Hero Egg Traditional Soccer Ball Review 2021

Hero Egg Traditional Soccer Ball Review 2021

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The Hero Egg soccer ball is a good old-fashioned traditional soccer ball and is ideal for kids who are or want to be training or simply want to use it for purely recreational purposes and this is because it is incredibly durable and gives a performance of the highest quality.

Features of the Hero Egg Traditional Soccer Ball

It is super easy to inflate and it is possibly the best soccer balls for kids, and it is also the cheapest if parents are working on a budget.

In today’s world, many traditions are falling by the wayside and to some, the Hero Egg soccer ball might look outdated however just because it looks outdated does not mean it is. It is made with modern technology and it is a really durable soccer ball and because it is made with an abrasion-resistant material in PVC, it can take a real hammering from your kids.

Advantages of the Hero Egg soccer ball

The butyl bladder that is inside the ball helps the ball keep its shape and it also improves how durable the ball is. The panels which are black, and white are put together by a machine and the ball has an incredibly soft and easy feel yet it is really durable. 

Some people do not like the traditional look anymore because of the black and white panels, however, for some, that is exactly what they love about the ball.

Disadvantages of the Hero Egg traditional soccer ball

The soccer ball is only available in two sizes, four and five. With the size four, it is ideally suited to kids between the age of 8 and 12. Whereas the size five ball is designed for adults and children who are over the age of 12. It also comes deflated.

Final Thoughts

With this soccer ball, parents are getting a high-quality ball without busting their budget.

DurableComes deflated
Easy to control when using
Comes in two sizes

This ball has also taken a top spot in our best soccer balls for kids article.