10 Best Select Soccer Balls in 2021 Review

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Everyone can play soccer, even if they don’t have the right gear. We can run on to the pitch and play without proper cleats, with no anti-blister socks, and even with no protective gear. However, one thing we can’t do is play soccer without a ball. This is one of the basic tools of the soccer trade, whether you’re a beginner, a recreational player, or a professional soccer player. Another thing that connects us all is the question that appears every time we need a new ball: which soccer ball should we get?

Searching for soccer balls online can lead to a ton of confusion. So many manufacturers and options to choose from. To help with the confusion, we’ve decided to dedicate today’s article to one of the best soccer ball manufacturers in the business: Select.

Best Select Soccer Ball in 2021

There’s one product that has made Select famous. This soccer ball could be the only thing they make and they would still remain one of the top soccer ball manufacturers in the world. Ladies and gentlemen, we present one of the best soccer balls available for purchase, the Select Numero 10:

Select Numero 10 – The Best Soccer Ball on the Market?

Made out of 32 hand-stitched, thick, padded panels, Select Numero 10, found on Amazon through our link, might seem like an old-school soccer ball. However, the technology behind it is as modern as it gets. The ball comes with a high-quality construction that guarantees performance, alongside durability. 

Along with the latest technological advancements, the Numero 10 is famous and loved for the authentic feeling it provides the players with. 

The ball is also NFHS and NCAA approved and it has been used in high school and college soccer matches since it first appeared in the early 2000s.

Read on to find out more about this and other Select soccer ball models.

10 Best Select Soccer Balls

Manufacturing soccer balls since 1947, Select has perfected the craft, offering us some of the best products on the market. Here’s our more in-depth list of their best products:

10. Select Future Light Soccer Ball – The Best Select Soccer Ball for Kids

Looking for a premium ball for an aspiring soccer player? That’s exactly what you’ll find with the Select Future Light soccer ball, which you can order now through the Amazon link. Let’s take a brief look through the points that Select lists as the main reasons why the buyers should choose this model:

  • Soft and durable TPU cover
  • SR-bladder for precise weight and optimum air retention
  • Machine-stitched and glued panels for durability and water uptake prevention

For an adult soccer player, this soccer ball will feel too light. That’s because it’s designed with children in mind. Available in different sizes, all optimized for kids when it comes to weight, there’s no better soccer ball on the market than the Select Future Light. By remaining controllable and grippy in all conditions, this ball ensures skill improvement in all conditions. The model is more than good enough to be used as a match ball while being durable enough to withstand everyday use in practices.

The technology used in the Select Future Light is impressive, considering the fact that most manufacturers skimp when it comes to soccer balls aimed at youth. The TPU cover keeps the ball soft to the touch, provides grip, and improves the durability of the product. The bladder keeps the Future Light true to its name; light and easy to control. The dual bonding takes further care of the durability aspect, without breaking the bank.

The design of this soccer ball is similar to all other Select balls, while the two available color options keep the younger crowd in mind and maintain the appearance interesting. Once again, the manufacturer ensures to keep the shipping effective and safe by delivering the ball deflated.

All in all, this is an excellent choice for children that have already had their first steps in soccer and who’ve shown some affinity for the sport, requiring a better ball to further improve their skills.

9. Select Viking Soccer Ball – The Best Select Value for Money Select Soccer Ball

If you’re looking for a new ball and you are not too serious about soccer, then you’re probably after a quality product that has a reasonable price. The Select Viking, which you can check out on Amazon through the link, is both of those things and even more. Let’s take a look into some of this soccer ball’s characteristics:

  • Premium quality dual-bonded soccer ball
  • PU cover with foam lamination for speed and bounce improvement
  • SR bladder for precise weight and air retention

Select Viking works both on real grass and AstroTurf, as well as in any weather conditions. Soccer Players whose first contact with the sport comes through this ball will definitely be more than happy with it, while more advanced players won’t find it disappointing, as well – it is definitely good enough to be used by all skill levels, mostly as a practice ball.

The technology applied to the Viking model is more enough to impress even professional soccer players: The dual-bonded panels are machine-stitched and sealed with glue to eliminate the risk of water intake and increase the longevity of the ball. The PU cover seems to work as Select specifies; it ensures that the ball remains suitable for fast-paced soccer, regardless of the weather conditions. Air retention doesn’t seem to be the problem for this model, at least with our test ball.

