How to Shrink Adidas Soccer Pants

How to Shrink Adidas Soccer Pants?

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Adidas is one of, if not the biggest brands of active and sportswear apparel. It ranges from shirts, shorts, socks, bras, shoes, outwear. You probably own a few items from Adidas in which case you know all about them. The Adidas wear is made from polyester fabric that has completely different instructions of care than the everyday normal clothes.

You can shrink Adidas soccer pants by a washing and drying machine, using a dry iron, or using boiling water.

In this article, we will explore how you can shrink Adidas soccer pants using the methods mentioned above. So read on to find out more. This will surely be an enlightening read for you.

How to Shrink Adidas Soccer Pants

We first of all should discuss why you may need to shrink Adidas soccer pants. Some of the reasons are:

  • For proper fitting so that the wearer can look better. Most individuals love flaunting curves which cannot be done in baggy pants and so need to be scaled down.
  • To recycle old clothes. Adidas pants are made of polyester fabric that durable for long periods, even decades! The garments, therefore, need to be recycled from time to time. Shrinking the garments will ensure the recycling process is easy to get through.

As mentioned earlier Adidas soccer pants are made of polyester materials. Here we will give you a definitive guide on how you can shrink Adidas soccer pants.

Polyester fabric is one of the most durable for making clothes. Is shrinking polyester possible? Polyester fiber is not easy to shrink and when it is, it requires several treatments in the extremely high heat of about 68-81 degrees Celsius. There are different methods of shrinking polyester. You can use a washing machine and dryer if you don’t need the garment to shrink too much. You can use an iron if you require more significant shrinkage.

This article will discuss the methods that can be used to effectively shrink Adidas soccer pants.

1. Wash and Dryer Method

This method involves high heat and therefore you are advised to turn your soccer pants inside out before getting them inside the machine. This is to prevent the colors from fading.

If you plan on shrinking more than one piece of clothing, you may consider washing similar colored clothing in one batch. This is to ensure you don’t wash color bleeding clothing together.

  • Set the washing machine to the maximum available heat setting. You also should choose the longest wash cycle so that the cloth soaks in hot water for the longest period possible. This will ensure heat penetrates the polymer fabric and make it shrink eventually.
  • Adding a detergent to the machine isn’t needed unless you want to wash the cloth as you shrink it.
  • Try to avoid washing the cloth in hot boiling water because this extreme heat may cause the fabric to become stiff, rough and may lose its original shape and design.
  • Once the washing is complete, transfer the garment immediately to the dryer. Heat plays a major role in this stage and therefore you should set the dryer to the hottest and longest cycle setting.
  • Pull out the garment and allow it to cool at room temperature once the drying cycle is complete. Afterward, check whether the garment is shrunk or not. If the desired shrunk level has not been achieved, you will have to take the garment through the whole process again until you achieve the results desired.

Don’t attempt the process too many times on your soccer pants as this will make the cloth fade, lose newness, and lose its durability.

2. Using Dry Iron

This is a step taken if the Adidas soccer pants adequately failed to shrink in the washer and dryer. The following steps are necessary for this particular shrinking style.

  • You should have the washing machine set to the hottest and longest wash cycle. Once the Adidas soccer pants are pulled out of the washer after rinsing, transfer the garment wet as it is to the ironing board. Make sure the cloth is inside out to reduce fading. You should also place a pressing cloth over it (preferably cotton cloth) to prevent the garment from hardening due to the heat from the iron.
  • You should set the temperature of the iron from low to medium to prevent from accidentally burning the pants. You should also apply extra pressure while ironing so that the garment beneath starts to shrink gradually due to the heat.
  • You also shouldn’t use a steam setting on the iron as you are looking for a drying effect on the garment. Only use a dry iron.
  • You should keep ironing the cloth until the majority of its water is evaporated. After that allow the cloth to cool to room temperature.
  • Examine the garment for shrinking and maybe try out the cloth to check if it is shrunken adequately.

Do not repeat the ironing process because it could damage the Adidas soccer pants and cause fading of colors. Having put the cloth through more than a single washing and drying cycle and finally ironing, the garment would’ve shrunken as much as possible.

3. Shrinking Using Boiling Water

Giving Adidas soccer pants a hot water bath is one of the most effective ways to shrink them. In this procedure, the high temperatures of the boiling water break down polyester fibers thereby shrinking them. This form of shrinking takes the following steps;

  • Using a pair of tongs or clippers, insert the garment into water that has been recently boiled. Do this carefully to avoid burning your hands.
  • You should then leave the garment in the water for about eight minutes before removing the cloth and placing it in another container.
  • Allow the garment to cool down to room temperature and then wring it to drain excess water.
  • Lay the garment out in the hanging lines to air dry or place it in a dryer on high heat for further shrinking.
  • Repeat the procedure if the required shrink is not achieved the first time. 

Shrinking Adidas soccer pants may seem impossible due to the durability associated with the polyester material. You can however do it by exposing the garment to high temperatures.

If you follow the methods outlined above by using high heat, you will be guaranteed great results when shrinking Adidas soccer pants which are polyester garments. Check out our Adidas Glider Ball review article.