10 Best Fitness GPS Trackers for Soccer Players 2021

10 Best Fitness GPS Trackers for Soccer Players 2021

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Fitness tracking has become an important part of people’s everyday lives and people are wanting to improve how they workout. This is no different to soccer players who are keen to track their movement on the pitch, how much energy they are exerting, how much distance they have traveled on the pitch, and much more. With all this need and want to read stats about your game then there are many fitness GPS trackers on the market that will help improve a soccer player’s game.

A GPS tracker is attached to a player and will track their movement. It is important for a player to know where they are positioning themselves for tactical awareness and analysis. It also helps prevent injuries because analysts can spot physical activities that a player might be harming a player. 

When it comes to fitness tracking it is a great way for a  player to stay driven and achieve the goals they want as they set out on the adventure of becoming a fitter and ultimately a more drilled soccer player with the aid of a fitness tracker. The tracker offers the stats you need to do this. 

Catapult PLAYR GPS Tracker – Best Overall Fitness GPS tracker for Soccer Players

The Catapult PLAYR GPS tracker is ideal for any soccer player out there who wants to look at their game in a closer more in-depth way. With the tracker attached to the player via a vest style restraint, it means that the player will barely feel the tracker on them nor will they feel held down by certain wrist trackers. 

Huawei Band 4 Pro- Best Budget Fitness GPS track for Soccer Players

The Huawei Band 4 Pro is one of the best budget trackers on the market and is perfect for beginners who want to start tracking their sport and especially their overall soccer game. The band is lightweight and not like a normal watch clock face so the band effortlessly wraps around the wrist. For a snip of the price, you can get this starter band for less than $60.

10 best Fitness GPS Trackers for Soccer Players 2021

1. Catapult PLAYR GPS Tracker

As mentioned above this is the ideal tracker for soccer players. The vest is worn by professional soccer players but it can also be worn by amateurs as well who are wanting to get more stats about their game. The vest has a small tracker attached to the vest in a small pocket and fits comfortably on the player so it is not restrictive when they are working out.

The tracker has 1250 data points per second and is the quickest sensor on the market. With the tracker also approved by FIFA, it can be used in 11 a side matches or casual 5 a side matches as it has the capability to offer a player an in-depth analysis of their tactical positioning. However, it can also offer player stats that matter via the mobile app. Stats such as heat maps, sprint distances, top speed, and total distance traveled. When you have these stats you can then in turn use the app to help improve your game by using the personalized training plan. The app offers plans to help you based on the data you already have built up.

You can also use the stats as a team and compare them with your friends and teammates. This can be really important to help a club grow and build up how they can take their team to the next level. 

There will be no issues with the battery as the Catapult can last for over 8 hours then just easily be recharged. 

The tracker is also used by clubs such as Leicester City, Ajax, DC United and many more professional clubs. At around $200 it is quite an investment but if you are serious about your soccer then this is the tracker to get and try to convince your club to make the investment for your teammates.

2. Garmin Forerunner 735 XT Multisport Tracker

If you are not sold by wearing a vest whilst playing soccer and would prefer a watch style then look no further than Garmin. Garmin is one of the best navigation companies in the world and has the ability to provide accurate results no matter what product you buy from them. However, for soccer a player, the Garmin Forerunner 735 XT multisport is an ideal purchase.

The model might be a few years old now but for a soccer player, it is still perfect due to its design. With the watch built for multiple sports, it is important that it is durable but not too heavy. The watch is a smart design and feels weightless which is great for soccer players as they do not want to be weighed down with a clumpy watch. 

With plenty of running analytics, quick GPS, and superb heart rate tracking the Garmin packs a punch for detailing how you perform over the full 90 minutes. You can select the sport you are doing and it will be detailed about how you are performing during that time period. 

The battery life will see you through training or a game with absolute ease so there will be no worry about it losing battery quickly.

The Forerunner 735’s price has been creeping down over the past few years and you can get it for less than $300 if you do enough research. 

3. STATSports Apex GPS Tracker

The big rival to Catapult PLAYR is STATSports Apex. Another vest-type restraint device with a box-type tracking system so the player does not feel like they are wearing it but they are able to get results that many wristbands just cannot offer. 

With over 260 metric results available it is able to stream data live as it is happening with coaches able to see the data instantly on their computer, phone or tablet. The software that is offered is up to date, precise and clear for any user giving them the opportunity to access the high-quality data that they need to improve their game. STATSports leave no stone unturned as they want to provide a large amount of data to the user.

Many clubs around the world such as PSG, Liverpool, and Miami Dolphins use STATSports and they are full of praise for the company as two of the sides have won their respective leagues in recent years. The data analysts in the Premier League do rely on this product heavily and say how it has made their job easier.

This will cost about the same as the Catapult PLAYR but you will not be getting a superior product as you get with the Catapult.


Polar is easily one of the best smartwatch companies around and the brilliance is that they are able to offer the whole package. The watch is incredibly lightweight and slim looking so it does not too clumpy whilst playing soccer with it on your wrist. 

Not only does it look great but it performs equally as well with over 130 different sports to track with, metrics including heart rate, GPS, and recovery. It is the ideal companion for any soccer player because the heart rate, in particular, uses Precision Prime sensor fusion technology which means that it is the most accurate heart rate readings you will be able to get.

The POLAR also offers fitness programs to help improve your running and running speed so as a soccer player you will be able to use this program and easily manufacture it to help adapt to your playing style on the pitch.

Alongside the POLAR watch, you can buy the heart rate monitor, POLAR H10, which could help the rest of your team. The squad could then use the POLAR team app to track how they have performed on the pitch or in training. It is a useful addition for teams who do not all have a smartwatch or tracking device.