Select Viking only comes in one color option, a black, white, and orange combo, which might be the only thing we find as a negative side of this soccer ball. The model also ships deflated, so those who decide to order it will have to keep an air pump on hand.

This soccer ball is not only suitable for beginners, amateurs, and even semi-pros, but it is also NFHS-approved and comes with a two-year guarantee. This is what makes it an excellent choice for individuals, as well as for schools and soccer camps, as the Select Viking soccer balls are also available in 6, 8, and 12-ball packs.

8. Select Campo Soccer Ball – The Best Introductory Select Soccer Ball

For those who are meeting with soccer for the very first time, there’s no better choice than the Select Campo soccer ball, available on Amazon.  As the name suggests, this soccer ball is designed with youth soccer camps and newcomers to the game of soccer, so here are some of the things that make it stand out:

  • PVC-composite cover for improved softness, bounce, and durability
  • Butyl bladder for optimal air retention
  • Machine-stitched 32-panel construction

Select Campo works decently on all surfaces, with real grass play being what it excels at. However, once water is introduced to the field, this ball fails to retain the control it shows in dry conditions. This is definitely an introductory ball and more advanced players won’t be happy with it. Beginners will love it though, both for matches and everyday use.

The technology used within this model is also at an introductory level: The PVC cover does help with the bounce, as the manufacturer specifies, but it makes the ball feel slick and cheap. The industry standard butyl bladder does ensure air retention, but it doesn’t provide the sense of lightness that comes with more advanced models within Select’s range. Overall, the Select Campo model fades in comparison with the previous model on the list, but that’s expected.

Select Campo, however, offers more design options, coming in three different varieties. As with most inflatable soccer balls, this ball arrives with no air in it, so having an air pump is a must.

Overall, the Select Campo model is designed with soccer beginners in mind, and it shows. This soccer ball is made for buying in bulk, and the 6 and 8-ball packaging attest to this. Soccer camps and recreational players will be happy with this ball, while those who are more serious about their intentions with soccer should keep looking.

7. Select United Soccer Ball – The Best Select Practice Ball 

Available on Amazon, Select United soccer ball is the best choice for beginners and amateur soccer players who are after a new everyday ball. Before exploring the performance, let’s take a look at the characteristics that the manufacturer lists as Select United’s strong points:

  • 0.6mm PU cover for durability
  • Butyl bladder for optimal air retention
  • Machine-stitched

This soccer ball behaves decently on all surfaces, regardless of weather conditions. In the rain, it remains stable and controllable while losing some of the bounce that is present when the pitch is dry. Overall, this is a perfect practice ball, with just the right amount of softness and balance. 

Select United comes with the manufacturer’s True Flight technology which ensures that the ball goes where you want it to. The PU cover is there to ensure that the ball lasts through years of regular practices while providing the player with a sense of control and balance. The butyl bladder retains air well enough, although not as well as the more advanced bladders that come with more expensive models.

When it comes to the design, Select United has something for everyone; from the traditional solid white to the easy to spot yellow/red combo. Once again, a ball pump is required to get you going with this soccer ball.

In addition to the technical characteristics that make this soccer ball perfect for practices, Select also provides buyers with a one-year warranty for this model. To conclude the brief review of the Select United soccer ball, we can only repeat that the title says: This is one of the best practice ball options available on the market. 

6. Select Thor Soccer Ball – The Best Select Soccer Ball for Serious Amateurs

Select Thor, which you can check out on Amazon using the link, might be your next ball of choice, especially if you’re more serious about soccer than an average player is. This model carries the NFHS and NCAA stamp of approval, making it perfect for high school and college soccer players. In addition, it’s also certified for international play, as evident by the IMS badge. Here’s what Select has to say about their Thor model:

  • 1mm PU cover for durability
  • 7-wing bladder for a predictable bounce
  • Hand-stitched 32-panel design for improved flight and minimum water absorption

This soccer balls not only meets, but it exceeds all expectations for a soccer ball that is at this price point. The Select Thor flies right where you want it, remains controllable even when the rain is pouring and provides a feeling of balance that not many competitors’ products offer. These all more than justify its popularity among soccer players of all skill levels.

