Brine Soccer Balls (2021) Review Which One is the Best

Brine Soccer Balls (2021) Review Which One is the Best?

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As with any other job, having the right tools at your disposal is a necessary part of every soccer player’s success. Even amateurs and hobbyists can’t enjoy the sport to its fullest extent without the right tools. If we were to create a list of necessary soccer tools, a soccer ball would be the first item on it. 

Brine soccer balls have proved time and again that they are what every soccer player needs, regardless of their skill level. Remaining in the sporting equipment production business for nearly a century, this company has developed and maintained a quality standard that is matched by a few others on the market.

Considering their time on the market and the fact that Brine has created dozens of soccer ball models, the question of which one to choose arises. Whether you’re a beginner, an amateur, a professional, or an indoor player, your soccer ball choices can become virtually endless, even when looking at a single manufacturer. After testing different purpose soccer balls for a long period of time, we’ve come up with the list of the best Brine soccer balls available on the market, with all those different players in mind. Here’s which ones you should pick:

1. Brine Voracity Soccer Ball – The Best Overall Brine Soccer Ball 

There’s a reason why this model is a best-seller; Brine Voracity comes at an affordable price, has a classic design, and offers excellent quality. Here’s what the manufacturer lists as this soccer ball’s main characteristics:

  • Soft PU cover that is resistant to abrasion
  • Tru-bounce butyl bladder for improved air retention and softness
  • Hand-stitched

Brine Voracity is suitable for all types of fields, as well as for all weather conditions, which makes it an excellent practice ball. However, even more advanced players won’t mind using it as a match ball. The ball remains controllable even on wet grass, it doesn’t lose any of its characteristic softness and precision even when over-inflated, and it feels like a quality product at the first kick.

When it comes to technology that Brine incorporated in their best-seller, thanks to its advanced B.E.A.R. bladder system, Voracity is able to retain air 10 times longer than a soccer ball with a regular latex bladder. The hand-stitching ensures that the ball is match-ready and that it remains solid through ours of play.

Design-wise, the Brine Voracity soccer ball is a classic. The list of available colors is short, but the navy/white, red, and blue/white combos should cover all preferences. One of the drawbacks is that this soccer ball is not meant for children, as it only comes in size 5. Keep in mind that you’ll need a pump once it arrives, as the ball is shipped deflated.

Overall, this all-arounder from Brine is an excellent choice, whether you’re buying a ball for soccer matches, practices, or just for fooling around. IT should be a no-brainer, especially when its two-year limited warranty is taken into consideration as a guarantee of quality. You can view and order Brine Voracity on Amazon right now.

2. Brine Attack Soccer Ball – The Best Beginner’s Brine Soccer Ball

Looking for a soccer ball for practice or for a beginner who is serious about their game? Look no further than Brine Attack that can be found through our Amazon link. Made for heavy use, this soccer ball will follow the player who opts for it through years of practice. Here are some of the qualities that set the Brine Attack apart from the crowd of similarly priced soccer balls:

  • Soft and durable PU cover
  • Butyl bladder for improved air retention
  • Hand-stitched

Made for all fields and practice in mind, the Attack model from Brine that’s built to withstand years of daily practice. Through months of tests, this soccer ball proved that it retains all of its initial qualities such as control and balance on all surfaces, regardless of the weather conditions. The butyl bladder ensures stable air pressure through weeks of kicks and abuse with no signs of leakage.

The hand stitching helps with the overall solid build vibe that the Brine Attack emits to the player, assuring them that it can last a lot longer than the manufacturer guarantees (more on this later). This ball is an excellent choice for beginners, and they should look no further for their first quality soccer ball. That’s probably the reason why many soccer camps choose the Brine Attack as their soccer ball.

When it comes to design, the Brine Attack comes in four different patterns: the classic white/black and white/blue, as well as a bit less conventional color combinations of white/blue/black (AKA Royal) and white/red/black (AKA Scarlet), so there’s a choice for most tastes. Regarding the ball sizes, Brine Attack is available in sizes 4 and 5, which means that everyone over the age of 12 can enjoy their first soccer moves with this ball. Like the majority of inflatable soccer balls, this one also comes with no air in it.