This watch is high-end but it offers such a punch of the overall package that it is more than worth it. At around $250 you will be investing in a top-of-the-range watch that will help with playing on the pitch and all of your training around improving on the soccer pitch.

5. Fitbit Versa 2

Many soccer players trust Fitbit due to the brand really being the first name in the market of tracking your health. This Fitbit Versa 2 is an all-in-one package that can be used on a daily basis and can help improve your stats as a soccer player.

With a six-day battery life estimate, you will be able to use it during the game and in your training sessions. The watch is sleek in design and very light on the wrist.

Although the Fitbit will not be able to offer an in-depth analysis of your movement on the pitch it will be able to check the intensity during the game so this can help with where you used more effort during the game and in what period. After a game or training, you will want to check your workout intensity map in the Fitbit app to see your heart rate zones to get the data you need.

The Fitbit app will also be able to give you information on how you can recover and improve with more than 20 goal-based exercises that are personally designed towards improving your overall work and suited to your needs.

At around $170, the Fitbit heads into the higher-end quality and edges other trackers because of its all-around capability of improving your game off it as well as on it.

6. Huawei band 4 Pro

As already mentioned this is the best budget tracker on the market at just $60. The band is one of the only trackers at this price that is able to have GPS already built into the system. The band also has 24/7 heart rate tracking which will help you on the pitch knowing where you put more effort in. 

One thing that makes the Huawei band 4 stand out from its other competitors is the blood oxygen readings. Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is one of the important vital signs that can reflect the oxygen supply of the body. The Band 4 Pro supports single-time SpO2 level measuring, helping you detect the level of oxygen in the blood whenever and wherever you need it. This can be really useful in reflecting how a player is performing in training and playing in a match.

The ability to track steps, distance covered and effort made is really important statistics to have as a soccer player so why would you not want the Huawei? 

The data is easily accessible and broken down into manageable chunks using the Huawei health app. This app can also be synced to Strava and Google Fit. The data can help you improve your overall game and recovery rates. 

If you are on a budget then you cannot go wrong with this band to help you improve your soccer game.

7. FieldWiz

The tracking device is another device that is attached to the vest and will give in-depth soccer analysis for the budding amateur who is looking to improve their game.

The FieldWiz uses several satellite services to find the most accurate and correct GPS readings. With the ability to have 350 hours of recordings on the device and over 6 hours of battery it does have the capability to provide accurate results on a consistent basis.

At just 35 grams it is the smallest and lightest tracking device meaning a player cannot feel the tracker in its pocket on the vest support. 

However, the FieldWiz does not offer as much in terms of data analysts like the Catapult and STATsports meaning that if you are looking for high-quality performance analytics then you would be better going for those options as a way of analyzing your soccer game. 

8. Suunto Spartan Wrist HR

The Spartan is a great high-end wristwatch from Suunto. It is one of the lightest on the market which makes it a better option for a soccer player than the Garmin Fenix 5, despite the Garmin is an excellent watch, the Suunto’s lighter option helps the soccer player feel more comfortable on the pitch as they maneuver around. The flat design of the watch helps with the aerodynamics of a soccer player.

The GPS system is incredibly quick and gives accurate readings of the movement that the player is doing. As with all the rest, it does have calorie count, step count and move notifications. However, the GPS system helps a player read where they are making their soccer-specific movement on the pitch via the heatmaps shown on the app.

It also supports over 80 different sports so the functionality can read what type of sport you might be doing and this includes soccer. This means players are able to get close to reading how they move on the pitch with the built-in system.

With this being a high-end watch it does not come cheap and with it retailing at around $300 it is an expensive option for something that is not specifically ideal like the vest options. However, if you are wanting one of the ultimate watches then this is certainly one of the best options. 

9. Zepp Play Soccer

With the Zepp Play Soccer tracker, you are able to purchase the tracker at nearly half the price of the Catapult or the STATsports. The Zepp play offers many of the features already mentioned like tracking how far a player has traveled, the effort used at certain points of the game, the number of kicks they have done, and many more.

However, it does have a slight advantage over the other in-depth soccer analysis because it can create highlights of moments during the game. For example by having someone record you on the sideline and attach that video to the event of then it happened. This can create a strong visual of what happened when. 

Unlike the other two, the tracker does not attach to a vest but rather to the back of a sock but does allow you to see the data on a mobile device once it has finished uploading.

The tracking device does look brilliant and gives the player the required data to help them improve but it does not have the advantage over the other two soccer-specific vests previously mentioned. At just $100 it could be worth investing if you want to try out the in-depth specific analysis. 

10. Garmin Venu

Up there with the Garmin Fenix, the Venu is the ultimate sports tracking watch out there. With no expense spared on all the mod cons. With tracking stress, respiration, movement, sleeping, and how you breathe.

Like the budget buy Huawei Pro 4, it features blood oxygen level readings to inform you how well your blood is absorbing the oxygen. This feature could be vital in how you are able to perform on the pitch for example how long you can last at full capacity. The hydration notification, that can also be incredibly important for a player so they are able to stay fresh during training and a match by taking in the important fluids. 

The watch also comes with 20 preloaded sports that you can use to track playing soccer. It also has a coach mode that is perfect for training and you can make custom workouts that will help with the fitness side of your training.

Like the Suunto, this is a high-end watch and has everything you need a smartwatch but if you are only wanting it for tracking your soccer and possibly soccer training sessions then the vest tracking system is better for you as this watch retails at approximately $330 if you choose the options with all the premium features.