The technology applied to the Thor model is highly impressive: The PU cover makes it seem indestructible, while not sacrificing on the grip with excessive slickness. Once it bounces off the ground, the ball won’t surprise you by going in a random way; it’s always where the player expects it to land, proving that the 7-wing bladder technology works like a charm. The hand-stitched design emits a sense of quality and durability that just can’t be matched by any machine-stitched ball.

Select Thor can be found in multiple colors, but the most commonly available one is the model’s traditional combination of white, black, and green. Just like all other soccer balls on this list, Thor ships deflated.

Combining all of the positives listed with the manufacturer’s two-year warranty, Select Thor is a no-brainer for soccer players who are not willing to compromise with their next soccer ball purchase.

5. Select Diamond Soccer Ball – The Best Affordable Select Soccer Ball

Select Diamond, available on Amazon, is another soccer ball for those who want a premium product at a reasonable price. The IMS badge of approval confirms that this ball is suitable for official matches, as well as casual play and practices. Here are some of the things Select finds to be this model’s selling points:

  • TPU fil lamination with 2mm of TPE foam
  • Butyl bladder
  • Hand-sewn 32 panel technology.

Everything that the manufacturer lists translate brilliantly to the field: Select Diamond is a joy to play with, offering exceptional control and extra soft touch, both on artificial and real surfaces. Once it rains, the ball tends to bounce a little less predictably, but still remains controllable and balanced. 

Select didn’t only build the Diamond model for performance, but they also built this soccer ball to last, as evident by the TPU cover quality and the hand-stitching. The signature True Flight technology is once again employed to make sure that the ball goes exactly where the player kicks it.

With just a single color option available, Select Diamond’s design is performance-oriented: The white and blue combination ensures that the ball remains visible, enabling players to react quicker. Note that the ball will arrive deflated.

This should be the go-to soccer ball for every player that doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new ball, without sacrificing performance and durability. Adding to all of its qualities, the Diamond model comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. In addition to the IMS certification, Select Diamond also receives our badge of approval.

4. Select Super Soccer Ball – The Best Select Match Soccer Ball

Available for viewing and orders on Amazon, Select Super is one of the most commonly recommended matchday soccer balls. This ball represents the crossing of the line between amateur and professional soccer balls that Select makes. Here’s what the manufacturer lists as this model’s strong points:

  • Made of high-quality synthetic leather
  • Zero-wing bladder for a lively bounce
  • Hand-stitched for maximum performance and durability

Providing the player with a light touch, the perfect amount of softness, and an incredible sense of balance and control, Select Super stands up to the very high expectations that come at this level. All of the listed attributes remain unchanged even in the toughest weather conditions, including rain and wind. The Super does, however, excel on grass, while its performance is slightly hindered by artificial surfaces.

Even though the leather on this model is synthetic, it definitely adds to the element and sense of quality. The technology applied to the Select Super also includes a foam layer that is responsible for the previously mentioned softness and light touch. 

Select Super is designed with professional players in mind, which means that the design was more oriented towards performance and visibility rather than towards being aesthetically pleasing. Still, three-color patterns are available, which is more than enough options for the average player to choose from. Again, don’t expect the ball to arrive inflated and have a pump ready. As with most premium soccer balls, be ready to add air more often than with low-maintenance, amateur balls.

As proof of their confidence in the Supermodel, Select provides buyers with a three-year warranty. If this isn’t enough to convince you to make the purchase, this model is also FIFA-approved for professional competitions.

3. Select Royale Soccer Ball – The Choice of Professionals

Ever wondered which soccer ball do the pros choose? You’d be surprised that they don’t always go with the most expensive option. Like most of us, professional soccer players look for the best mix of performance, durability, and looks. Select Royale, which you can order on Amazon, offers just that, and perhaps even more. These are some of its key characteristics:

  • Japanese PU leather for durability
  • Latex bladder for a softer touch and improved bounce
  • Hand-stitched 32 textured panels for improved control and flight

When testing this ball, it was clear at first kick why it’s the one professional soccer players commonly go for. The Select Royale model performs like a dream on every surface imaginable, with no major shifts between behaviors on grass or AstroTurf, as well as in dry or wet conditions when played in open. Light and soft to the touch, this ball makes you feel like you’re a much better soccer player than you actually are. This is a ball that can be used for daily skill improvement as a practice ball, and can also serve as a game ball with no issues.

