Best Soccer Prediction Sites

30 Best Soccer Prediction Sites (2021)

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We all think we are best at predicting soccer matches and how will soccer players play, unfortunately, this isn’t always true. But, the sites in this article are really best at predicting soccer results.

So, check out below the best soccer prediction sites in 2021 and we will update it as new sites come in.

1. Betensured

Betensured is perhaps one of the best and trustworthy prediction sites that people who love sports can rely on for their analysis when betting. It gives punters a vast majority of tips for betting and it is not just for the top leagues around the world but also for all of the lower leagues too. The site gives some of the best and well-researched analyses, stats, and predictions when it comes to football so that people who use their site come away with some nice profits.

On top of that, bettors get two-odds and three odds as well as a wide variety of other outcomes for a specific number of games that are played each month. One of the best features of the site is how often the writers post their tips. The site puts out around four posts a month so if you are not on the ball then there is a good chance that you will miss out on their expert tips.

You can easily rely on the site’s predictions and end up with a huge smile on your face after you collect your winnings.


This site is a project that gives out predictions to matches as well as information about all soccer clubs and their players along with all the latest news regarding the major leagues around Europe. It is widely known as the premium sports betting brand on the entire planet. On top of that, it also gives punters offers to the latest news of the things that happen in the world of soccer which includes transfers, scandals as well as anything else related to soccer.

It is a true powerhouse. From live results to betting on all types of sports to the latest news and football events it is the one-stop-shop for sports punters.


This site is perhaps the most advanced in terms of providing better with how they end up with their predictions and their rationale for picking a certain team. For all of the soccer predictions you need, you can most definitely rely on them to give you the best possible advice when it comes to placing your hard-earned money on a soccer team.

The site averages around six posts a week and this can greatly help your own predictions and keep the money rolling in.

4. Confirmbets

It is regarded as the number one free soccer prediction site on the net. It is one of the best sites available online to help guide you so you can make the best possible bet every week. They average two posts a week and the experts on the site work nonstop to give their customers the best possible chance to win money every single week.

Confirmbets has been on the internet since 2016 and is ranked as one of the best soccer prediction sites going.

5. Betzodiac

It is widely considered to be one of the very best soccer prediction sites going at the moment when it comes to soccer predictions and analysis. Each match is analyzed, and it is based on the very best soccer algorithms and analysis from the site’s experts.

On top of that, people that go to the site get a vast variety of options when it comes to betting and the site gives first and insider information from coaches and teams in real-time so it gives you the most up-to-date news so you can make the best possible bet.

This site averages at least two posts every month and that simply means that people who pay regular attention to the site have a real chance of picking up winnings every single month. They also have numerous social media channels too which include Facebook, Twitter, and others.

6. Soccer Platform

This site is specifically designed to give people the best view of all the tips that the site offers and gives out every single week. It is one of if not the most accurate sites that you can find and what is even better is that they do not charge a cent for their soccer tips.

On their site are over 56 posts a week and they help guide you to pick the correct score and other tips to help maximize your chances to win big.

7. Matchplug

This site is ranked as one of the most accurate prediction sites that are currently in operation. Averaging around ten posts a week, there is a really high chance that you will be able to find soccer matches that give the best odds for your bet coming off.

They have supreme customer service and people can now look at the site’s tips directly on their phones simply because of the mobile-friendly interface that the site has. On the landing page is everything a punter will need and that greatly reduces the amount of time that you could potentially waste flicking through numerous pages trying to find the right match.

8. 1960tips

This is an online football match prediction that is extremely easy to use. It is the number one football prediction site, and it gives its members a wide range of betting tips for each match. These include red cards, corners, yellow cards, and overs and under in terms of goals scored. It is extremely devoted to giving its customers maximum returns from their bets every time they place a bet.

9. Mightytips

This is a site that when you visit and spend time on it, you feel so much better after using it. This is simply because of how detailed their approach is to giving its fans the best possible tips. Because of their experts as a user, you are going to find analysis for full matches and that includes the finer details that other sites often miss, things like an app, registration, paybill, free bonuses and deposit limits all come with this fantastic site. 

Unlike some other sites, fans are given all the final match predictions very early and clear to understand so all you have to do is simply put how much money you want to bet and then away you go. The site gives up to 56 posts a week and that includes a variety of different leagues from all over the world.