The Brine Attack is primarily suggested for beginners’ practice sessions. However, there’s no doubt that even more advanced players can enjoy playing soccer with this ball. Recreational players will be more than happy with it. When it comes to the manufacturer’s assurance of quality, this soccer ball comes with a one-year guarantee.

3. Brine Toro Soccer Ball – The Best AstroTurf Brine Soccer Ball

Designed with a special outer coating, the next soccer ball on our list is a godsend for players who prefer playing on AstroTurf. The Brine Toro, easily found through our Amazon link, is a match-level soccer ball that proudly carries the NFHS badge of approval. Let’s take a quick look at the manufacturer’s key specifications for this ball:

  • Turf Tech coating for improved durability
  • Butyl bladder for improved air retention
  • Machine-stitched

Even though it can be used on all types of surfaces, the Brine Toro soccer ball is, in our opinion, an AstroTurf soccer ball that should be used for matches instead of everyday practices. Air retention is not an issue, the complicated graphics on the ball seem as bright as they were on the day of its arrival, and the ball provides a great sense of control. This impression slightly fades on real grass, especially the wet one.

Spoiler alert: This is the only machine-stitched soccer ball on this list. Usually, machine-stitched soccer balls don’t last as much as hand-stitched ones. We can’t say that we ran into any signs of wear and tear with Brine Toro, as the ball held its own through months of testing. Perhaps the Turf Tech coating had something to do with this, as it provides a layer of protection that not many soccer balls in this price range possess. Still, daily practices might prove to be too much for it to handle.

Compared to the standards that we’re used to from Brine, the Toro model is more vivid, design-wise. Available in one color option (black/white/orange) and in size 5, this soccer ball, unfortunately, doesn’t have younger soccer players in mind. The drawback of buying this ball is, obviously, its lack of versatility; both in the design and surface playability terms. Brine Toro also comes deflated, so keep an air pump ready if you decide to buy one.

This soccer ball should be the choice for those who prefer artificial turfs over the real ones and who don’t play soccer every day. Keep in mind that the manufacturer gives a two-year unconditional guarantee for Brine Toro. Those who are more serious about their game should look at one of the other choices on this list.

4. Brine Championship Soccer Ball – The Best Premium Brine Soccer Ball

Here’s the most desirable and the most conflicting soccer ball on the list – Brine Championship, which you can find on Amazon, is a premium product designed for soccer players who need the maximum out of their ball and they are willing to spend more for it. Primarily designed as a match ball, Brine Championship’s build quality assures us that it can be used for practice as well. Here is a short list of the key characteristics that the manufacturer believes make this soccer ball stand out:

  • Premium high-performance glossy PU cover
  • Tru-Flight latex bladder for improved feel and balance
  • Hand-stitched

Brine Championship is a premium soccer ball that has professional soccer players and demanding amateurs as its primary user base. As apparent from the first glance, the ball was designed with this in mind; the materials are top-notch, the stitching is immaculate, and the whole package just screams durability. When used, the response that the player gets from the ball, as well as the control, balance, and touch, all remain unchanged, regardless of the weather conditions.

The technology applied to this soccer ball is outstanding and it knocks all other balls on this list out of the competition. However, beginners and players used to more traditional soccer balls might find that the technologies don’t suit them; the ball can feel too heavy at times, especially on AstroTurf. These players will probably prefer Voracity, the first model listed in this article.

Looking at the Brine Championship’s color options, one might not be impressed: the ball only comes in the black/white and pink options. Some would say that this is more than enough, others might argue otherwise, but the fact is that classics never go out of style. The pink option ensures that both ladies and gentleman who want to spot the soccer ball in the darkest of conditions, or just want to stand out, are taken care of. The only available size is 5, so younger players might struggle with the bigger soccer ball. The ball will also come deflated, so keep that in mind when ordering online.

When all is said and done, Brine Championship is a ball for soccer players who know what they’re after; a premium product that requires a certain degree of technical and practical knowledge to handle properly. For amateurs, Championship might be the next step forward in their soccer skill investment. To attest to the quality and reliability of this soccer ball, there’s the manufacturer’s three-year unconditional guarantee.