Select Royale comes with a leather exterior that makes it extremely durable. The 1.88mm PU textured cover takes care of the bounce and touch, as the manufacturer suggests, but it also ensures grip and traction in all conditions.

There are 5 color options for the Royale model, from the subtle black and white combination to the louder and more visible white/light green. Note that a ball pump is once again a must, as the ball is shipped with no air in it. Also note that, as with most premium leather soccer balls, controlling and adding the air is more common than with simpler, cheaper balls.

As evident by the three-year warranty that Select provides its customers, Royal is a safe bet. This ball is also NFHS, NCAA, and IMS approved, as a further testament of its quality. We definitely recommend it for all levels of play; from local fields that have trees instead of posts to official matches.

2. Select Brillant Super Soccer Ball – The Prestigious One

This is where those who are sparing no expanse come in; we’ve finally reached the high-end of the Select soccer balls. Available through our Amazon link, Select Brillant is not something you commonly see at the local soccer field. This prestigious soccer ball is there to satisfy the most demanding players, and it offers a lot for its high price:

  • Premium Teijin microfiber synthetic leather cover
  • Zero-wing latex bladder for improved bounce and touch
  • Hand-stitched

More than comfortable softness, stability, and an insanely accurate and predictable bounce are just some of the first things we noticed with this ball. Select Brillant maintains all of these qualities, along with an extraordinary sense of control and balance, wherever you take it. The ball remains the same even on wet grass. With this soccer ball, missing the mark due to the lack of grip will quickly become a thing of the past. The exactly right amount of slickness helps with this as well.

The technology used in the build process of this ball is what makes it so brilliant: The premium top cover provides the ball with a lively bounce and a soft touch. The hand-stitched technology with golf ball textured surface is what gives this ball grip and optimal aerodynamics, and it’s what Select keeps for its top-of-the-line products.

Available in more than half a dozen patterns and color options that enhance visibility, Select Brillant has players that are used to classic Select designs, as well as the ones with more modern soccer ball preferences, in mind. An air pump is a must for this model, as it needs to be inflated on arrival as well as on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance.

Select Brilliant is one of the best soccer balls available on the market, without a doubt. Its three-year warranty and FIFA badge of approval are a guarantee of quality, and we are more than glad to vouch for its performance.

1. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball – The Best All-around Select Soccer Ball

Available for order on Amazon, Select Numero 10 soccer ball returns to the list once again, and for a good reason: it is the best all-around soccer ball that Select has to offer. While its performance might not be directly comparable to the Brillant model, the Numero 10 is a more than capable soccer ball that can hold its own against much more expensive products. Here are some of the main advantages of Select Numero 10:

  • PU cover laminated with neoprene foam for softness
  • Premium Zero-wing latex bladder for optimal bounce
  • Hand-stitched 32 panel design for durability and aerodynamics

As thousands of soccer players around the world can confirm, Numero 10 behaves like a dream on the field. The ball is easy to control, has excellent balance, and bounces and flies in a way that never comes as a negative surprise. The top cover is soft with just the right balance of grip and slickness, and all of these characteristics are maintained even in the pouring rain.

The technology involved in the build process of Select Numero 10 is no less impressive: Premium materials ensured that we felt impressed from the first contact with the ball. The feeling of durability and top-notch quality is further supported by the latex bladder and hand-stitching. The gold ball texture on the outside of the ball ensures grip and leaves the user feeling like they have a much more expensive product on their hands. This ball is more than suitable for everyday use in practice sessions, as well as for matches.

Color options are also plentiful; from visibility-driven designs to the standard pure white, there’s something for everyone. Once ordered, Select Numero 10 arrives deflated, so be ready with an air pump. This ball, like most high-performance soccer balls, requires topping off the air every few days in order to maintain all of the qualities we love about it.

There’s a reason why this is one of the top-selling soccer balls in the world: The Select Numero 10 is reasonably priced, offers excellent performance, and the build quality of it is exceptional. In addition, this soccer ball can be used in official matches as it’s NFGS, NCAA, and IMS approved.

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