10. Betro

Betro is a site that gives out soccer predictions and what fans love about this site; is just exactly how accurate the site is. Now not every single site will be able to give you correct tips for EVERY game, however, the best soccer prediction sites can greatly reduce the amounts you lose.

Their accuracy is currently around 90% at the time of writing and with some weeks their accuracy is at 100% and they only do three posts a week and that just shows you how accurate they are and that their analysis is of the highest quality.

11. Surepredicts

It is a site that is well established to give fans power by simply giving them the correct soccer tips and giving them the best possible chance of walking away with their pockets full of money and happy after watching a great game of soccer.

You can easily trust them for all of your betting analysis and the site averages around four posts a week and that is made up of tips from many leagues however their main area of strength is the European leagues.

12. Betloy

This is one of the best sites where you can walk away from a match with a huge smile on your face. From their detailed match analysis to the high quality of their soccer tips, the experts take plenty of time to analyze their information before finally giving out their tips.

They only post once a month and that just shows you the supreme quality of their final tips and analysis. It was published in 2016 and has been highly operational since and it makes them one of the longest-running soccer prediction sites in the industry.

13. Betgenuine

This is a site you really do not want to miss. It has a wide scope of the type of tips they offer and it includes all the latest odds from the major leagues around the world and other competitions. Their most popular markets include both the over and under predictions in terms of goals scored for a match, both teams to score, and which team will win.

On average they post twice a week to their fans and that means that you can be fairly comfortable with however much money you stake on a match that you will be walking away from a winner.

14. Betcook

Is there a better way to properly enjoy a soccer match with all of the money that you made on that match? That is what it is like on Betcook. It is the most reliable and consistent site on the net when offering soccer betting tips. The site has well over 70% accuracy in their soccer predictions.

So you can be sure that you will nail your bets when you are betting in all the European leagues. Their predictions are only based on team news, stats, the form of both teams and the overall head to head matchups. They do over 34 posts a week and they cover the major leagues including the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and many more.

15. Houdini Predictions

They are the only football betting prediction website that gives you odds on every match from over 230 leagues and over 5000 teams around the world and they only take the best six betting matches for you to look at for your betting tips today.

 Add to that, they take the football matches that have the highest ratios so that you can get great returns on your odds with the best betting tips today available to you. The site is free and literally, anyone can use it. On the website, they also have live recommendations going on matches so you can get the best up to date odds. 

Some other sites have been found to be misleading and unreliable but not them, even when we do not hit any football result. Other betting sites can cost you money but not here, they are completely free and at Houdini’s predictions, they want to give you the best possible chance of winning.

16. Confirm Bets Blog

This is widely considered to be the number one soccer website for people who want to bet frequently and be regular winners. The site also has soccer predictions that are free, and they get these predictions from some of the absolute best experts from around the globe. 

They average one post a day so that just shows you how confident the site is with the high quality of their work. They have been operating since May 2016 and have amassed nearly 100,000 fans on Facebook. 

17. Main-Bet

This site is from the land down under in Australia. It is essentially the home of soccer predictions and betting tips for punters in Australia. The site gives match previews as well as soccer betting predictions for those exact games. 

The predictions that the site gives out are 100% free and they cover numerous leagues all over the globe and they pride themselves on the quality of their predictions, rather than the volume of predictions so you can bet your money that the tips you get from them will more often than not, will be winning tips. They currently have just over 12,000 Twitter followers and around 11,000 followers on Instagram.

18. Bet Gurus home

Bet Gurus Home is a site based in Nigeria and is a great soccer prediction website. The tips that they give out to their fans more often than not have a remarkable 100% success rate which is incredible, and they are free as well. 

They also have a page dedicated to fans who want to give their own predictions and other thoughts which is a neat feature to have. Currently, the site has 5,000 fans on Facebook and only 495 followers on Twitter. Even though these are low numbers expect them to grow in the coming years. 

19. Money Maker soccer predictions

This site starts out in 2017 and is still going today. They offer their fans soccer predictions and the chance to be a VIP on their site by correctly guessing matches. They also have a group on Whatsapp for people to join and they cover all the major leagues around the world.

They also run competitions for fans, and they can log in and predict the set matches for a chance to win prizes.

20. Wizpredict

Wizpredict is a soccer prediction site that predicts soccer matches. The predictions are free, and they also offer their fans betting tips and picks as well as value bets and much more for all leagues.

