Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball Review 2021

Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball Review 2021

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The Adidas Glider soccer ball is a series of MLS soccer balls that is of the highest level of replication for any soccer player that wants to know what it is like to kick around a soccer ball and have that full professional feel.

The soccer ball comes in different sizes and has a panel design that has been updated so players of any age can use the ball to develop their soccer skills through training and different match situations. It is because of this that the Adidas Glider soccer ball is currently ranked as the best soccer balls (non-match) that people can get anywhere on the market.

Features of the Adidas Glider soccer ball

For how much the ball is going to cost you, the durability of this ball is second to none. Even with the TPU cover in the ball, it is going to get scuffed and marked when it is being used on surfaces like concrete, but it does handle very well on your “normal” surfaces.

 The ball is more suited to being used in the backyard and as well as small-sided matches like 3v3 or 5v5.

The ball also keeps its shape really well too. If given enough time, eventually all soccer balls with go out of shape at some point if they are constantly used. But with the Glider soccer ball, it is specifically designed so to keep its shape without losing air from the bladder. 

This is thanks to the consistency and how firm the internal butyl bladder is. If it is getting used rather regularly, the air pressure inside the ball was still reasonably consistent and therefore, you will not have to keep pumping it up after using it a few times.

Advantages of the Adidas Glider soccer ball

Because of how soft the ball is to the touch; it gives players the feel of a high-quality official match-day soccer ball. If you happen to play amateur soccer or even the higher levels, then having a soccer ball that you can use in training that is similar to the one you will be using on a matchday can be really beneficial. 

This is key to a player’s development and the stitched panels, which are put together by a machine, still, give players that same matchday feel through the normal panel design of the ball.

Disadvantages of the Adidas Glider Soccer Ball

Because of the cost of this ball and it is on the cheap side, there will be issues that people will always think of and they will think just how well made was the ball if it costs so little. The ball can have a loose stitch or two and over time the ball could have a tendency to lose its shape. So it is always a good idea to have a close look at the soccer ball before you make the decision to purchase it.

Another concern with this ball is that younger players or even just your average kick about league could try and use this for one of their matches. The actual sizing of the soccer balls was a little bit smaller than the standard or normal size for the size four and five balls. 

On closer inspection, the size four ball was smaller and was closer to the size three and the size five soccer ball was actually closer to a size four than a five when it was fully inflated.

Final Thoughts

For most soccer players, how the ball feels and if it gives you a more authentic matchday experience is far more crucial than the actual size of the soccer ball. You can train with a kid’s size one ball if you really need to. So for practicing at home or just for a general kick about with your friends, then the Adidas Glider is a good choice for you.

DurableDoes not hold the air well
Comes in different sizes
Lots of color options
Great for improving kids’ soccer skills

If you want a ball for the sole purpose of developing your soccer skills then look no further than this soccer ball, it will get you the results you are after. This ball has also taken a top spot in our best soccer balls for kids article.