl bladder, the Wilson traditional soccer ball keeps the air in very well however if you happen to put too much air in the ball, that is going to make the stitches come apart and tear the longer it is being used overinflated.

Super strong and durableCan be easily stained by grass and other surfaces.
Black and white panel design
Can be used on all surfaces.
Is available in three different sizes.
A bladder made of rubber, which makes it strong.

If you or your family are on a budget then the Wilson Traditional soccer ball is a good choice for you and your family, whether you want it for just a friendly kick around or for junior teams, it is a good all-round soccer ball. It has also taken a top spot in our best soccer balls for kids article.

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