Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer Cleat Review

Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer Cleat Review

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In this article, we will give an in-depth review of the Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer cleats. It is a traditional soccer boot, and its durable outsole makes this boot suitable for pretty much all types of grounds. If you love the traditional side of soccer and like the simple design then read on to see if this cleat is the one for you.

Product overview

· Legendary soccer cleats for stability on firm natural ground

· Leather upper with premium K-leather in the forefoot for comfort and flexibility

· Move with explosive speed and traction on dry natural grass with the Firm Ground outsole

· Die-cut EVA midsole for lightweight comfort

· Soft, durable synthetic lining

Advantages of the Adidas Performance Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat

The soccer cleat is made of K-leather and has a synthetic lining. It adds comfort but also adds some extra support for you. The extra leather also gives you support for your heel as well as giving the boot more durability. The material will mold around your foot, giving you the best fit and because of this, it gives you a good feel and touch for the ball.

The break-in time is next to nothing. After a single training session, they will feel amazingly comfortable on your feet. Because of the leather material, for your feet to be properly molded for ultimate comfort, it will probably take around three to four training. Your feet are going to be well supported and the soleplate is so simple in terms of design and normally a break-in period of two to three weeks is needed, yet for this boot, the break-in is quick and easy.

Because the Adidas Mundial was first released way back in 1979, the technology that comes with this boot is really non-existent, however, what the boot lacks in technology, it more than makes up for with the absolute high quality of the boot. Because of the Kangaroo leather, the boot has a super feel, and the boot is built to last. Just by simply looking at the boot, you can see how basic a cleat it is, with the overall design not being changed since the very first cleat was released. Why change a classic right?

Your feet are going to be cool when in a match and that is because of the synthetic lining and that is used to cool your foot in no time. The upper is made from top quality K-leather and because of this it gives you both supreme comfort as well as flexibility. The cleat is incredibly durable because of the die-cut EVA insole and the cleat is also very light. You can be assured that after the boot has been worn for a training session, you are going to have good traction on the ground on basically any surface you play on.

The disadvantage of the Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer Cleat

Some players did not like the cleat when it comes to sizing. Players have often said that the cleat feels too large for the size that they chose and that is less than ideal because when you pick a size, that size should fit you perfectly.

lightweight and durable die-cut EVA insole provide comfortsome players have complained when it comes to the terrible sizing that the boots are offered in. Due to this players feel that the shoe runs large and that is not ideal
it doesn’t require a break-in period because it fits perfectly
offers superb traction while playing
made for playing on firm ground
it’s a perfect fit and offers stability on firm natural ground

Final thoughts

Overall the Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer cleat is a great choice if you like the traditional side of soccer and love the simple things in its design. Strong, durable and it will not break your budget. Cleats like this one from Adidas will always remain top quality because of the simple fact that it is made to last. A truly exceptional cleat. This Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer Cleat has also taken a top spot in our 10 Best Soccer Cleats 2021 article.

The Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer Cleat can be purchased on Amazon through this button.

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