Why Does It Hurt When I Kick A Soccer Ball

Why Does It Hurt When I Kick A Soccer Ball

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I am sure we have all been there at one point or another. We line up a shot at a goal with a soccer ball, run in to kick it, our foot meets the ball and for some reason when we kick the soccer ball it hurts. Why does it hurt when kicking a soccer ball? Read on to find out.

It could hurt when you kick a soccer ball because the ball could be overinflated (too hard). The weather could be really cold, you could have an injury you do not know about like a bruise on your bone. Also, your foot could be sore to touch because it is early in training and your foot is not used to kicking the soccer ball yet.

In this article we will look at several things including what happens when we kick soccer balls, why do your ankle hurts when you kick, and many more.

What happens when you kick a soccer ball?

When we are kicking a soccer ball a few things happen. The force with which we kick the ball can make it do a number of different things. Now depending on how hard you kick it will determine how hard your shot is. This will depend on where on the field you are shooting from.

For example, if you are outside the box, then you are going to want to hit the ball with significant force in order to beat the keeper, whereas if you are close to the goal you will not need as much power and will kick it gently.

Then there is the curve on the ball. Depending on the situation during a game, when we kick a soccer ball a certain way there will be an element of curve placed on it, especially if there is a free-kick situation or if the player is putting in a corner. All of these things happen when you kick a soccer ball.

Why does it hurt when I kick a soccer ball?

As we mentioned earlier there are several factors that can be attributed to why it hurts when you kick a soccer ball. The ball could be too hard, the weather could be really cold, or you could have an existing injury to your foot, and it has not healed properly yet.

Why does it hurt when I kick a soccer ball without shoes?

This is pretty self-explanatory. When we kick a soccer ball with boots on, our feet are protected in some way by our boots. When you do not wear soccer boots your feet are exposed and the cause of the impact of the ball on your exposed feet can hurt and hurt a lot.

Why does my ankle hurt when I kick a soccer ball?

It could be a number of reasons. You could have an injury to your ankle, or you could have damaged ligaments and tendons and this could hurt your ankle when you kick a soccer ball. Check out our article 10 Best Select Soccer Balls in 2021 Review.

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