They have been on the web since January 2017 and they average one post a day so you can be sure that the one post is going to be of the highest quality.

Currently, the site has just over 6,000 fans on Facebook and has only just started up a Twitter account and has 34 followers so be sure to check them out. 

21. Tipsterion

Tipsterion is a professional soccer prediction and tip site and it is free. There are matches that are pre-picked by the site and they also offer betting on matches that are live on their site so you can literally get the latest up to date odds for your chosen match.

They average around two posts on their site a week so you know they will be high quality. They also have available how many tips they got correct for the last month and currently, that is set at 159 tips out of 224 that the site got right which is a decent conversion rate.

22. Predictodds

This site is solely an English Premier League betting site and their fans can actually learn how to win a football bet and what goes into placing a soccer bet. They can tell you which Premier League teams that you should be on and why as well as giving you information to think about when you are making your selection.

On top of that, the site also has articles on all of the soccer stories regarding the English Premier League as well as all of the important updates of the transfer window of all the Premier League clubs. They usually post on the site once a day so there is a constant stream of tips, stories, and everything in between for fans who love England’s top-flight.

23. Sport X Tipster

With Sport X Tipster their fans can learn how to become very successful people when it comes to betting and give their fans all the right tools to help make bets that will give them good returns. They also have memberships to their site as well as a blog and they cover all leagues and competitions from Ligue 1 in France to the UEFA Champions League and Europa League and everything in between.

They do not post a whole lot either, averaging one a month so you can be sure that when they do post, that you are getting the very best possible information for you to make a bet that has a great chance of giving you great returns.

24. Sure Soccer Predictions

This is your one-stop-shop for all soccer predictions on the net. They post once a day on their site so you can keep up to date with everything that is happening in the world of professional soccer so if you are a person who likes to bet frequently, then this is the site for you. 

This is because they are always posting their tips and predictions so you can get the best possible information to give you the best chance of a winning bet.

25. BrokerStorm

Now, this is not your traditional soccer predictions site however it gives its fans far more. BrokerStorm is a pioneering company that deals with everything that ranges from soccer betting accounts, software for people who love to bet as well as a brokerage service, so they literally have all their bases covered.

They give their fans the very best solutions for soccer matches as well as the best odds for matches to every person and it is not just limited to people who bet professionally. They post once a day so you can keep up to date with everything in the soccer world as well as their brokering service and the types of software for people too. It is a one-stop-shop for everything that a person who loves betting with a great chance of getting high returns.

26. GetPredictions

The site gives its fans extremely accurate predictions for football matches as well as betting tips for leagues in Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, the USA as well as the top leagues around Europe. This site does post on average, around 30 posts a year so you can be sure that when they do post, the predictions and tips are of the highest quality. The site currently has just over 1,000 followers on Twitter.

27. Hitwin Predicts

The site based in London is officially listed as the best website for soccer match predictions in the world. However they do not just offer tips and predictions for soccer matches, they also offer tips for Basketball and Tennis. The main thing that the site does however is that it has experts tat carefully predict and analyze soccer matches so that their fans can get the best possible outcomes so they can consistently get good value winnings.

28. Soccer Bet Buddy

The site Soccer Bet Buddy is based in the United States and it is an incredibly accurate soccer match prediction site. They provide a number of services that include tips for betting, stats on all their soccer matches as well as soccer predictions. 

The site usually posts around 30 times a year so that they can maintain their high stands when it comes to accurately predict soccer matches. Having just made the move to social media, the site currently has 20 Twitter followers.

29. Pro Soccer Info

Based in Nigeria, Pro Soccer Info is a great site that offers its fans soccer match tips, gives predictions for a fan’s chosen team, and also gives something that not many other sites do. That is a table of the head to head stats between two teams that are about to play. 

The site only posts once a month so you can be sure that when they do post, the tips and predictions of soccer games are of the highest quality and give its fans the best possible chance of collecting winnings from their bets.


This soccer prediction site is based in India and it gives it followers a host of options when it comes to soccer predictions. They give the latest soccer updates, analysis of matches, they have betting tips supplied from their experts, and many more amazing things.

To top it off the site also allows fans to be able to its newsletter so they can get daily updates on everything soccer-related. The site posts 12 times a year which equates to once a month so you can bet your bottom dollar that the information that you get from the site is going to be top-notch.