5. Brine Phantom Soccer Ball – The Best Practice Brine Soccer Ball

Brine Phantom, which you can check out on Amazon, is one of the first choices for professional soccer players around the world when it comes to soccer practice balls. Its light weight, quality build, and multiple innovations that it brought to the game of soccer are what makes it stand head and shoulders above the competition. Here are some of Brine Phantom’s technical characteristics:

  • Shiny PU cover that is resistant to abrasions
  • Exclusive B.E.A.R. bladder system for air retention
  • Hand-stitched

Designed with skill improvement in mind, the Brine Phantom soccer ball can be used on all terrains, and even for matches. It remains controllable and precise on both grass and AstroTurf, while, due to the shiny PU cover, it loses some of these characteristics in wet conditions. Reasonably priced, this soccer ball offers outstanding performance for the money, together with top-notch quality and apparent longevity.

Similar to their Voracity model, the Brine Phantom comes with the manufacturer’s signature B.E.A.R. technology that improves air retention by up to 10 times over the soccer balls with standard bladders. Once again, the hand-stitched structure is there to ensure that the ball lasts for a long time. Even though the shiny and slick synthetic leather on the outside of this ball might make it appear slippery, it is actually there to ensures durability without sacrificing on handling and does so surprisingly well. 

Turning to the design of the Phantom, this soccer ball retains the classic Brine-signature design patterns. If you’re not a fan of the bright colors they offer, this Brine model also comes in the classic white/black combination. Custom color orders for the model are also available through the manufacturer, so no issues for the indecisive players on that front. This soccer ball is available in sizes 4 and 5, which means that even younger soccer fans can enjoy kicking it around. As with most soccer balls ordered online, you’ll need to fill it with air on arrival.

Brine Phantom should be your first choice if you’re after a soccer practice ball. You can also look into it if you’re looking for a match ball for beginner or amateur purposes. As a guarantee of all our praise, the Brine Phantom comes with a three-year limited warranty, so keep that in mind, too.

6. Brine Evolution Indoor Court – The Best Indoor Brine Soccer Ball

Here’s a special treat for those who prefer playing soccer in the comfort that only playing indoors can provide. The Brine Evolution soccer ball, available through Amazon, is the primary choice for players that prefer playing on hard indoor surfaces instead of on grass, either real or fake. Here are some of the Brine Evolution’s main characteristics:

  • Suede microfiber PU cover designed for indoor play
  • Butyl bladder with Hybrid Panel Technology for improved air retention

This soccer ball is made for one thing – playing on hard surfaces. Whether that surface is made of concrete or wood, and whether it’s outside or inside, the Brine Evolution does its job brilliantly. The ball is soft to the touch and has a no-scratch surface. This makes it perfect for recreational indoor games and/or gym classes. However, don’t expect this soccer ball to be any good on grass; it won’t bounce, it will slip away, and there won’t be any sense of control with it, even in the driest of conditions.

The Hybrid Panel Technology not only ensures that no air leaves the Brine Evolution when you don’t want it to, but also that the ball, whatever position it’s in, is at an optimum position for maximum power transfer. Outside on concrete, the ball might be a bit too jumpy, while in the gym the jumpiness disappears and the Evolution shines to its fullest extent. 

When we look at the design of Brine Evolution, we can immediately see that it’s different from most other products that this manufacturer produces. The soccer ball comes in one color, a bright orange that is easy to spot. Also, just the size 5 ball is available for purchase. Having an air pump ready is necessary with this soccer ball as well.

If you’re playing soccer indoors and on hard surfaces, Brine Evolution is a must-have soccer ball. It can be used daily with no issues, as the manufacturer’s one-year guarantee assures us.

Some soccer players are on the field every day. Others show up once a month. Some prefer playing on real grass, others prefer the artificial kind, while the third group would rather choose to play indoors. The fact of the matter is that almost all of these groups of soccer players require a different kind of ball. Whichever group you belong to, there’s the right Brine soccer ball for you somewhere on the list above.