Vizari Stealth Soccer Cleat Review

Vizari Stealth Soccer Cleat Review

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In today’s article, we are going to give you a review of the Vizari Stealth Soccer Cleat. Read on to find out if this is the right soccer cleat for you.

The Vizari Stealth soccer cleat has a number of valuable things it offers players who wear it. It is super strong and durable and is a great cleat for kids. If you are looking at buying your kid’s very first soccer cleat then read on to find out if this is the one for you.

Product overview

  • Strong and durable design with stretch lining
  • Padded heel and collar lining ensures comfort
  • Molded rubber outsole provides traction
  • Outsole stitched to upper for durability

Advantages of the Vizari Stealth Soccer Cleat

The cleat offers players a great combination of both design and superb traction on the field along with supreme comfort. The cleat excels at giving players increased agility and durability.

Adults can to a degree put up with a little discomfort, however, kids can not and the Vizari is designed with them in mind for kids. The upper is made of a soft synthetic material that has a thin lining on the inside.

What this does is helps the player’s feet to be cushioned against any discomfort as it helps reduce the pressure no the pressure points and limits the chance of developing blisters throughout a game or training.

On top of this, the collar, as well as the footbed both, have some padding and that helps to keep the ankles and feet protected. What this means is that your child is going to train or play for long periods of time and not have to worry about their feet hurting.

The Vizari Stealth Soccer Cleat comes with an outsole made of rubber and it gives players an increased level of traction on a variety of different surfaces. When it comes to the studs, they are distributed evenly across the outsole. The studs give players a firm grip on the ground so your child can take the ball with confidence that they will not slip over. When it comes to traction, these cleats will perform great on both types of grass as well as artificial pitches.

The Vizari Stealth Soccer Cleat has a dual-color design that is certain to attract your child’s interest and that can raise their level of confidence when playing. The hexagonal panels on the cleat give it a professional look while not blowing your budget.

The upper of the cleat has a neat laced-up look and it gives players a great feel for the ball and the collar is cushioned really well so that players get a nice tight fit. The cleats are also really light so that is crucial for kids as they do not want to be playing in heavy boots.

The durability of the cleat is its best selling point. To help create a great boot that is also really durable, manufacturers have used an anti-stretch lining on the cleat. What this does is helps hold the synthetic material together and it stops from being pulled apart and tearing.

The other good thing about the material is that it stretches with your child as they grow and it will not break apart when your child starts to outgrow the initial sizing that they had.

The rubber outsole also goes stitched to the upper to prevent it from breaking apart like in other cases where brands only glue shoes together. This is important especially for the forefoot which your kids’ toes might open over time.

The cleat is also very breathable and that helps keep your child’s feet cool and prevents blisters and athlete’s foot. By having a cleat that is breathable, also increases the comfort of the cleat. To further aid this, it has a mesh ankle collar that improves the overall breathability and comfort of the cleat.

Thanks to the mesh, the cleat remains really lightweight and this gives kids a better chance at controlling the ball and also improves their agility.

Thanks to the EVA midsole, it helps to disperse pressure and provides shock absorption, and this helps prevent blisters and your kid’s feet from being sore after a game.

Disadvantages of the Vizari Stealth Soccer cleat

There is only one disadvantage to this cleat and that it is only available to kids. They do not make bigger sizes for adults which is a little odd seeing as most cleat brands cater to both youths as well as adults.

great low-cost soccer cleat for toddlers and young kidsonly available in kids’ sizes
suitable for multiple ground conditions
great for wider feet

Overall thoughts

This is a great choice of cleat if your kids are just starting to enter the sporting world. They will not break your bank as they are really cheap and most importantly they are really durable so your child can get a lot of use of out them. This Vizari Stealth Soccer cleat has also taken a top spot in our 10 Best Soccer Cleats 2021 article.

The Vizari Stealth Soccer cleat is available on Amazon through this link.