Baden Perfection Thermo Soccer Ball Review 2021

Baden Perfection Thermo Soccer Ball Review 2021

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Baden is well known all over the world for its ability to produce durable and high-quality soccer balls. They have incredible designs and are amazingly soft to touch. Much like the Baden Perfection Soccer Ball and it is one of the very best soccer balls for kids to start soccer with simply because of how durable it is but also because of the exterior which is thermally bonded.

Features of the Baden Perfection Thermo soccer ball

The Baden ST7 Thermo ball was originally made after there was a high demand for it and after some changes to the overall design, the ball was rolled out in 2018. The soccer ball has a padding of elastic foam padding underneath its panels and because of this, it allows the players to have improved control when shooting and passing.

Advantages of the Baden Perfection Thermo soccer ball

Also because it is thermally bonded, the soccer ball is less likely to retain water during those wet and windy days you go out for a kick and it also keeps its shape really well too.

This Baden soccer ball is one of the very best for your kids that you will ever get. It feels incredibly soft and it also has an extra layer that is fairly durable to protect the ball when it is being kicked around. It is a little on the pricey side, however, but because of its makeup and its really durable material, no matter how many times it is used, this ball should last your kids many years.

The Baden soccer ball is covered by textured soft pads that are cushioned on the outside and this gives soccer players great control of the ball when they either shoot at goal, pass, or dribble. Because of its unbelievable makeup, it is one of the most durable balls out there. The air is kept inside well too, so no matter how hard or how many times you kick it, the ball will always retain its shape.

The soccer ball can be kicked about in basically any weather conditions and this is because of its thermal bonded surface and which makes the ball impervious to damage from mud or water that are on a soccer pitch. So no matter what the weather you can go out and kick the ball and be safe in the knowledge that the ball will not retain water or get damaged in the mud.

Because the ball has the highest levels of quality, it has the price tag to match, however, it is a great choice for children who want to learn about the game of soccer. Think of the Baden ball as the Lamborghini of children’s soccer balls.

Disadvantages of the Baden Perfection Thermo Soccer Ball

For how much it will cost you to purchase it, the performance of the ball when being compared to others is good, however, with its design, it leaves a bit to be desired.

After it has been kicked around for a while, players will notice that it has a distinct flight pattern when heading towards goal and the ball is really comfortable to the foot and is great at training using the first touch drill. 

This ball is just a little bit heavier than its predecessor the ST350, however overall the Perfection thermo ball is still better.

Final Thoughts

If the ball is properly taken care of, then you should get a lot of use out of it and it is a great ball for kids who are in high school as well as middle school and there is little to no upkeep on them either.

Two- year warrantyReally expensive
WaterproofComes in only one color
Seamless design
Thermal bonded

If you care more about performance than looks, then this ball is the one for you. The ball is of great value for money, and it does a great job keeping its shape no matter the weather. This great ball has also taken a top spot in our best soccer balls for kids article.