Renegade Gk Fury Goalkeeper Gloves Review

Renegade GK Fury Goalkeeper Gloves Review

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As all soccer players will know, having a good goalkeeper on your side is crucial for you to win matches and for a goalkeeper to be at the top of his/her game, the right equipment is paramount. If you are a goalkeeper or your friend or child is then read on to find out if the Renegade GK Fury Goalkeeper Gloves are going to be the best ones for you.

Product overview

·        100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We’re not happy unless you’re happy. We stand behind our gloves and we’ll always do our best to take care of our customers. If you are not 100% satisfied with your gloves for any reason, we’ll replace them or issued a refund within 30 days hassle-free. Yes, even if they’ve been used. No other goalkeeping glove brand offers this kind of guarantee. See below for more details.

·        IMPROVES CONFIDENCE & CONTROL: A player’s confidence level will increase quickly after playing in a pair of Renegade GK gloves. Upgrades like the German latex palm, 180° thumb wrap, PU thumb V-notch, and pre-arched palm instantly improve grip and ball control. We know a goalkeeper has to be a quick thinker, fearless, and have sure hands. Keepers who wear R-GK gloves know their gloves will perform when they need it most and help take their game to the next level.

·        LEADING SAFETY PROTECTION: All Renegade GK gloves use the new Endo-Tek Pro finger saves. Unlike another finger save technology, they will not bend backward, yet they remain highly flexible forward. You’ll hardly notice they’re there; plus they can be removed when needed. 3+3MM latex on both the palm and backhand provide an extra layer of protection for high impact shots and punching. The 8CM bandage and 3MM 360° broad strap offer excellent wrist protection without sacrificing flexibility.

·        BALANCED PERFORMANCE & DURABILITY: All Renegade GK gloves are designed to balance the trade-off between performance and durability, which many competitors fail to do. The 3+3 MM latex palms are wear-resistant without sacrificing grip and ball control. The backhand has extra padding to limit the impact force with the ball and the ground. Our composite strap has been strengthened to withstand repeated use over time. Bottom line, R-GK gloves are designed to perform and built to last.

·        SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We’ve gone to great lengths to pack as much value into every Renegade GK glove regardless of play level. All R-GK gloves use the latest design, materials, & construction methods to ensure that they fit well, are comfortable to wear, and easy to get on. The 3D Airmesh body ensures great breathability while small design features like the nylon strap puller and rubber pull tabs make a big difference putting them on. No more using your teeth for the 2nd glove.

The advantages of the Renegade FK Fury Goalkeeper Gloves

The series of gloves from Renegade called Fury are well known for their grip, so if you are looking at purchasing new gloves, then these could be the best ones for you. When it comes to the design of the palm, it is made with German Giga Grip 3.5+3MM latex and this is what gives you an incredible grip on the ball.

Even though there is a small chance that the glove is not going to be as durable as others, the absorption impact of these gloves just about makes up for it. The backhand of the glove uses Dura-Tek 4+2MM Latex and what this does is helps you will control the ball and also the responsiveness of the gloves.

The Endo-Tek Pro finger savers that you get with these gloves can be removed if you want and this offers players a choice that most others do not. Because of the finger savers, it gives players the highest level of safety as well as protection and this greatly increased your flexibility. On top of that, for easy access, the gloves have a zipper too.

Like other gloves in the Fury series, it also has thumb wraps that go around 180 degrees along with the Dura-Tek 4MM Latex Straps.

The gloves also come with a Nylon Strap Puller as well as a Rubber Pull Tab to give you even more adjustment as well as flexibility. The wrist slit also improves the breathability of the glove and this is because the Fury gloves use 6D Super Mesh to increase the airflow for the glove.

The glove is very light, it is super flexible and gives a great fit which makes the Fury one of the best available gloves for players. If you do intend to buy these, keep in mind when it comes to sizing, you are better off grabbing one size above as they tend to be a little bit smaller.

The disadvantages of the Renegade FK Fury Goalkeeper Gloves

Some have said that the pull strap on the wrist has a tendency to wear out rather quickly and this has left people who buy this glove rather disappointed. The other disadvantage is that despite the 6D Super Mesh, the gloves still make people’s hands feel hot and that suggests that the gloves have poor ventilation.

Great gripIt might not last long
The look is greatPull-on strap might deteriorate quickly
It offers enough flexibilityBreathability is poor
It provides great impact absorption
The performance is impressive
Provides enough comfort and convenience
Easy adjustment and closure
Flexibility is great
Offers control and responsiveness

Final thoughts

Overall this is a really high-quality goalkeeping glove. If you do not mind your hands getting a bit warm and if you buy the size above your current size, then you really cannot beat this glove. Flexible, strong and will protect your hands from even the hardest shots. A truly great goalkeeping glove to add to your collection.

The Renegade Fk Fury Goalkeeping Glove is available on Amazon through this link.