Blok IT Goalkeeper Gloves Review

Blok IT Goalkeeper Gloves Review

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As all soccer players will know, having a good goalkeeper on your side is crucial for you to win matches and for a goalkeeper to be at the top of his/her game, the right equipment is critical. If you are a goalkeeper or your friend or child is then read on to find out if the Blok it Goalkeeper Gloves are going to be the right ones for you.

Product overview

· Goalkeeping Gloves: Added Control and Grip When Handling the Ball.

· Padded Goalkeeper Protection Pro Goalie Gloves Supports Your Hands – Reducing The Chance Of Injury. Goalkeeper Gloves Fingersave Adult

· Improved Breathable Material Reduces Sweating. Secure Comfortable Fit with Quick Release Wrist Support.

· Professional Goalie Gloves with Finger Protection / Finger Savers, Soccer Goal Keeping Gloves. Boys, Girls Men’s

· Money Back Guarantee, any problem return them for a Full Refund.

Advantages of the Blok IT Goalkeeper Gloves

These goalkeeper gloves are considered to be the very best that are available on the market. They are super cheap, but do not dip in quality like you would expect. Instead, they are a great option for players who want a long-lasting, secure, and reliable set of keeping gloves.

For how much the glove costs, the quality is superb, and you can fully expect these gloves to last you at least a couple of seasons. 

The Palm German Super Soft Latex Foam is not the strongest but the superb stitching and cut will give you unreal performance in the toughest weather conditions. To absorb the sweat from your hands the gloves have air-flowing latex and that draws the sweat away from your hands and this keeps your hands comfortable in the gloves.

As any keepers know, it is really easy to strain your wrists or break a finger when a striker is bearing down on goal and you have to come out to meet them, but these gloves will protect your hands from getting injured. The backhand has extra padding and it will protect your hands from a hard shot at goal.

To help limit the bend of fingers while you play, and this glove comes equipped with finger savers that are reinforced for extra support.

The semi-flexible plastic finger reinforcements have the great ability to protect your fingers from snapping back when a hard shot is coming your way.

The Velcro wrap wrist is of the highest quality and the enclosure does an unreal job of being able to secure your hand perfectly in the glove without any reservations about the glove slipping off.

Because of the bandage closure, the gloves will stay put and this makes it easier for you to worry about your game instead of your gloves.

The flexibility of the gloves is incredible and that makes them perfect for all age groups. These Blok gloves have a really nice fit and are comfortable and stable. They run true when it comes to their sizing, although there are some players who think the sizing is not exactly right.

Once you do find the perfect fit, it will feel like you are not wearing gloves at all and they are light too.

The disadvantage of the Blok IT Goalkeeper Gloves

The biggest disadvantage of these gloves is that they can be a bit small. The size of the thumb is longer than it should be, and it will take a while to get used to it. It does not affect the performance though, it is just annoying.

ProtectiveSizing issues
High-quality performance

Final thoughts

Overall a good quality goalkeeper glove and it is really cheap too. It has a good fit, is durable and you can expect to get a year or two of use out of it. A great choice for any player starting their goalkeeping journey or for the seasoned pro looking at taking their game to the next level. The Blok IT Goalkeeper Gloves are available through Amazon on this link.