What Happens If A Referee Scores A Goal In Soccer

What Happens If A Referee Scores A Goal In Soccer

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We see soccer players score goals all the time in matches however something that we rarely see is when the ball bounces off the referee and changes the direction a team wants to go. In some rare cases, a ball can in fact deflect off the referee and go in the goal. So that brings us to the question, what happens if a referee scores a goal?

If the referee does happen to get in the line of a shot and the soccer ball does go into the goal then by FIFA’s law it is a goal. Much like in the same way that a goal is still awarded if the ball bounces off the post or crossbar and manages to find its way into the net.

The rules regarding referee’s interfering with the ball in play.

When the soccer ball is live or in play and it just happens to touch the referee or even the assistant referee who is on the field for whichever reason, then play should go on as normal. This is because referees are deemed to be part of the official match.

As we mentioned before, if the soccer ball hits or touches a referee and it somehow manages to go into the goal, then the goal itself will stand. This is because it is the same as if the soccer ball hits the goal post or crossbar and goes into the goal. After all, the referee is part of the match.

According to the Ball in play law, the ball is deemed to be in play when it hits the crossbar, goal post, corner flag AND if it hits a match official (referee).

In today’s game, this virtually never happens because referees are now specifically trained to be in positions on the field when there is little to no risk or chance of them interfering in the general play from both teams. However it still does happen in games and if it does, the referee waves play on.

To date, there is only one instance of a referee scoring a goal and despite the vigorous protests from the defending team, the goal still counted.

The name of the referee was Jose Aragao and he was in charge of a championship game way back in 1983 between Palmeiras and Santos at Morumbi Stadium.

In the match Santos was in the lead at 2-1 however in the second minute of added time there was a goal mouth scramble in the penalty box of Santos and the ball was rifled between numerous players legs and it just so happened that the last touch was off Aragao’s leg and it found its way into the net.

There were vigorous protests by the Santos players however by the letter of the law, Aragao made the correct call and the goal stood.

This would most likely never happen today as referees are never in positions where the ball can hit them.