Why Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs?

Why Do Soccer Players Shave Their Legs?

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We see in many professional sports, mainly in swimming, where athletes shave their bodies. For swimmers, it is about being more aerodynamic. However, shaving is not just for swimmers but for every athlete if they choose to do so. That brings us to the question of why do soccer players shave their legs?

The first reason is for recovery because shaven hair can prevent infection from bacteria. Next is appearance. Everything for a footballer today is about the glitz and glamour so appearance is paramount. Lastly is performance. It is believed that players with hair on their legs have more difficulty absorbing oxygen and will tire quicker than those who do not.

Why do soccer players shave their legs?

As mentioned above, there are a few reasons why soccer players shave their legs. So let us talk about them, first is the recovery. As previously stated, shaving your leg hair can in fact prevent infection on the skin and that is caused by bacteria. 

By having no hair on their legs, players will also be aided in accelerating the healing process of an open wound that they could suffer during a game. In addition to that, if a player’s legs are shaved, then it will be better for them while they are getting massages because there is no hair to be pulled and will therefore be a more pleasant experience for the player.

Also if players get their knee taped or their ankles or feet taped and they have hair on them, then when the tape is pulled off it can be incredibly painful to the player. However, if the player’s legs, ankle, and feet are clear of hair then it will not hurt them when the tape is being removed.

Next, we have an appearance. In today’s world, nearly all footballers have social media accounts where they post almost everything about their daily lives. From their clothes to cars and everything in-between, appearance for a modern-day footballer is critical.

They need to have an image that is seen to be clean and pretty much perfect so having hairy legs can impact this. Also, many players are involved in advertising campaigns and commercials, so it is especially important that they have a “clean” image for all their fans.

Then there is the soccer players’ performance. It is believed by many experts that players who have hairy legs have a hard time absorbing oxygen properly into their bodies because the body hair acts as a kind of barrier. 

Soccer players who have little to no hair can have higher levels of performance and limit their muscle’s ability to get tired during games a lot better than a player who has lots of hair.

Another reason is that it can make the player’s shin pads and socks easier to wear. This is because there are times where the player’s socks can be constantly rubbing against their legs and this can become rather uncomfortable.

Soccer players that have shaved legs have been quoted as saying that feel far more comfortable during a game compared to those who do not have their legs shaved.

Lastly is slide tackling. Now, this can be different from player to player but overall it helps with slide tackling.

This is because players who are constantly on the ground because they are slide tackling, their leg hair can cause a lot of friction between their legs and the grass that they are playing on. They are can get grass and turf burn in some bad cases.

Players who have shaved legs can also make a slide tackle far more easier and fluid which can be crucial depending on which part of the field they are in.

How do soccer players shave their legs?

There are many ways for everybody as well as soccer players to shave their legs. It is usually one of two ways, either shaving with an electric razor of sing razor or having them waxed at a special parlor.

Players that shave their legs on their own can do it in their own time and it will not cost them to do it.  Normally an electric razor is the best way to go as it is something that players can do themselves every few days. 

It is better because if the soccer player is playing a match every three days or so, then it is a lot easier to simply use the electric razor to go over their legs again, rather than making an appointment to get them waxed.

Soccer players will usually start by exfoliating their legs to get rid of all the dead skin cells. Then with their shaving gel, they apply it to their legs and proceed to start shaving their legs.

Experts say to start with a section that is less hairy than others, this is because the soccer player will not want their razor to get clogged up with hair straight away. It is also recommended that players go slowly when shaving to avoid any cuts to parts of their legs.

Lastly, once they have finished shaving, the soccer player will then moisturize their legs. They do this so that their skin stays hydrated and will not dry out and then become flaky because the skin has dried out.

Do soccer players shave their arms?

Yes, some soccer players shave their arms as well and this can be for several reasons. One is that the opposition players cannot pull the player’s arm hairs and put them off their game and provoke them into a reckless action because the referee will have a hard time spotting it.

Another reason is that they shave their arms to taking the tape off is easier. On top of that, if players want to get their wrists strapped it is easier to stick onto their arms. This is because if you try and put the tape on top of the hair and sweat that is on a player’s arm, then the tape can then become easier to fall off completely.