Puma Men’s ONE 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe Review

Puma Men’s ONE 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe Review

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In today’s article, we are going to give you a review of the Puma Men’s ONE 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe. Read on to find out if this is the right soccer cleat for you.

The Puma Men’s One 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe has a number of valuable things it offers players who wear it. The model of the boot is a typical Puma design with the wave pattern on the side. 

Product overview

· 100% Synthetic

· Imported

· Rubber sole

· Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

· Puma One

· Soccer Performance

· Puma One

Advantages of the PUMA Men’s ONE 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe

This cleat is one of the cheapest ones going at the moment and the prices range from $20.00 to $65.00 so whichever way you go, it is incredibly cheap. The shoe has two great features which are EvoSpeed and EvoTouch. The cleat is made from synthetic material and that plays a really good fit. This cleat is different from many others because it is not made from Kangaroo leather. The material of the shoe is very light and very flexible.

It has an insole that is very well padded to protect your foot and ankle and because of the padding, you also get the right comfort and support during a match. The outsole of the cleat has been made specifically made for comfort, traction, and speed on nice firm surfaces.

The studs are conical and bladed, and this gives players who wear the shoe the ability to made quick directional changes, and the synthetic heel, as well as the soleplate, gives players incredible stability when shooting or passing.

The PUMA ONE 17.4 FG has an evoKnit collar and the upper material, which is synthetic, is designed to mold around your foot for a stable and comfortable fit.

Disadvantages of the PUMA Men’s ONE 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe

The disadvantage of the PUMA Men’s ONE 17.4 Soccer shoe is that the soleplate tends to trip to the sides of the cleat. This is because of the pattern of the studs and that is not ideal if you plan on having these shoes for a long time.

it offers a great fitpeople have often complained that the soleplate tends to trip to the sides of the cleat because of the pattern of the studs
the sock extension offers excellent ankle support
it’s lighter and plusher on the foot
it’s quite affordable
it features bladed and conical studs

Overall thoughts

Overall this shoe is a good choice of cleat if you are looking for a boot that will not break your bank. It is very comfortable, and it also looks good. This cleat from PUMA is ideal if you want a simple looking and comfortable boot without forking out a fortune.  This PUMA Men’s ONE 17.4 FG Soccer Shoe has also taken a top spot in our 10 Best Soccer Cleats 2021 article.

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