Do Referees Have Other Jobs?

Do Referees Have Other Jobs?

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We have seen numerous referees who are great at their jobs on a football pitch. They put the time and effort into learning everything that they need to in order to be a top referee. However it does bring us to the question, do referees have other jobs?

For professional referees in Europe’s top five the answer is no as that is their full-time job, and they get paid very well for doing it. However, amateur or semi-professional referees can have a “day job” as the money that they make from officiating is not enough to live off.

As many people can attest to, being a referee is not for everyone and it is one of the hardest jobs in world football. This is because, like players, every little decision that the referee makes is scrutinized and analyzed to an inch of its life.

When a referee makes a good decision hardly anyone bats an eyelid however when they make a bad decision the world comes after them.

The addition of VAR to world football was expected to make things a lot easier for referees during soccer matches however it has not made life as easy as expected with still plenty of controversy surrounding it and the decisions that it makes. The Video Assistant Referee VAR was specifically designed to limit the mistakes that referees make on game day, however, it seems that sometimes it has actually made things worse.

As a job how much do referees make?

Do Referees Have Other Jobs?

The absolute best referees earn a great wage and some like retired referee Howard Webb have officiated in World Cups, Champions League Finals and European Champions and Webb did that all in one year.

Now depending on what type of level the referees are officiating at, they can enough for that to be their only job or they will have to find another job to make ends meet.

In the UK, amateur referees are paid per game and as it stands that is around 20 to 40 pounds. Then there are the semi-professional referees which are equivalent to the lower leagues in England are paid around 80 pounds and also can paid for their travel as well.

Then there is the Premier League. The referees in England’s top-flight have a regular wage that they get paid as well as the match fees to go with it. They can earn up to around 70,000 pounds a year. They have what is called a retainer in which they get paid a base rate which is around 38,000 pounds to 42,000 pounds, plus they are paid just over 1,000 pounds per match too.

With the English Championship referees, they have the same yearly wage retainer as Premier league referees, however, their match fee is just 600 pounds a game.

So professional referees do not need to have another job as they get paid well, however, amateur and semi-professional referees have been known to have other jobs.